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As promised first part of the Connichi report. This little entry here willl only include the Tiger&Bunny pictures. Because they deserve an entry of their own!  Rest of pics will come later.

Saturday (the 17th!) we got a little group with[ profile] nnekoas Ivan, [ profile] makikoigami as Kotetsu, Elfelina as Mary and me as Barnaby. We expected some other T&B cosplayers that day since it was well the 17th but to end up with big group like that was pretty awesome. The last episode aired around 7 in the evening so we had a spontanous group-watch in the convention hall. That was so much fun, we could not understand a word because we forgot the speakers and the mobilephone was not loud enought but we did not care we just needed the video and especially one scene.

So anyways, on with the pictures. Don't expect any super professional photos here. Just fun stuff.  

"Hi! I'm Barnaby, the Member of Tiger&Bunny who went to a convention...."  )


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So the Connichi is already over. OHMAN it has been over a year since we've been to a Con here. I really missed it. <3

LOTS OF PICTURES mostly our group behind the cut )
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ALL pictures later, i will just post some of the pictures with the Seiyuu and Yamane Ayano here ^^~

read and see the pix XD )

After all i felt horrible BUT it was a great convention!!! <3
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Convention is over.. i t was a lot of fun not much stress.. but i lost some nerves despite of that but that wasn't haaaat harmful X3

- started at 6 in the morning, drove to [ profile] gamesh, drove to [ profile] nneko and then changed the cars and then drove to [ profile] elfelina
- arrived in Kassel at 12:30 and searched a parking lot.. found one and waited for the man to give us the keys
- had a total surprise because our location was THAT cool. Really. I wanted to stay there. ;_;
- we did an easy start without stress and arrived a bit late at the convention but that was okay ^^~ the Yami Cosplays are always much preparation ...
- met [ profile] nyrnaetial and finally FINALLY made some pix (see below) *_* *sigh* YES i am happy.. about that.
- it was a bit messed up because inui waited and that was a bit.. @___@
- 22:30 made some noodles and got to bed at 1 or so
- got up early cause I had to be at the fireangels stand
- but as i expected.. we were't in time.. so i went ahead with linchen
- arrived there and still got "bad vibes" from chiron.. at least i tried *sigh*
- talked with Keri while sitting at the fireangels table *_* that was a very nice time
- i got some money there XDDD hoo.. but .. the interesting part was that people actually came and said they like what i'm doing ^^ That was worth more than money hoo
- didn't think that so many people were actually interested in the anthology.. and i have to say it looks really good ^^~
- talked with crow and that was interesting too cause I realized i am not allone hating some translations and stuff (wincing in sync when hearing "verliebter tyrann" was very funny XDD)
- i missed to talk to iruka.. damn.. she was so busy ;_; ... *sigh* nah.. maybe next time
- missed the bleach fotoshoot.. was a bt sad about that bu on the other hand not because i din't do ANY bleach.. which still makes me even sadder ;___;
- saw some unbelievable awesome cosplays *___* me was very happy
- on the other hand saw very much... BAD things.. I won't tell about here
- late again but I had to wait.. because I had to drive *sigh*
- some recognized our damekko cosplay XD~ made me even happier
- missed lili, banshee and Sorako and only saw touichi, sakura, dani, hoshitachi, miuu and sley for .. lets say 5 minutes? ;__;
- had some "enlightments"
- finally (!!!!!!!!) got to cosplay Kamisama *___* pix below ^^~~~ Virgil-sempai *_* Argh.. i've waited too long to do this.. .. i wanted to do emilio but I will wait till we are 3 *_*b >__> that damn coat..
- nearly as much work as sewing the coat was finding out what his name was XD
- got myself finally koisuru (japanese!) and the Matsumoto Temari artbook X3 AAAAND buchou bought me this: Pic ) Harr harr harr~

Yami Cosplay pics + Kamisama  )

Peace Maker, Digimon, Bleach, Other and Damekko Doubutsu Pix will follow ._.
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yah.. we're back from cologne/bonn.. but this entry will be in german.. BUT there are our Picturesss!!

Meine Ani-Gedanken ^^~ )

SO ONTO the picturesssss.. i will post some pix from cologne and bonn later .. (non-con pix)

actually we didn't make so much pictures from other cause.. well, we're sure there will be enough on the internet. So this is mostly ourselve and friends ^^~

Wich means (Aka credits X3): Sui as Akito, Taka was the gir with the hat, [ profile] seki_is_mine as Grimmjow, Ichigo (Arabia), Spitfire, Shinji; [ profile] nneko as Shin, Lupi and Kurikara; [ profile] makikoigami as Takami, EvilAizen, Renji (arabia), Tsuzuki; [ profile] hoshitachi as Tatsuki; Sakura as Hiyori mhm.. that are all I can remember having them onto the pix XD if I forgot one.. please tell me and if i made a mistake, too ^^;;; oh. i was sakuraba, ukelalala, ishida and kijin.. for those who didn't knew

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I'm back at home... means in Berlin and what can I tell? Nothing... Oh wait. I visited my parents which was really relaxing, met my best friend after a little eternity and being on a vacation.. kind of.

We went to Hamburg and I visited my grandmothers and well.. it was cool. Being back in berlin means i have stuff to do ;__; i will start drawing and then saturday my dad will come and help my sis with her flat, cause she finally found one and I have to help, too.

Otherwise I am a bit disappointed? Mhm, not satisfied is the better word I think. I would like to stop studying and doing something else but I always tell myself to go on and just DO it. But it is so hard to actually do. And I am... well lazy in certain points and I hate myself for that *bangs head on desk*

And I am considering stopping cosplay and visiting cons.. but I KNOW I won't do it. I just know I can't ... ack *bangs head on desk again*

Some Convention updates and Cosplay:

Etoo..mhm.. connichi fotos are here: and Japanfestival is here:

I finally got to wear that Upgrade-Version of Ishida! *bonce* I think the Quincys are gay but stylish :3 it was a lot of fun but afterwards I got ill ;__; But Ryuuken was fun and I still don't like the Byakuya cos but I looove Yumi~ *.*

And... Did I mention I want a Ichigo? I want some BuriCure! Well~

Some information:



And , I said I made some icons... here they are! )
... and tokyo hotel is a dump kids band ;_; What the hell is wrong with germany?? Wasn't sarah Connor enough?
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Well.. the Connichi is over and it was a lot of fun. We even had a few japanese cosplayers and there was such a cute inui :3

Our death note cosplay also was a lot of fun and Gamesh looked so very good as ryuuku. I still love her for it ^.^ I will write more soon... *hibbles* We even had N and M *.* I soo love those two. ;_; I want to do it again.. *cuddles banshee and touichi* MMC with a Rem, ne?

I got sick... but well. That is okay, the con was fun. The best thing at the con was getting a Nekota Yonezoh Tsuyogari Shitajiki *bounces around* I soooo love her :3~ and today I got "Kamisama no ude no nake de 2" Im such a happy little fangirl. And it's still a Tenipuri doujinshi for me with different names and location. Did I mention I love Yonezoh?

I will write more soon, gomen.

... I couldn't resist:

01 loss
02 thoughts
03 dreams
04 height
05 unknown
06 spiders
07 dentists

01 coffee
02 drawing
03 living in this city
04 cosplay
05 having stupid ideas in my head
06 talking about other people
07 my inu

01 my inu (currently making a kenpachi hairthing)
02 the Nobi Nobita Doujinshi
03 the Yonezoh manga and Pencilboard
04 my sister sleeping on the floor
05 my backpack with all my important things
06 the computers
07 my sewing machine

(don't think that's strange but the more important things are not in this room ^^;)

01 I am a coffee, vanilla coke, chocolate and drawing addict
02 I like being a obaachan
03 I have a Mini called 003
04 I currently like Pretty Cure because of that stupid fanart.. and BuriCure ><;;
05 I think that currently I am a looser
06 I would like to have a hamster and name him Tatsumi
07 I think Weiss Kreuz is dump... and Kubotite rocks

01 japan and see all of it
02 visit the rest of the world and see a lot of things (pyramids and a lot of other things)
03 buy a hamster and name him Tatsumi
04 make my own convention
05 buy me a callboy XD
06 finish university
07 make a collab with banshee, kiwi, rans, kogepanm, yonezoh or ultimate powers XD (but that'll never happen...)

01 maybe draw
02 maybe sew
03 getting obsessed quite easily
04 and getting annoyed quite easily
05 sit in strange positions
06 squeal for hours with nneko about random stuff..... seiyuu and bishis *.*
07 concentrate if I have to

01 draw
02 go to a sparkasse ehre in berlin and get money o.ô
03 find a parking lot with a small car
04 sing
05 dance (I hate it)
06 resist to bite the inu
07 using knives *stares at fingers*

01 Ehm...
02 yes
03 harr
04 sind die doof??
05 Miep
06 *chu*
07 ...
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VANIRA-Cosplay: (german) [ Conneko pictures & Yami no Matsuei Cosplay pix ]

Well.. survided a terrible organised.. no a not organised convention but it was okay.. I met a lot of very
nice and cute people ^.^

I've also seen the probably highest concentration of bad cosplayers EVER!

But I won't tell more of it, the people I mean won't recognize it and well I don't have the urge to rant about bad cosplay. It was just bad. But there were also a lot of very good and nice cosplays.. There was a Super Mario cosplayer wich was just great. ^-^ He was so in character.. really, he even talked to his friends and off-stage like Mario... with this italian accent ..i was quite impressed.. ^^

But... it was fun.. we cosplayed Rikkai Dai again and sunday Death Note. And I noticed, I really really do like L ^^;; Sweets and Coffee...^.^

Otherwise I'm feeling kinda depressed.. not really but there's a hint of depression... I feel useless and I didn't manage to draw a picture I'm satisfied with. Also I am not able to catch up with university which makes me feel really stupid. I have no money and can't get a job, even if I want to I still have to abandon university to work and I don't want to do that ><;;

But I also don't have energy to do any of my goals and projects.. ><;;; all I want to do is.. nothing.. o.ô and I really hate myself for that. *shrugs* can't be helped. I also feel very stupid for believing I'm good enough... I hate cons for seeing so much good people..ACK I think I'm going to throw myself out of the window.. mhm no.. that would be a mess. Okay, pills then? o.ô

My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow and well.. free japanese food.. yay ^^ that'S the only highlight so far ^__^
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Well.. back from leipzig and it was a lot of fun... we had a huge tenipuri meeting on sunday and.. yay I had a lot of fun. There was also a bit stress and well a big deal frustration but I will write about that later.. The stress is a part of every con so it's okay. Fun because we really got nearly all of out cosplayers and did so much fotos and well.. it was cool meeting a bunch of very cute, nice and interesting people. ^^; Tenipuri is very famous today o.O there were 3 pot groups on stage at the cosplay.

1. The printing of my doujinshi and my manga didn't work. They weren't able to sent it in time.. so I arrived there, met my-chan and Cara, who was supposed to bring the prints along and... had nothing.. at first it wasn't that tragic. It wasn't their fault. So I didn't blame them.
2. There was the first doujinshi/manga sale ever in germany and I wanted to be part of it. SO after seeing all these good artists and the well.. feeling of it I became really frustrated. I wanted to be part of it. I have the feeling that I missed a big chance... As I said I was frustrated. I still am and can't explain how much.
3. Cosplay. Well I KNOW we weren't that good. We messed up quite a bit.. but.. I so hate it when the winners are ALWAYS girls with almost nothing on. WHY? there were a few good and originally groups and I think their cosplay was worth more than just throwing their clothes off and posing ><;;; Thats a point which annoys me.. a LOT. BEcause... Do they think sewing a costume which doesn't look like fantasy isn't worth to earn attention? Gnah... just my point of view... but well..
4. Meeting all those wonderful people also showed me I'm not a quarter as satisfied with myself and my skills as I want to. I am at a point I just think I am not good and will not be able to change that. It also frustrates me and annoys me. That doesn't mean I am stopping to draw or sth like that.. but I saw that I am not flexible and spontaneous enough. At this rate I am able to say I can stop if I want to.. I soo want to do nothing... really nothing. Bah.. I don't think anyone understood my rants.. ><; gomen ne..

Cosplay Pix:

I'd like to explain my points a bit more but I am tired.. and I want to go to sleep ^^; have fun, view the photos ^^

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