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 I think I did not say it enough, I love Japan for those "marketing" Stuff. 

>> Get your Hikari-Drink from Tokugawa or Nabe from Kobayakawa? ♥

OFFICIAL SITE (OMG those 6-sword Takoyaki and the Choco-Icecream HONDA *w* SO effin cute)
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AWESOME! It finally arrived.

I could pee myself! 

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Ohhhh so fucking awesome!!

*_* want! Yes I'm a nerd. 

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[ profile] makikoigami  <3 Lookie ;A;

*SQUEE*  (for the interested, the real version is here -> @youtube)
* This is one of my fav songs ever. I still don't know if I like the live version BUT I DON'T CARE! I'm using too much caps, sorry ;_; 

Finally find some more live vids. *_* Negative part: the site is closed and they are no longer existant btu he made a new Band and his Solo show (above) sounds pretty nice, too. And there are new songs *___* that made me happy. Seems he is allowed to play the old Babys songs wich makes me even more happy-~  

I'm a sucker for that kind of japanese music. *coughs*


(I'm just sad there's only two songs by them to sing at Karaoke X'D)


// Anther note: Haven't posted anything useful and drawn anything in AGES. T___T well. But I'm totally occupied with my 2000 photos ;_; But Saturday: Artist Meeting, Berlin
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;_; why are all interesting books so expensive? D: I need them for uni but I already bought so many. Argh. But I want.   
honestly all the REALLY good books on research or better Art history are so effing expensive about 150€ and up. And the uni doesn't have them ;_; 

(plus I really need to practice more japanese. I suck. *sighs* need more vocabulary ARGH)


Apr. 18th, 2010 10:37 pm
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the new Bleach Ending.

but I approve.


Totally approve the manly gayness and the crossdressing wwwwwwww <3 
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I want it ;A;


Aug. 20th, 2009 10:05 am
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Aug. 12th, 2008 12:37 am
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Today was THE Gurren Lagann Matsuri ;___; I SO WANTED TO GO THERE. Now i read a certain blog entry... maaan the seiyuu even did cosplay ;___________;


... maybe next time.

hmm~ Or will get the DVD XD

//random fangirling again.

oh i did draw sth today o_O

(edit) OMG Sebastian is voiced by Ono Daisuke. ONO DAISUKE! OMG .. i still don't know if i think it is cool or not. *lol*
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Woah so we made it! @ [ profile] vanira for pics and stuff. But never had the energy to write more :D (since we ran around like crazy)

But gosh it's SOO hot here and humid. I think i want to change my clothes every second ;_;

We've already been here for a week and besides the weather everything is fine. We have nice housemates and the area around kameido is okay too. We got registered for the work stuff and have to call them tomorrow. AND we will buy cellphones tomorrow, too. Cause we need some for the jobs and so on.

Otherwise.. there is a OtomeRoad Kitty. I want it. >o<;;

*___*v *___*v
do... want...... badly ;_;

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