Jul. 11th, 2007 10:00 pm
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anonymous: "What did you use for the ears?"

meh: "eh.. ears?"
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Um 24Uhr.. ca.

Kaidoh (nachdem man ihr am Zeh rumgegrabbelt hatte..): "DU HAST NE FREUNDIN DU SUCH DIR WAS ANDERES!!"

wir: (Stille) "Eh?"

Nancy: "Ich glaub, da fehlte ein Komma."

Anonym: "Nein, das war das Silikon."
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Wollt ich immer aufschreiben, checkt man eh net in englisch glaub ich. oO

Auf dem Köln Hbf zur AnimagiC:

"... Kann jederzeit abfahrn."


Jun. 21st, 2006 06:58 pm
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Lay: "Mal dir doch'n F... für 'Vorne'."

btw.. my Kijin costume fills the whole washing machine o.O; Woah..
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Today's favourite work: "Hüüüüger" (Means Hyuga from Tsubasa in German ><;;; Yeah sure)
Link of the Day: Japanese Warriors - A 19th Century Photographic Tribute

Autumn.. for Kaorie: Animexx | Deviantart

noodles. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/25606068/

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Dunno.. have much to tell.. but.. don't have the nerve now. WIll only post some famous words ^^

"And only one man who can save the innocent"
(U.S. Yami no Matsuei DVD Box...)

"Tezuka is an adjective!"

"If Fuji is a girl, which he actually is and Tezuka, too... is Fuji/Tezuka then Yuri??"

"Oh... That's.. Koyasu!! Better... ATOBE!"
(while watching this weird and absolutely cool musicvid)
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Word of the day: "neonblack" (by Christina-san)

Hihou here we are again...

I drew some pics, I was quite productive I think, ne?? well, lets start with this little one here..

ooo.. well let's try. Okay, teh server is really bad, maybe you have to reload. ^^''

Thats meeee ^^

I have some YuGiOh pics as well I will post them tomorrow.. or you can visit my little site ^^ Join me .. sankyuuu..
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Hello Folks!

Well... I had my report and well I kind of survived it. My sensei seemed to be okay with it, although he is a person who will just count his own opinion in most cases. >< He won't believe me when I told him that a special person was the grandson of another very important person in japanese politics, but I read it and it seemed very logic. well *shrugs* he's very strange. ^^ I have a picture of him as a chibi drawn. Maybe I'll put it up sometimes. ^_^I also drew a lot new pics, but unfortunately my scanner sucks.. better.. it doesn't like my computer. Well.. so I have to wait till I can scan. u.u

Soo.. i'm still stressed.. at least a bit, have my cultural science report on wednesday and tuesday I'm going to Hamburg and Bremen to visit a museum with our seminar. ^^ nyaa... well I'm looking forward to it, really...

Oh, wait my quote of the day is actually from yesterday:
"improvisorical cow"

holding hands
hand holding - you like to be in constant physical
contact with your special someone but you don't
want to take things too quickly.

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