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trying to draw a portrait but with my own stlye but with person recognizable UGH @.@
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ah. just ignore my last post. I'm stupid. ._.;
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It amuses me that the tokyo rush-hour subway trains look totally empty compared to Sbahn trains at the moment XD

okay, I admit it, I'm not amused but  freaking pissed at the Bahn right now >_>;



Aug. 29th, 2008 01:35 am
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i went to the riverside yesterday and sat there in the park to draw


and now i have like 1 million mosquito bites.

actually they are at least 38.



Jun. 17th, 2008 03:38 pm
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YESSS hab ichs doch gewusst. War ja klar.


Deine Einsendung wurde gelöscht, weil das Hauptmotiv durch zu viel Text gestört wird. Dies ist oft der Fall, wenn:
- mehr als 50% des Bildes aus Text bestehen
- der Text über das Bild reicht (wasserzeichen dürfen nicht zu deckend sein.)
- der Text das Bild stilistisch nicht unterstützt
- der Text durch Komposition, Schriftart, Farbe u. ä. das Motiv in den Hintergrund stellt.

Tipp: Charakterbeschreibungen, Tagebucheinträge, Liedtexte, Gedichte und ausführliche Grüße sind besser im Zeichenkommentar aufgehoben.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Das Animexx-Team

Chibis )
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I am a bit proud i did some of my homework for this week, although not all but some and cleaned a bit and even sorted my icq list, since it was so messy. But somehow i still do not feel content. I feel uneasy and restless. *sighs* At least i'm, looking forward to August but before that there will be 5 reports waiting for me till the middle of july. FUN i say. FUN.

btw i know i am not uploading any arts here since i don't have any real time.. so thos who watch me for the arts i must dissapoint you there will be not much because said reason. and all others are surely bored too.... there's an "unfriend" butten and you may use it. *laughs*
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After trying out each and every driver available for that board I FOUND the right one >_>; and now it .. magically worked XD

Just liek that.. nothing more O_O and i don't get it @_@ we~ll


MAN I'm so ANGRY ><;;;;

i have a super old shitty graphic tablet and since my harddisk died i had to reinstall it.

It actually works without installing any drivers BUT i can't setup anything. And since that thing is so old i have to set up the setting, cause it has "right Click" on default and everytime i click the button it opens the right click menu.

So finding the driver was/is kinda adventurous cause wacom does not even list it anymore and i fucking DON'T know what i have there o_O;; so i searched and goodled and finally knew wich one i have there.. i installed and then

i got an error: No tablet found. Excuse me, what? I repeat: It works even without installing anything, it reacts to the pen but the pen has a wrong default set up.

SO WHAT THE FUCK, telling me there is NO tablet? HE? Then i went into windows hardware shit and that even LISTED the damn thing but sais i can't install any drivers for it cause just because it's not there. ????? WTF?

GREAT now i have an absolutely USELESS tablett. FINE >_> cool.
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I hate Computers. Really I do.. my entry was just ready and.. oookay.. *takes a deep breath* lets not talk about it.. I hate it anyways..

I had told quite a bit.. but thanks to whatever god doesn#t like me.. its gone and I will not rewrite it. I'm in a really really bad mood.. so.. I'm going to scribble something.. *deathglares at desktop*
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Word of the day: "neonblack" (by Christina-san)

Hihou here we are again...

I drew some pics, I was quite productive I think, ne?? well, lets start with this little one here..

ooo.. well let's try. Okay, teh server is really bad, maybe you have to reload. ^^''

Thats meeee ^^

I have some YuGiOh pics as well I will post them tomorrow.. or you can visit my little site ^^ Join me .. sankyuuu..

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