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My life is not really entry-worthy so I just spam you with my comic :) 
Uploaded page 11 and try to update every Wednesday (hopefully more than one page) ♥

Karuma@smackjeeves // Karuma@Animexx

Thank you! 
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* This will be the complete list, I'll update it every time.

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but before I have to share this: 

(link to  Nagato Saichi Blog) AZUKI PEPSI!! A.Z.U.K.I!!! OMG SO WANT!!

ahem. So

Makiko and I will be at the MMC as a circle, like artists.. and since I have not thaat much to show and all the other stuff is old an crappy.. I made some buttons. *_*v

here's a preview~ enjoy: pic behind the cut )
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I guess I'm so lame, I cannot be creative atm. Somehow I started like one million things but never finished something. I started working on my comic (again) and pimped the characters abit plus I now worked out the story again and made it a bit more interesting (at least thats what I think). And since I'm fed up with BL I wiped it completely out of the main storyline xDD (It annoyed the heck out of me >_>)
So I hope I'll start soon, cause everything else is ready just need to start the storyboards.

AAnd since I'm to lazy to draw bigsize pics, I only made artcards cause they are perfect for practicing and testing stuff. So here they are, 6 cards, just character portraits and nothing special.

( Follow this fake here )

Comments are ♥ and I'd love some feedback if you feel like it :D


Apr. 28th, 2009 04:50 pm
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I... scribbled a bit inspite of doing homework.

nothing special again, I'm still failing at cg )
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OMG wtf? Winter's back? it's so f'ing cold in the rooms. Also yesterday while arriving by train i must have carried too much or strained a (huge) muscle in my back because everytime i do certain movements it's like i'm getting shot or.. sth.. It totally knocks the air out of my lungs, too. Strange thing. I woke from that while i was trying to turn around in sleep. still have problems breathing and moving x__X Yeah, cool i'm getting old.

So anyways~ Oh did i tell? My parents have the "Sci-Fi" channel *___* and we spent the monday watching it. and OMG they showed SEAQUEST DSV. I loved that so much VERRRY much but the episode we saw on monday was so lame. And they also showed some of the 80s animation series liek Bravestarr. Unfortunately stuff like Saber Rider, Galaxy Rangers and such is running on weekends ;_; mahh~ I wanted to watch them, too.

Ooh random, i wanted to share a picture. ^^;

Ignore the thumbnail, it's from Y!Gallery and i am too lazy to do another. >_>;

Title: Mondkuss
Series: Original (My stuff, i deleted working title of manga so it's again nameless)
Warnings: Nakedness. Not Worksafe, to say for sure
Comment: SO OMG het. Yes, it has boobies.
I love it very much.

Characters are not random, they are part of my story (OH surprise Q-Q)
I know, he looks a bit skinny but that was intented. And okay, some mistakes in anatomy are made in favour of aesthetics.

Mouse coloring btw (what is consider color here i mean)

Image under cut )
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ZOMG!! 2 premiers this time! YES o.O


some mild BL and oh one one naked chest... rest just harmless )
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[ profile] makikoigami is still writing on her diploma and i am uploading stuff and playing games. I should get to bed but since it's fullmoon i know i can't anyways. >_>;

Have some aceo/kakao cards ^^; My OCs (and the beginning of a loong row of cards with only OCs)

just two characters on two small cards )
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Year of the rat! It was my year last year but it didn't bring any luck. ._. hope this one will be better then.

And onto the pic:

I called it "crossover" of doom on galleries.. but in our strange conversation-world, they all share a flat xD~


Top: K-kun and Hi-chan (due to rethinking about them their names will be like that for a while)
Middle: Kazuya and Jun (<3 sth similar to our babies *v* no real punks, just pseudo.. like all the cool kids do it. optically)
Front: Kaoru and Makoto (PLUS the little yellow think, evolved from former mascot, Pimp >D)

harmless 6 little characters :D )

Random personal stuff )
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Hey guys!

YES an artpost.. dunno why.. but i don't feel like posting much art here xD Although i'm rather creative ^^;
Anyways~ have some artcards.

BL, mild I say )
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It's been a while since i really drew something (with color)


CHIBI-Selves! )
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I was supposed to draw the 4 as chibis but i didn't want to.. so.. yes, 4 big ones and 4 small ones. Characters are half of them not mine XD

:D i want a candied apple )
have fun

*goes scribbling again*
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Both are worksafe. REALLY. ^_^b

i thougth i should post something none-BL here, too ^^
read more )
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Wee~ll since my scanner decided to just... ignore me i wanted to share this. Though my day is maybe even worse than yesterday *sighs*
The ines are by me and .. yeah here's the original.. the colored version is by kaoriechan. They're also her characters ^^~

see mooo~re !Beware! DA embedded Object @-@ eh.. i think it's shockwave..  )
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ja, die wohl letzte Serie, die ich AUF EINER BÜHNE sehen wollen würde ist Gundam Wing.. ja.. =.= gut... ja.. gut.. ich kann glaub ich nix mehr dazu sagen ... mir is irgendwie alles aus dem gesicht gerutscht.

The next artwork contains light shounen ai.. light.. really. ._.v

[ BL: at school - animexx ]
[ BL: at school - DA ]

btw.. envy is the sex *__*



ukelala.. lalaa~
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Beware of bad image quality, cause it's just... yeah, on the other monitor it looked okay ;_;
They were drawn for the mascot contest @fireangels :3~

gimme carrots =^.^=  )


Actually I'm sewing Inuis.. Buchous Yukata.. wich will have stripes and look verrrry good XD no.. I think it looks very cool right now. I still have to do the collar but don't want to ^^; Nancy gave me a nice site with doujinshi and I have to download them all.. right now .. besides my fingers are all torn ;_; I think I will have a leather layer on my fingertips after the Buchmesse ><;;
I still have to do the wig thing.. I hope it works ;_;

Right now I would like to cosplay envy... o.ô Don't ask. I just want to ^^;;; or wrath but he's too chibi. b..b..but I ... don't want to do anything from hagaren.. cause yeah. ;_; damn me. I tell myself I don't have time for it. Period.

So this weekend we will be in Hamburg .. i hope everything will be okay. But wednesday Shika will be in Berlin and I am looking very very forward to it *_* *bounces around* ^__^~
Actually I'm looking forward to this little convention there. Cause we will be having a nice time I think X3 because.. little cons are nice and fine. No tons of people is a great plus.

Right now buchou's going to work and I have some time to hear my stupid music XD I think she will kill me fangirling all over Saiga Mitsuki.. but what should I do? I'm hopelessly in looo~ve <3

oh yeah... and Megaupload is alot of fun =.=
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I have an art-post-day @.@ but I want to.. shaaaaaaaaare~

Well this was drawn for the Yaoi&Yuri Artbook. I drew the pose at university and afterwards decided to make it into an art niveau-image. I got inspired by Mucha's Chamellia Lady (wich reminds me of YnM XD).. the background with the stars is his.. I guess. I also took the left dress from a photograph of Sarah Bernhardt (if anyone is interested).. the right one is my fantasy...So.. It is exactly 542 stars here. if anyone has a lot of time, please count them and tell me if it's true. I mean I did count them but just once XD

So, I know there are some mistakes, at least the frame looks odd on the right part.. and the darkhaired face looks odd, too but .. I can live with that ^.^~ Oh and her eyebrow is THERE it is just too light.. cause the scan ...

So here you areee

542 stars and 2 women )
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Well.. i still have to think what to buy/do for christmas presents. I have a lot ideas but for some ppl I don't know ANYTHING!

The Manga-Contest award ceremony ^^; )

sitll working on an update at will come soon ^^;

My entry: "SMILE"  )
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Today's favourite work: "Hüüüüger" (Means Hyuga from Tsubasa in German ><;;; Yeah sure)
Link of the Day: Japanese Warriors - A 19th Century Photographic Tribute

Autumn.. for Kaorie: Animexx | Deviantart


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