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I guess I'm so lame, I cannot be creative atm. Somehow I started like one million things but never finished something. I started working on my comic (again) and pimped the characters abit plus I now worked out the story again and made it a bit more interesting (at least thats what I think). And since I'm fed up with BL I wiped it completely out of the main storyline xDD (It annoyed the heck out of me >_>)
So I hope I'll start soon, cause everything else is ready just need to start the storyboards.

AAnd since I'm to lazy to draw bigsize pics, I only made artcards cause they are perfect for practicing and testing stuff. So here they are, 6 cards, just character portraits and nothing special.

( Follow this fake here )

Comments are ♥ and I'd love some feedback if you feel like it :D
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[profile] vaniracoke )
working again :D

It's still incomplete but as a LJ-user you can just add it or whatever :D and it may not be that interesting atm but I will upload my art, sketches and fanart also photographs and cosplay there. I don't know what do do with all the adult-stuff but I'll figure it out ^^v All adult shit I don't know what I'll do with that xD I think about something.
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after a looong hard battle with my computer i made it ><; I can't even be happy about it ;__;

now i'm hungy..

oh and i made this little icon i'm using.. because the lovely [ profile] mitsuki612 uploaded the single *__* wee~

will go drawing now T__T <3 *hugs you all*
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Nyo, i wanted to share some pages with you ^^~

ANd YAY ;_; homepage update! Yes, it's been a while.

Well and here are 3 sample pages, kindof.. from the little manga ^^. It will be in an anthology, so watch out for it! It's not that I won't spam you with it, so just keep reading here ^^;

kaze no tabibito - some pages )

Still, I would like to have some opinions, as always, cause comments and critics mean a lot to me, really. *sigh* and I still have a lot to learn. ;__; AND.. names! I NEED names XD or.. not?

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VANIRA-Cosplay: (german) [ Conneko pictures & Yami no Matsuei Cosplay pix ]

Well.. survided a terrible organised.. no a not organised convention but it was okay.. I met a lot of very
nice and cute people ^.^

I've also seen the probably highest concentration of bad cosplayers EVER!

But I won't tell more of it, the people I mean won't recognize it and well I don't have the urge to rant about bad cosplay. It was just bad. But there were also a lot of very good and nice cosplays.. There was a Super Mario cosplayer wich was just great. ^-^ He was so in character.. really, he even talked to his friends and off-stage like Mario... with this italian accent ..i was quite impressed.. ^^

But... it was fun.. we cosplayed Rikkai Dai again and sunday Death Note. And I noticed, I really really do like L ^^;; Sweets and Coffee...^.^

Otherwise I'm feeling kinda depressed.. not really but there's a hint of depression... I feel useless and I didn't manage to draw a picture I'm satisfied with. Also I am not able to catch up with university which makes me feel really stupid. I have no money and can't get a job, even if I want to I still have to abandon university to work and I don't want to do that ><;;

But I also don't have energy to do any of my goals and projects.. ><;;; all I want to do is.. nothing.. o.ô and I really hate myself for that. *shrugs* can't be helped. I also feel very stupid for believing I'm good enough... I hate cons for seeing so much good people..ACK I think I'm going to throw myself out of the window.. mhm no.. that would be a mess. Okay, pills then? o.ô

My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow and well.. free japanese food.. yay ^^ that'S the only highlight so far ^__^
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I'm Back and still living...

I don't have much time... so I just want to spam you all with my Artwork ^^

My Doujinshi is done! ^.^ Yay!

For Info and the first sites go to

It's still only available in german but you'll manage to work through I think ^^;

Here's the link ^^;

sankyuuuu .. *hugs you all*
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Well... I wanted to stop writing anything here... I guess I'm just bored. Got my new home at and my gallery is also updated. Here it is:

Join me

It is still not completely working. Gomen ne...

And I just started to read the translation of kimes bbs entries. They are really funny. *drools* Just feeding my rps mind. No... I like him, he'S such a girl >__< NYa... okay, I'm off...

*winks* \(^_^)/
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I made an update on [ profile] makikoigami and my cosplay site. ^^'


oh and we went to the Zoo today.. looots of baby animals.. nya.. lots of us squealing over them ^^' and photos, which I will post some other time >

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