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Gnar.. i'm so unhappy with this. But at least i has finished it. D,:
(made some edits and now it's at least okay)

Kinda not worksafe because crossdressing and PANTYSHOTDELUXE )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] sakuragreenleaf ♥! *waves* ;o;

Other stuff:

Today I wanted to do SO MUCH! BUT my circulation decided on not getting up with me wich made me end up wobbling around, not capable of going one step without feeling as if i am drunk @_@ i mean i always have some problems with it and feeling a bit lifeless etc BUT completely dizzy was never one of the symptoms O_O So my day is pretty much over. I can't even play games.. i tried but i even feel dizzy looking at the big screen.. the computer screen is okay, it's small ;_; strange thing.. so i made a pic instead of cleaning and cooking T_T

Have some wet Hiruma >.,<

not even a naked chest )
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Pairing: Yamaoka KentaxSatake Youhei
Rating: uhm R?
Comment GNAR! Ballers High says Yamaoka has the number 58 so i used that. BUT on most anime and manga images he has the number 85 >o<; Can somebody fill me in?? ;O; So i will use that 58 cause well.. Oh and i know there are some mistakes on anatomy/posture. but nevermind them...whatever.. enjoy! >D

Clicky~ *v* )

need a new... more picturefriendly layout ;O; gnar


Sep. 17th, 2007 10:57 am
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i... drew an Ohjo White Knites Pr0n pic, cause well i .. just wanted to. And i uploaded it on Animexx .. now i am wondering if they will ever activate/aprove that pic o.O; (hallo Freischalter! xD isses euch zu .. schmutzig oder was? O_O)

Btw i upladed the Matsumoto and Hitsugaya pic on gaia cause i wanted to have a fanart there but they deleted it without aprroving it :( would like to know why. *shrugs*

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