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As promised first part of the Connichi report. This little entry here willl only include the Tiger&Bunny pictures. Because they deserve an entry of their own!  Rest of pics will come later.

Saturday (the 17th!) we got a little group with[ profile] nnekoas Ivan, [ profile] makikoigami as Kotetsu, Elfelina as Mary and me as Barnaby. We expected some other T&B cosplayers that day since it was well the 17th but to end up with big group like that was pretty awesome. The last episode aired around 7 in the evening so we had a spontanous group-watch in the convention hall. That was so much fun, we could not understand a word because we forgot the speakers and the mobilephone was not loud enought but we did not care we just needed the video and especially one scene.

So anyways, on with the pictures. Don't expect any super professional photos here. Just fun stuff.  

"Hi! I'm Barnaby, the Member of Tiger&Bunny who went to a convention...."  )


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So the Connichi is already over. OHMAN it has been over a year since we've been to a Con here. I really missed it. <3

LOTS OF PICTURES mostly our group behind the cut )

Yatta >D

Mar. 13th, 2008 06:04 pm
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Hehe.. i just finished my costume. It IS infact really relaxing when you only do one >_>~ now i have a bad consciousness. great.

i'll just wait for the paint and maybe I'll take a picture. if anyone is interested that is.

Otherwise i'm kinda still pissed at myself for various things. Mostly for not getting my ass to work. and the feeling of missing sth out. mostly chances for the future. gnar whatever

so if i don#t get a pic done, see you at the LBM~
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My report with seiyuu and stuff was here.

anyways if you're interested our cosplay pictures and some of the rest of the con are here ->[ @Animexx ]

cosplay was Es 21, Harukanaru toki, Gankutsuou, abit Death Note :D

Ani 07

Jun. 6th, 2007 09:25 pm
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eto~ staying on the sofa did not work. TV is bad and after i had to go to the golden plains AGAIN in Breath of Fire IV i decided going back to work.

BTW read Dramacon, it's SO TRUE >___<b Ah but yes, seems we have a place to stay for the ani and eh yes, will be there. Cosplay here i/we come °_°~

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