Aug. 30th, 2007 08:04 pm
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Seems like i'm doing Sakuraba with Short hair now, since the wig-seller is too stupid >_> and the other one is .. short ._. NARGH

mhm .. yes i'm bored i'm too unmotivated to do art x__X or what i thought i was but obviously no one other things so >___>;; YES i could ramble months about it...cause im unsatisfied and unhappy and whatnot x___X

*goes throwing some waterballoons* .__.

oh did i mention: i lost my fucking bank card. YAY fun with life again =_=;


Jun. 29th, 2007 03:31 pm
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Ahaha.. i was wondering WHEN that will actuall happen:


An administrator has removed your 1 deviation as being a violation of official deviantART policy.

Title: Bleach yaoi: little earthqakes
URL: [link]
Submitted: 2005-10-31 1:37:01 am

Your 1 deviation may have been judged to be:
1. Racist, or bigoted.
2. Anti-Semitic or other otherwise directly offensive to a philosophy or religion.
3. Directly insulting to an individual or group.

Alternatively it may have featured:
1. Underage nudity.
2. Sexual acts or “adult toys”.
3. The gratuitous display of genitalia.
4. Real life self-mutilation or injury.



jsut for my own statistic: that was my most viewed piece with around 16000 views i guess and around 200 or what comments.. O_O; and.. ALOT favs XD ahaha.. ;_; yeah.. so without it.. i am just a poor artist ;o; *LOL* my complete statistic is now all halfed XDD the pic got half of the views, half of the comments and half of the favs. I really considered taking it down cause well it was a colab and i think my own skills wouldn't have brought me this much favs *lol* hey, the DN cosplay pic is now the one with most views O_O woah. ehm.. yes, i am a statistic whore ;o;~

did i ever mentioned i don't like deviantart? I have NO problem if they forbid sexuals acts and stuff, really if it is against the rules i won't say anything if my artwork was deletedt. BUT showing genitals on a Photo is okay, because it's MORE art than one stupid fanart, ne? Just look at the daily deviations from time to time =_= *nods* because, you know, what we do is not art. Deviantart says so XD

really i always laugh about the people who whine around when they got suspended or stuff at Y!gallery.. cause well.. there are rules and if you are so stupid and upload a piece with sth agains them.. well.. *shrugs*
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god, if it's shit then tell me so. i can live with it >__>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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Sorry to all KH, FFVII fans etc.. but i wanted to say this for some time now..

WHY THE HECK is there 80% of ANY art ANYWHERE kingdom hearts, (if not that then FFVII) OR harry potter =___= argh.. i SOOOO hate this ;_; oh.. it even tops Naruto @_@ All the good artists start drawing KH ><; gnar, i means it's okay for some time but not if EVERYTHING you have on your watchlist is KH and.. even the new images not on your watchlist are just KH T_T GNAR!

Don't get me wrong, i don't want to say tehy should stop drawing that, i just want to say it gets boring, folks =__=;

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