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 So well after playing some hours... some personal impressions. (You propably might have read it anyways from other ppl in some comms)

+ worlds are bigger, more complex, the whole play-mode is cool I think, you have more to do and you need more time to finish overall 
+ Character development - like adult Tokugawa ♥ and I think Masamune looks older 
+ MIMICs! They have actually facial expressions. Nice
+ New characters even stranger (also a Minus) But the Sugiyama character Ôtomo Sôrin is so strange he's awesome. 
+ Still love the music
+ More comedy, more WTF moments. (thats why I love it so much)
+ Still MUCH fun to play, alone or 2Player mode.
+ more combinatory possibilities (you get "Nakama" /Companions like in Musou)
+ Kôjûrô is still most fucking awesome bastard ever ♥


- weapon combination stuff is different but still dunno if it's bad
- some make-overs look pretty strange. Chosokabe looks very off. sometimes his eye is just HUGE and totally unproportional.
- only ONE alternative outfit! ONE!!!! D: and its  so far not even sth interesting (but at least for masamune it is .. okay. ) 
- EMO Chosokabe is just too WTF for Basara
- Ishida IS A CONEHEAD! ;A; His moves are so awesome but he is a conehead. (thougth that this might not be that bad in the actual game but IT IS. I always have to think "What the fuck were the designers thinking?"
- Saika Magoichi looks like a avarage 0815 Final Fantasy Girly. Her head is too small for her MASS of Hair and her shoulders and i think she's ugly but she would have been effing cool. So I would prefer Nicolas Cage-style Magoichi as in Musô. Somehow she does not really fit. D: 

Looks like more minus than plus. But the Fun is worth ten times more. I love it.  ☆
Have to play all I did again cause I did not listen xD I was too excited *w*  

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