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* This will be the complete list, I'll update it every time.

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Gnar.. i'm so unhappy with this. But at least i has finished it. D,:
(made some edits and now it's at least okay)

Kinda not worksafe because crossdressing and PANTYSHOTDELUXE )
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I'm so tired... >o<;;; I spent the whole day trying to read Makikos diploma. Trying. ;_; now i feel so dead. I just want to go watch some tv and draw stupid shit. >_> I so admire her for being able to concentrate on that longer than an hour.

So comments will ahve to wait.. ;o;

But yesterday night i did this. Something nostalic... OMG that seems so long ago ~.~ still love them ALOT. A VERY LOT xD
Prairing: TsuzukixHisoka, harmless

image under cut )
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Pairing: Jomy/Blue
Ratings: PG-13 (just a kiss)
No i still don't have much time just.. at the moments i like to draw wich is rare. So i finish all the old stuff i think was not that bad. This is one of it.

I finished it when finishing watching Terra e ;O;

GNAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i fell so hard for Blue. ;_; I love him. First i did not like Jomy that much but later i like him better... and Tony is such a girl, i love him but unfortunately i can't draw cotton candy hair ;^; AWWWW-- shit now i want to re-watch it again ;___; GNAR <3

SO this is a pseudo-WIP .. whenever i have time i will do it RIGHT. ;_;

AGAIN: I need a more picturefriendly layout, so just ignore the layout-killing.

Wee~ )
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Pairing: Yamaoka KentaxSatake Youhei
Rating: uhm R?
Comment GNAR! Ballers High says Yamaoka has the number 58 so i used that. BUT on most anime and manga images he has the number 85 >o<; Can somebody fill me in?? ;O; So i will use that 58 cause well.. Oh and i know there are some mistakes on anatomy/posture. but nevermind them...whatever.. enjoy! >D

Clicky~ *v* )

need a new... more picturefriendly layout ;O; gnar
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Hm.. i was trying to do some.. ART but i failed so i tried to sketch something but i had no idea. so I then remembered that i still had those 20 kisses themes lying around and being not finished ;o;

So here are #02: Fingers and #07: Neck

BL cause it's IchiUri <3 but nothing big, just kisses )

hey guise, [ profile] makikoigami actually wrote meh some hetpr0n *_* for Pr0ntober. I wish i could write T__T and I WISH i would not be such a coward and actually request from other writers ;O; MAJOR lack of confidence ;_________________; Well excuse me, i'm going to hit myself for that now. HARD.


Sep. 17th, 2007 10:57 am
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i... drew an Ohjo White Knites Pr0n pic, cause well i .. just wanted to. And i uploaded it on Animexx .. now i am wondering if they will ever activate/aprove that pic o.O; (hallo Freischalter! xD isses euch zu .. schmutzig oder was? O_O)

Btw i upladed the Matsumoto and Hitsugaya pic on gaia cause i wanted to have a fanart there but they deleted it without aprroving it :( would like to know why. *shrugs*
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WTF? My Renjixbyakuya collab with banshee has more 1,700 views.. TODAY! all my other pics (except 1) only have allover views around 600 O__O and i have an overall pageview number of 6537? O__O woah

Peace Maker: Okita... halfnaked not so worksafe ^^; )

RenjixByakuya... nice braid *_*~ worksafe )


Dec. 2nd, 2006 11:51 am
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piccy 1 +2 since we have decembre 2nd. XD

just 2 harmless sketches, kaijou and Lotr  )

but i think i'm too lazy to do a skecth i like everyday ^^; i mean i sketch everyday but.. i usally don't like them XD
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Both are worksafe. REALLY. ^_^b

i thougth i should post something none-BL here, too ^^
read more )
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Spoiler: YES! Ishidaaa *_* .. okay, he's sitting on a rock.. at uraharas.. But who cares? Ishida!! *__*

#15: Epiphany & xtra: Target; no real warnings.. crack and a bit bl.. slightly )

[ #1 - pink ]

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So [ profile] nneko here you are...

yes.. t was supposed to be a sketch.

well.. after the anime series being THAT much unsatisfying.. i hope this at least does a bit.

There's no reason why this position. It just came off

hehe.. i hope you really like it ^^; i think i do. Although i have to mention that the scan is.. bad. There are a few more shades of skincolor and.. yes ;_; you know it..
but .. i didn't want to have the strange shadows on it beause the paper was not good.. and yes, that's why it is that bright.

Yaoi! Rated R! KazukixKeita )

[ Y!Gallery Link ]

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Okay, since my computer fucked up yesterday I will try to tell today. Not the same as yesterday but at least I create an entry... very well. Today was a very sunny day and the sun shone and it was snowing. That was cool. It looked like sparkling glasrain or glassnow or something like that. I liked it.. ><
Yesterday I should have held my report but my Sensei talked so much that he missed track of time and I didn't even get a chance to do anything. Okay, I don't really mind, cause it's already done and I can hold it next week. If anyone is interesting what it's about.. It was/is a report about "Crime, Mystery and Detectivestories in Japanese Literarture" and it'S a very interesting and exciting topic. I learned much about Edogawa Ranpô and Yumeno Kyûsaku, those two authors were my main interest. Edogawa gave Conan Edogawa from the anime "Detective Conan" his name.. and Edogawa himself named himself after Edgar Allan Poe, whom he admired very much. When you write Poes full name into japanese, you will get Edogawa Ranpô... Well.. he was an author, he sure had some fantasy ^^' Edogawa wrote much short stories, unfortunately nearly untranslated in the west, except some short stories. I read two and I have to say, I liked them. The stories were quiet interesting and thrilling ^^
On the other side I didn't get a hand on Kyûsakus work, I think I would have liked him even more. He was a very excentric person, very strange life and the reviews of two of his stories fascinated me. "Dogura Magura" partly sounded like bits from Yami no Matsuei. And he had some twisted mindgames in it, which I really like. He plays with the border and even mixing between reality and nonsense. The reader will not know wheather the main character is guilty or not. wah.. But it would take quite a long entry to explain. If somebody read it already and is able to tell me, I would be glad to know the whole storie to the end..^^

Sidenote: "Lovesong for a yampire" by Annie Lennox is one of my all time favs. It's such a beautiful song...

New drawing, yay... and yes, i love lyrics.. but this little pic has no name yet Y.Y help me find one ^^

"images that might be real"

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