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I just wanted to create a Sugita-Dork-Face icon but ended up with some more D:

* Credit and comments loved but not necessary.
* Edit them all you like but tell me so i'd like to see it *3*
* Sources are mostly blog images from various seiyuu blogs. Plus magazin scans shared in [ profile] seiyuu or [ profile] seiyuu_scans

01-04: Sugita Tomokazu
05+06: Yasumoto Hiroki
07-09: Ono Daisuke
10-13: Saiga Mitsuki
14-16: Hirakawa Daisuke
17-18: Konishi Katsuyuki
19: Itou & Morita
20-21: Namikawa Daisuke


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woah.. uhm.. yes.. 10 Seiyuu related icons. cause.. i felt like while digging through seiyuu magazines ^^;

So here they are

#1: Saiga Mitsuki
#2: Saiga MitsukixPaku Romi
#3&9: Morita Masakazu
#4&5: Takahashi Naozumi
#6: Sakurai Takahiro
#7: Suzumura Kenichi
#8: Seki Tomokazu
#9: Paki Romi, Fukuyama Jun, Kakihara Tetsuya

<3 )

The images are from random Seiyuu Magazines ^^; The rest of my credits and the rest of the icons are in this post!!
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i made some icons.Just for me and for fun but... why not sharing? No need to credit or comment although I would be verrrrry happy *___* cause then i know if you like them ^^b Oh wait, if using #34 then please credit ;^; becaaauuuse i colored it XD

i know some are old, just wanted to have a place for them cause I deleted the old post ^^; and i don't like them anymore .. haha
There's BoyLove in it X3 you've been warned

#01 - 17: Bleach (lots of IchiUri <3)
#18 - 23: Tenipuri (lot's of tezuji X§)
#24 - 28: Digimon
#29 - 30: Eyeshield 21
#31 - 34: Yami no Matsuei
#35: Empty Heart by Masara Minase
#36 - 42: Tsuyogari by Nekota Yonezou
#43: Nekota Yonzeu (forgot the title X3)
#44: out tetris Cosplay XD
#45: Koi to suru by Nekota Yonezou
#46: Hoshino Riiri
#47: Koisuru Boukun by Hinako Takanaga
#48 - 49: Fukuyama Jun
#50 - 52: Takahashi Naozumi (for [ profile] nneko
#53: Okiayu Ryoutarou
#54: Sakurai Takahiro
#55: Zazel
#56 - 57: Xtra

Clickey... here are 57 icoooons XD + credits )

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Just don't ask.. I was.. kinda.. inspired when skipping through all those very stupid images.. ^^;;

So first:
1) 2) 3)
Are for [ profile] nneko *hugs* YOU KNOW WHY!

5) (I call this one okiyayus bad hair day =.= meep ... )

I'm not a pro-icon maker so.. be gentle.. it was just for fun. But tell me what you think.. or.. if you snatch one, gimme credit X3
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I'm back at home... means in Berlin and what can I tell? Nothing... Oh wait. I visited my parents which was really relaxing, met my best friend after a little eternity and being on a vacation.. kind of.

We went to Hamburg and I visited my grandmothers and well.. it was cool. Being back in berlin means i have stuff to do ;__; i will start drawing and then saturday my dad will come and help my sis with her flat, cause she finally found one and I have to help, too.

Otherwise I am a bit disappointed? Mhm, not satisfied is the better word I think. I would like to stop studying and doing something else but I always tell myself to go on and just DO it. But it is so hard to actually do. And I am... well lazy in certain points and I hate myself for that *bangs head on desk*

And I am considering stopping cosplay and visiting cons.. but I KNOW I won't do it. I just know I can't ... ack *bangs head on desk again*

Some Convention updates and Cosplay:

Etoo..mhm.. connichi fotos are here: and Japanfestival is here:

I finally got to wear that Upgrade-Version of Ishida! *bonce* I think the Quincys are gay but stylish :3 it was a lot of fun but afterwards I got ill ;__; But Ryuuken was fun and I still don't like the Byakuya cos but I looove Yumi~ *.*

And... Did I mention I want a Ichigo? I want some BuriCure! Well~

Some information:



And , I said I made some icons... here they are! )
... and tokyo hotel is a dump kids band ;_; What the hell is wrong with germany?? Wasn't sarah Connor enough?

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