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Apr. 28th, 2009 04:50 pm
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I... scribbled a bit inspite of doing homework.

nothing special again, I'm still failing at cg )
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Hey guys!

YES an artpost.. dunno why.. but i don't feel like posting much art here xD Although i'm rather creative ^^;
Anyways~ have some artcards.

BL, mild I say )
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Aww.. so i didn't win one "ticket" whatever for Takanaga Hinako T_T nah.. i'm not there anyway ;_; but i thought i could send someone XD~ well ._.

Clicky.. all original XD and one is BL with a bit skin ^^~ oh and one crossdressing )

Wips.. aka the stuff i try to finish ;_; )
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Aaahh~ sorry, i'm behind answeriong comments and stuff but have so much to do. because i thought i have at least another week till christmas but then i realised its... THIS WEEKEND ;__; so i am terrible sorry ;_; i wanted to draw you all something nice.. maybe i will, but this is my christmas wish to all of you on my flist

so i say it now not later cause then i'll forget it. ^^;

Happy holidays, ne? *__*/ )

.. oh.. wait a minute? Fukuyama Jun.. manly i think the world just turned upside down @_@ but.. Yummy :9
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Feathers... )

I don't feel like writing more ;__;
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Feeel the awesomeness of my titlefinding X_____x yes I know I'm uber creative *coughs* nah if you have a better title, GIVE IT TO ME!

okay, this was drawn for the fireangels calendar.. theme: humor. I wanted something cute and stylish... well I think I got the Cute part only partly and stylish.. well that's up to you .___.v
drawn with copics and colored pencils. okey, the shounen ai part is not really visible but if you imagine it, it's a BL piece for you. ..
I came to looove my 0.03 liner very much but didn't use it for this one ._. now I need my coffee~

smurf, chocolate...strawberry... )

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