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My life is not really entry-worthy so I just spam you with my comic :) 
Uploaded page 11 and try to update every Wednesday (hopefully more than one page) ♥

Karuma@smackjeeves // Karuma@Animexx

Thank you! 
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* This will be the complete list, I'll update it every time.

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but before I have to share this: 

(link to  Nagato Saichi Blog) AZUKI PEPSI!! A.Z.U.K.I!!! OMG SO WANT!!

ahem. So

Makiko and I will be at the MMC as a circle, like artists.. and since I have not thaat much to show and all the other stuff is old an crappy.. I made some buttons. *_*v

here's a preview~ enjoy: pic behind the cut )

[junk] ohhh

Aug. 9th, 2009 01:06 pm
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So some junk here. I practiced around with PS and shading and shit. I still don't like it, but yeah. I though you might be interested.

Warnings: clothing is actually not much and there might be a nipple visible? D:

Have fun ^^; I'm going to relax in a park now and see [ profile] nneko <3

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I guess I'm so lame, I cannot be creative atm. Somehow I started like one million things but never finished something. I started working on my comic (again) and pimped the characters abit plus I now worked out the story again and made it a bit more interesting (at least thats what I think). And since I'm fed up with BL I wiped it completely out of the main storyline xDD (It annoyed the heck out of me >_>)
So I hope I'll start soon, cause everything else is ready just need to start the storyboards.

AAnd since I'm to lazy to draw bigsize pics, I only made artcards cause they are perfect for practicing and testing stuff. So here they are, 6 cards, just character portraits and nothing special.

( Follow this fake here )

Comments are ♥ and I'd love some feedback if you feel like it :D


Jun. 17th, 2008 03:38 pm
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YESSS hab ichs doch gewusst. War ja klar.


Deine Einsendung wurde gelöscht, weil das Hauptmotiv durch zu viel Text gestört wird. Dies ist oft der Fall, wenn:
- mehr als 50% des Bildes aus Text bestehen
- der Text über das Bild reicht (wasserzeichen dürfen nicht zu deckend sein.)
- der Text das Bild stilistisch nicht unterstützt
- der Text durch Komposition, Schriftart, Farbe u. ä. das Motiv in den Hintergrund stellt.

Tipp: Charakterbeschreibungen, Tagebucheinträge, Liedtexte, Gedichte und ausführliche Grüße sind besser im Zeichenkommentar aufgehoben.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Das Animexx-Team

Chibis )

Some stuff

Mar. 22nd, 2008 11:21 pm
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Since it's easter i'm staying at my parents.

Sorry if i did not answer comments :/ not feeling so well and always rushed.

So have some Gaia Avatar art
some avatar art )

my name is VaniraCoke btw ^^ but i did tell this before, didn't i? *smacks brain*

And yay, makiko plays ôkami <3
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Since semester break will be starting the week after february 17th AND I REALLY need money, i thought i may give it another try. It is also a great time for me to test out new things. ^^

Maybe some are interested

These are for orientation, it's always negotiable :3

Click :D )

For more samples or questions or interest, comment here or to be safe: MAIL ME -> fallen_belial[AT] ^.^~

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