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German puplishers ...

i don't really get it.. they stop publishing some series because they didn't sell well BUT they are constantly bringing out new (lame) stuff. Blargh and what's getting on my nerves is that if they got ONE mangaka they publish ALL works. I mean just because a mangaka had one hit it doesn't automatically mean all of the other work is good >_>;

And why now Sumomo Yumeka? Gnar i thought they won't publish such artists but it seems german publishers have bought the WHOLE BL scene in Japan .__.
I will sit and hope that they'll never discover Yonezou or Minase or all the other nice artists wich i am happy that no 13 year old little kid is reading. OR soem shounen series, Tokyopop did not already buy. Lke.. eyeshield T__T But that already did not work with Takanaga and others. Really german fandom is annoying, german BL fandom expecially, because they are mostly - let's say - 14? o__O;

And being on the age topic.. funny thing is that the adult stuff is shrink-wrapped so minors can't read. BUT there are always some sample books for reading in the stores XD so it doesn't matter if there is a "NOT FOR CHILDREN" -sticker on it and a wrap, the children in the bookstores read it anyway... so hello protection!

BUT I'm looking forward to Crows manga *__*v looks interesting. Mhm and maybe i will look into the german "Gott Gauss" cause i've read it.. some years ago.. a little preview ^^;
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noooooooooees nononono I can't wait till JULY!!! *makes a face* noooono.. wait.. we have july tomorrow! YES!! X3~~

Why am I so addicted? *_* that got me more than the game today ^.^

Gomen ne for spamming so much today but I got this much to say.. or rant or whatever ^^;
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but I'm so tired of it. gnar..

My parents+my grandma+my granpa+my aunt+my cousin+my brother+mysis and her BF are coming for a visit this weekend, wich means I should to a bit more but I don't have the energy rigth now.. I feel utterly exhausted about a few things... ^^,; Really. I'm tired of fandoms (not tired to watch alot anime but the fandoms and being into a fandom I mean), tired of cons I'm even tired of cosplay.. just don't want to anymore ^^;; (yeah I know.. who will be sewing a costume 1 weelk before the next con? Me ._.)

But who cares *shrugs* I mean..

I wanted to review.. or do sth similar to a review ^^;

Paradise Kiss  )D
King of Bandit Jing TV )
fate stay night )

I think I will go for more Jump series then X3 they are better ^-^~

I'm tired,

I need more coffee. Period.
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Okay, I'm a bit in a hurry but I'll post anyway. ^^ I read Full Moon wo sagashite by Arina Tanemura today. (It's released in Germany -.-) And what can I tell you... I fell completely and absolutely in love with it. Really. I do. And that's a bit scary. Cause... It's sooo Shoujo.. and full of colors.. Tanemura. Well but the story is sooo cool and sad. The characters are very very lovely. I like them. No I love them. ^^ I've heard of it some time ago, saw pis, even I think one or two anime episodes but I think they are not as good as the manga. XP Just wanted to tell you that. A and I forgot to put the little RPG thing link in. here it is. Nyaha.. Just complete nonsense. ><

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