Nabari 59

Jul. 1st, 2009 09:24 pm
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Oh man, in my opinion the story is still not bad but well not really progressing either. BUT I don't want to admit it but Raikou looks fucking hot. I don't like him at all but he's slowly getting alot of bonus points there xD
Plus Yukimi/Thobari Cover made me drool. ack xD

yes random. lala
layann: (*sob*)

NOESS WTF ARE YOU DOING!!!!111 argh argh argh.. ;_______; honestly... i loved the Yukimi and yoite part BUT THE REST? ;_; so good but.. narf.. narf narf. ;_;

btw vol9 was available today :DD yeah. ;A;<3

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Weeeeelll i said i drew sth..

well it's only chibis, since i am still not able to do sth right >o<

SO Nabari this time :DDD I want to draw so much so many.. and i have so much ideas but i .. find no time and the heat is very contra-productive. ;o;

I love Yukimi. I loved him even more after vol. 8 *v* So much a mama <3 and i love him with yoite together. *sighs*

pic under cut, CHIBIS )
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Gods i fell in love <3 honestly i read all the manga because i wanted to know his damn past ;o;

[Click for full size :D]

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