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As promised first part of the Connichi report. This little entry here willl only include the Tiger&Bunny pictures. Because they deserve an entry of their own!  Rest of pics will come later.

Saturday (the 17th!) we got a little group with[ profile] nnekoas Ivan, [ profile] makikoigami as Kotetsu, Elfelina as Mary and me as Barnaby. We expected some other T&B cosplayers that day since it was well the 17th but to end up with big group like that was pretty awesome. The last episode aired around 7 in the evening so we had a spontanous group-watch in the convention hall. That was so much fun, we could not understand a word because we forgot the speakers and the mobilephone was not loud enought but we did not care we just needed the video and especially one scene.

So anyways, on with the pictures. Don't expect any super professional photos here. Just fun stuff.  

Derpin' around Our group:

and suddenly there was a Cis! *_* Haha I was so happy.
and also suddenly Kotetsu found a Kaede. Although feeling pretty guilty for stealing her away from her dad X'D  

We ran into another Kotetsu and soon after another Kotetsu & Barnaby. 


some Ivan for you:


and Mary:

 dat Desktop.

And Usagi~


and Tora-chan:



THEN the Group meetup: 


The Kotetsus:



and when the Episode aired we occupied a little corner in the hall....

  like this: Laptop and the Phone with Ustream :''D
  and  we got some attention and in the middle a bunch of people joined.  Okay, I think the screams about "Go, kill him" and the cheering when Kotetsu stood again were not particularly quiet.

So thank you all for joining us while watching and thank you all for the cosplay meeting *_*v


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