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;_; why are all interesting books so expensive? D: I need them for uni but I already bought so many. Argh. But I want.   
honestly all the REALLY good books on research or better Art history are so effing expensive about 150€ and up. And the uni doesn't have them ;_; 

(plus I really need to practice more japanese. I suck. *sighs* need more vocabulary ARGH)
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 God I love "Galaxy Quest". 

So true. :'D

(my entries are getting shorter. Well my life is not really interesting ;A;) 


Apr. 18th, 2010 10:37 pm
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the new Bleach Ending.

but I approve.


Totally approve the manly gayness and the crossdressing wwwwwwww <3 
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ffffffft Tempura time now. *_* <3 <3
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Today is my mums birthday and we did some food yesterday for a party here. :D 



Sweet potatoes with caramel/soy souce. I think, they were very very yummy. 
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5 OH part 5. almost done translating. ALMOST *_* so happy.


wwwwwwwwwww w )


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  Boah.. i get stressed out. Need to finish my translation. but for distraction: more pictures!



This has some Sakura, too and maybe some dead daimy )
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U__U I should go back to work again, but I wanted to post them first. =__= 
I mangaged to sort the pictures until November that's aroun 3month. Cool. Just ehm 6 more to go XD

agaaain some photos! Have fun )
the end for today.
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Eh not much words. No time. Photos from me. And .. Japan. %D kinda old.

This here is lacking a giant robot but well~ )
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BAAAAAAH SUDDENLY: BUSY TIME. NOOOOOOES. But i try to finish this shit until next week is over. but  for now I bring you some  SSSPRING!

Actually only photos I did one year ago. Mainly plumblossoms *v*
QwQ~~ )

wanna edit so much more of my pics. NO TIME T___T

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I feel so lazy today. ^^; Gnar. I can't stand that feeling.

anyways I bring 3 arts, i did not post here. I think. Enjoy them. u.u#

I love him. too much .___. argh. oni-chan is not good. Have to re-do it. ARGH
Done for the exchange in the comm. My first time ever doing an exchange 8D Welll it was fun. <3
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trying to draw a portrait but with my own stlye but with person recognizable UGH @.@
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ah. just ignore my last post. I'm stupid. ._.;


Jan. 18th, 2010 08:35 pm
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watching the documentary on tv right now about Kyoto  (and the other heritages )

and.. we are going "AWWWWWWWWWWWW" all the time..
feeling very nostalgic T_T I want to go back.


Also falls ihr das noch nicht mitbekommen habt: JAPAN THEMENWOCHE BEI 3sat! diese woche immer ab 20:15. am Donnerstag ne Talkshow mit meiner Dozentin. Sehr interessant, nacher kommt was über die Bahn. >D
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.. urgh I'm completely tired. Yesterday I wanted to go to bed but then got hooked up by a japanese movie wich was actually pretty thrilling and I could not turn it off and then OHMAN it turned out unbelievable gay. 


(so I fixed the comic page on my last entry incase you want to see it. but i guess not :/)
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found in [ profile] sithy s journal.

I loved Murdock. *_*
I guess I'll go and watch it xD
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at 0:17

xD otherwise this filler is still stupid.... in most parts.
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uhhh so sorry I'm late but Happy Holidays to you all. My day started yesterday and I will fall into bed in a few minutes .. and then visit family tomorrow. <3

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