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 I think I did not say it enough, I love Japan for those "marketing" Stuff. 

>> Get your Hikari-Drink from Tokugawa or Nabe from Kobayakawa? ♥

OFFICIAL SITE (OMG those 6-sword Takoyaki and the Choco-Icecream HONDA *w* SO effin cute)
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 So well after playing some hours... some personal impressions. (You propably might have read it anyways from other ppl in some comms)

+ worlds are bigger, more complex, the whole play-mode is cool I think, you have more to do and you need more time to finish overall 
+ Character development - like adult Tokugawa ♥ and I think Masamune looks older 
+ MIMICs! They have actually facial expressions. Nice
+ New characters even stranger (also a Minus) But the Sugiyama character Ôtomo Sôrin is so strange he's awesome. 
+ Still love the music
+ More comedy, more WTF moments. (thats why I love it so much)
+ Still MUCH fun to play, alone or 2Player mode.
+ more combinatory possibilities (you get "Nakama" /Companions like in Musou)
+ Kôjûrô is still most fucking awesome bastard ever ♥


- weapon combination stuff is different but still dunno if it's bad
- some make-overs look pretty strange. Chosokabe looks very off. sometimes his eye is just HUGE and totally unproportional.
- only ONE alternative outfit! ONE!!!! D: and its  so far not even sth interesting (but at least for masamune it is .. okay. ) 
- EMO Chosokabe is just too WTF for Basara
- Ishida IS A CONEHEAD! ;A; His moves are so awesome but he is a conehead. (thougth that this might not be that bad in the actual game but IT IS. I always have to think "What the fuck were the designers thinking?"
- Saika Magoichi looks like a avarage 0815 Final Fantasy Girly. Her head is too small for her MASS of Hair and her shoulders and i think she's ugly but she would have been effing cool. So I would prefer Nicolas Cage-style Magoichi as in Musô. Somehow she does not really fit. D: 

Looks like more minus than plus. But the Fun is worth ten times more. I love it.  ☆
Have to play all I did again cause I did not listen xD I was too excited *w*  

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AWESOME! It finally arrived.

I could pee myself! 



Mar. 13th, 2009 03:58 pm
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yeah I write stupid angry entries all the time >D

AGRH why is the EUROPEAN version of Suikoden Tierkreis with fucking english AUDIO???????? WHY? there is NO reason to do that when EVERY EVERY animated (meaning VOICE) scene is subtitled anyway and while dialogs there is the text, too? ;_;

Then at least let the player decide wich audio! I don't want that shitty dub. Honeslty they suck. They sucked for the other parts too, in my opinion. >_>;;;;;; it was soo weird hearing that american english voices over a completely japanese behaviour and that was no good match T_T;;

I was so looking forward to understand the last bits I didn't so far but i refuse to play that now.
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Argh Murata/Inagaki WHAT DID YOU DOOOO?? NOOOO NOO NO.. can't accept. NOT acceptable.NOT AT ALL! As if my day was not enough THAT tops everything. ;_; i'm very very sad. I mean.: JUMP main characters DON'T die!! You can compare THAT with dying cause Es21 has no features like healing completely and stuff.

That.. is not nice! NOT! I think i will sob quietly under the blanket. FUCK you jump, why can't you just come out every day? T_T I WANT next chapter NAO!


*sighs* otherwise i've been playing Suikoden III which [ profile] touichi gave me and i think it's really really lovely. I love the characters *_* I don'tt have a thing for old men but Geddoe really got me <3 and his crew is totally love. What i disliked was that you have paths on the map wich you have to go along. I already hated that in other games. And since it was the first Suikoden game for me with 3D optics it was ... a bit strange. I love the pixely stuff more. And also part I and II have more little games and lovely sidestuff wich is totally lacking here. and the "headquarter" grows but not as much as i would have liked. BUT as i said lovely characters and the way of telling the story through the 3 to 5 characters point of views was interesting. I liked that.
And the first time i got all 108 characters! Yay!
So i'm done with the endfight and i now have to finish the last POVgamepart.

BUT i was so eager to play Suikoden V i already started it. OMG prince T________T god he's such a girl and i am such a sucker for him >o<; And and i must admit i am not very far but so far i lovemost of the characters there. Very nice. Harhar~ can't wait to see what's up next. But i would have liked the JAPANESE audio. I mean the english cast is nice but it's so strange hearing them in english. Just strange.


I finally for in some weeks or what it was SLEPT nice and deep till 12 the whole night i mean. I never sleep so long. But it was refreshing. I could not sleep good for the last weeks.
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We~ll I'm not feeling better but I'm kiling my last brain cells with games and since i can't seem to finish the stuff for university.. i though i might share the rest of the gamestuff with you. xD

ARGH.. GIN! he's moaning so .... lets say... nice whenever you hit him. OMG i'm so liking it to play against or with him ;_________; ALL the other characters are NOT THAT HARD moaning xD As I said the seiyuu are extremely purring in that game o__O especially Aizen.

Unfortunately the game crashed after every ending, wich means we can't get all stages and Aizen in Battle mode, you can only get him if you beat him and after that the game is over AND does not finish reloading T____T;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

But best things are the items. Ishida and Byakuya have now little wings. Very Cute. [you can see someone already gave Ichigo those wings in this video.. just imagine the other charas with it xDDD] Kira wears Ibas stylish sunglasses now and AND AND AND a Nurse Hat *_______* I wish you could really dress him up as a nurse... and more importantly: Play him like that Nfufufufu~
Well ah.. i forgot.. for the first time in my life i found something with Rukia cute. You can get bunny ears and paws and now Rukia wears them and OMG it's really sooo cute ;__; I wish i could take screenshots. (cout do photographs.. but.. no fun)

And also Rukia wants to get sth special in the storymode for her beloves Niisama and you have to help her get those stonethingy (forgot the name) wich can do sth. special and wich should be so special that Byakuya-niisama will be very very happy about it for his Birthday. well after all the fighting about that stone and Yumi and Ikkaku as burglars with masks to help her find it, you learn taht Byakuya already has that thing cause HE wanted to give it to HER for the same special reason.. bla bla .. but.. awwwww~ i thought it was cute.

Random stuff

- Shunsuis last words are: "Nanao-cha~~~an"
- Ichigos: "Sumanai, Zangetsu no Ossan" (he apologizes)
- And Ishida does the same to his Sensei
- Yumi is cool cause he can recharge and Himes power up is a fast recharge *_* she's always the last to die xDD
- Mayuri is just ugly
- Uketake always stands and coughs around after his special attack ._. and he lays eggs >_>
- If you do clout (you know the headthingy) with Ishida, he always adjusts his glasses (it was more stylish when he did that in other games while fighting xD)
- Grimml has always his hands in his hakama Only for the release thingy not
- Ukelala is cool for figthing. he only uses his hands
- Ishida is able to do 150+++ combos O_O
- Hiyori is so hardcore, when she power ups the enemy looses at least 1/3 of their life so.. o.o
- Hirako has nice clothes, Chad, too but Hirako sounds so very gay xD

btw *lol*

XDD meme  )
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AWWWWWWW!!! My fangily heart just died a bit. *lol* In the Storymode of the Blade Battlers 2nd, there is this one scene with Ishida, Ichigo and Hiyori and RUkia. All of a sudden Hiyori tells Ichigo, she wants Ishidas glasses cause glasses would make a woman look intelligent. So then she forced Ichigo to ask Ishida to give him the glasses. Wich Ishida OF COURSE refused and said.. it's his most precious thing and.. after that you fight with Ichigo & Hiyori agains Ishida and Rukia (cause rukia thanked him in that part for the dress he made her. ) wtf?

.,.. afterwards Ichigo apologizes like a little puppy (at least he sounds like that. Morita what was up?) and Ishida and Rukia go sewing a dress for Hiyori.. OMG again. xDDD AND Hiyori in a dress is.. actually scary and somehow nice o__ô

(it doesn help that the seiyuu said ALL sentences like they're acting a BL O_O )

SO many lovely scenes in this game. Yumi is jealous cause he wasn in this pretty "Hazukashii Picture book" and wants his own. Chads clothes look extremely cool and the rest of the game is pure crack. Not to mention the various combinations with the items you can put them on. Ikkaku with Ururus headgear was very pretteh.
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so.. you know I'm playing all the old stuff on Playstation now and.. currently it's Breath of Fire.. i played the first parts like.. some years ago and though i might try the third part. And i'm nearly done with it.

. I love Rei. Really i honestly do. <3
. I like the idea, the characters and the gameplay itself (aha.. not to mention the seiyuu *_*)
. BUT the translation is one of the most horrible thing i've EVER seen. It's confusing and you get stuck because they told you wrong directions because of wrong translations =__=;;;
. the game is too slow.. i mean really slow GOD i would so love it but it is too damn lame >_>; most of the time it annoys me to take so much time loading the battle screen ><; (only half a second faster would be okay @_@)
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And now.. guess what i'm playing? XDD

pic )


Jan. 6th, 2007 09:32 pm
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(maybe VERY spoilerish ^^;;)

We~ just finished Twilight princes.. mhm~ the end .. was.. strange. I think the enemys are TOO weak (except when they're putting up 3 of the big knight thingies + 2 flying dragon knights in that one certain cave). Yes, all the bosses are way~ too weak. I'm not complaining but that surprised me ;_;

And another surprise: NO hiyama as link T_T but he sounds teh same ^^;

And.. Now there are spoilers: Midna is VERY beautiful. REALLY! And i just thought it's utterly cool to finally fight ZELDA! YES! XD finaly after sooo many years of rescuing her damn ass you can finally get your revenge XDD and.. i think the evilness suits her.. kind of ^^; I also think Ganon looks interesting.. even better then in Wind Waker ^_^ And the motion is cool but the ending fight with him is a joke o_ô really.

Overall the game is really fun and interesting. I still havent solved all riddles but did all the neccessary things ^^; And now i'm quite happy i didn't get the wii version cause i just heard bad things about. Not to mention just flipping the game o_ô hello? Nah..

And... just a short notice: I LOVE Jargo *__* *coughs* <3
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I... played Suikoden 2 (i couldn't before because i am not in posession of a Playstation.. ) *____* *_* *_* weee~ such a nice classic game. I SO love this. Really. unfortunately.. part 1 comes later.. i mean i can only play it after that.. but yeay i'm looking forward to it. I fell in love with the chracter designs and the story really had me wanting to finish it.. but GNAR i had the bad / Not so good ending and i read what i was suposed to do to get the better one ;___; hnar.. yes, just one SENTENCE!

oh.. btw.. i dl all the openings and endings from all parts of suikoden and.. weee~ the animated openings of the gaiden parts impresed me VERY much *__* Love.. and the old characters in it.. weee~~

er.. yes, I'm a classic gamer, i don't like all that 3D Stuff very much .. i like PIXELS *_*

and after playing it i am tempted to go and find parts of the original Suikoden translated.. maybe there is? *goes searching*
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Argh everytime I hear "Don't stop me now" by Queen I am starting to do the Donkey Konga moves in my head =.= Aww.. fuck games.

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