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 "You like me so I'm holding you now"

ARGHHH I could scream. I have seen this MILLION times already!!! I know the direct translation is "holding" but wtf!!!! It's a PORN/yaoi manga anyways! You can already say "F*ck you" that would be a better translation, regarding the content. 

(even worse if the chara saying "I want to hold you" is a kick-ass chara who says things right away ... sure.)

Don't misunderstand I love most of the scanlation teams works. Its thousand times better than official translations most of the time but SOME things are just too weird and too straight-out translated without a second thought to the content. 

/rant end

(yes, no connection with other post) 
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;_; why are all interesting books so expensive? D: I need them for uni but I already bought so many. Argh. But I want.   
honestly all the REALLY good books on research or better Art history are so effing expensive about 150€ and up. And the uni doesn't have them ;_; 

(plus I really need to practice more japanese. I suck. *sighs* need more vocabulary ARGH)
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Today is my mums birthday and we did some food yesterday for a party here. :D 



Sweet potatoes with caramel/soy souce. I think, they were very very yummy. 
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BAAAAAAH SUDDENLY: BUSY TIME. NOOOOOOES. But i try to finish this shit until next week is over. but  for now I bring you some  SSSPRING!

Actually only photos I did one year ago. Mainly plumblossoms *v*
QwQ~~ )

wanna edit so much more of my pics. NO TIME T___T


Jun. 7th, 2009 01:40 pm
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Lol the NTV/ProSieben documentaries use Final fantasy and Zelda BGM XDD

just randomly amused by this.

Seems they just recently discovered the Zelda OST since they used it the 2nd time this week already.


May. 6th, 2009 11:34 pm
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Eh Lol??

May. 6th, 2009 05:55 pm
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Yesterday I searching myself stupid for my mp3 player. it's still the old small one like 3x2 cm or sth like that. Very easy to overlook.

Plus i had the earphones unplugged..

well I searched and searched and then I thought I might look under my desk.


I .. mean not that I would not exchange my old one or a tiny little clean Ipod BUT hello?

Actually it was ofcourse a leftover from the person who lived here in our absence.. But the coincidence XD~

(of course I'll ask him later...)

We'll be leaving in 1 hour for star trek. Yay :D
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Oh man, excursion was VERY much stress. I loved being with the others *v*

I forgot to write this:

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [ profile] soulkillerzero, [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] lolukomiya!!!
I know my brains suck ;_; sorry.

Rest is stupid fangirl-stuff, wich is the only thing my brain is capable of right now. *A* )

nyoo will write about CSD and excursion later, when i am able to think one comprehensive thought again. Right now is: soccer. (OMG yes i do watch it right now. >o<;)



Apr. 7th, 2008 04:35 pm
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The weekend was so relaxing. We didn't go to the zoo because the weather was so bad. So we stayed at home and played Soul Calibour II till the end. *laughs* I had blisters on my thumbs. Lili was there, too and we made japanese food and watched our vids from japan.

Otherwise did i tell that we have new colors in the kitchen? Makiko painted it nice and shiney, while i was working. FInally it doesn't look so shitty anymore.
Guh i finally got some office-shit done. ANd i still have LOTS to organize and stuff. (and

And i said it in my Mexxblog i think i'll just repeat it here: Sometimes i think i am the only person on mexx who hasn't done ANTHING not even thinking about drawing something for that stupid startpage contests or has done "wichteln" (secretsanta stuff whatever). Really i don't care at all about that. Anda ll that stuff puts me on a kinda Standby mode (can't plan anything and stuff >.<)

Some anime/seiyuu/fandom rant behind cut )

Oh my sis will visit me in an hour. Have to clean everything. Looks like shit here

* Commish for Dee: 40%
* Commish for Terra: sketches in progress (still in progress kitchen was inbetween)
* another Gaia commish: 60%
* paint the kitchen: 100%% YAY
* finish term papers 99%; 5%; 5%
* get infos and stuff for next year: 40% (YAY II!!!)
* selling Doujinshii (scans: 0%)
* KAKAO of all my OCs: 40% (whenever i have time)
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Random stuff from today:

Today, my mum send me lots of pills. Because i once said my concentration is so bad. ô.ô

A good school friend of mine gave birth to a girl last tuesday. Thats so weird, all my former classmates are having families and good jobs and i.. i am still stuck. *sighs* somehow that feels so looserish.

And OMG i'm drawing Galaxy rangers. And i got a Seiyuu on Animexx :3~

And fear me i has BIO Lychee drink o.o wait... okay, can't open bottle. Back to orange juice then.

[edit] oh btw.. uhm... LOL? )

And i'm gonna use my LJ for my own daily what to do thing so that i don't forget

* Commish for Dee: 40%
* Commish for Terra: sketches in progress
* another Gaia commish: idea done
* paint the kitchen: 0%
* finish term papers 99%; 5%; 5%
* get infos and stuff for next year: 0%
* KAKAO of all my OCs: 40%

Yatta >D

Mar. 13th, 2008 06:04 pm
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Hehe.. i just finished my costume. It IS infact really relaxing when you only do one >_>~ now i have a bad consciousness. great.

i'll just wait for the paint and maybe I'll take a picture. if anyone is interested that is.

Otherwise i'm kinda still pissed at myself for various things. Mostly for not getting my ass to work. and the feeling of missing sth out. mostly chances for the future. gnar whatever

so if i don#t get a pic done, see you at the LBM~
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OMG wtf? Winter's back? it's so f'ing cold in the rooms. Also yesterday while arriving by train i must have carried too much or strained a (huge) muscle in my back because everytime i do certain movements it's like i'm getting shot or.. sth.. It totally knocks the air out of my lungs, too. Strange thing. I woke from that while i was trying to turn around in sleep. still have problems breathing and moving x__X Yeah, cool i'm getting old.

So anyways~ Oh did i tell? My parents have the "Sci-Fi" channel *___* and we spent the monday watching it. and OMG they showed SEAQUEST DSV. I loved that so much VERRRY much but the episode we saw on monday was so lame. And they also showed some of the 80s animation series liek Bravestarr. Unfortunately stuff like Saber Rider, Galaxy Rangers and such is running on weekends ;_; mahh~ I wanted to watch them, too.

Ooh random, i wanted to share a picture. ^^;

Ignore the thumbnail, it's from Y!Gallery and i am too lazy to do another. >_>;

Title: Mondkuss
Series: Original (My stuff, i deleted working title of manga so it's again nameless)
Warnings: Nakedness. Not Worksafe, to say for sure
Comment: SO OMG het. Yes, it has boobies.
I love it very much.

Characters are not random, they are part of my story (OH surprise Q-Q)
I know, he looks a bit skinny but that was intented. And okay, some mistakes in anatomy are made in favour of aesthetics.

Mouse coloring btw (what is consider color here i mean)

Image under cut )
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Year of the rat! It was my year last year but it didn't bring any luck. ._. hope this one will be better then.

And onto the pic:

I called it "crossover" of doom on galleries.. but in our strange conversation-world, they all share a flat xD~


Top: K-kun and Hi-chan (due to rethinking about them their names will be like that for a while)
Middle: Kazuya and Jun (<3 sth similar to our babies *v* no real punks, just pseudo.. like all the cool kids do it. optically)
Front: Kaoru and Makoto (PLUS the little yellow think, evolved from former mascot, Pimp >D)

harmless 6 little characters :D )

Random personal stuff )
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found THIS on ANN and though it's worth a read.

I would add a few things but it's surely true.


Sep. 21st, 2007 09:37 pm
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mah i'm so lazy.. i'm reading all flist but i don't know what to comment or write.. somehow. Yes thats.. stupid ;o;

hm.. our kitchen closet is broken x__x but we really consider not buying a new one since we might have to move next year. mHm argh.. i want to move really badly but i don't know what will be when makiko's done with the diploma and stuff.

On to fangirling xD~ Bleach 141 was <3 and the yumi-mummy *w*~~

We started watching Ookiku furikabutte and what can i say? I've never ever seen a sportsseries that damn cute. Argh. Then Gurren Lagann. One word: gainax.. it's so very strange BUT the characters are nice. Must go on watching arrrr~ Koutetsu Sangokushi is pure crack and .. kinda stupid. REALLY i just watched the rest for the seiyuu. Then Terra-e: Waiting for the last episode to come! This is one GREAT show! Really. Made me go hating one character in one episode and then loving him the next and it frustrates the hell out of me. Zombie Loan: Did not want to see more cause i though (although the seiyuu are great) that's boring. But i will give it another chance xD~

As i said our things are broken. This weekend our DVDplayer broke ;_; or better the part where the cable gets in (too lazy to look up the words). I had to get a new cable and was finally able to watch [ profile] nnekos Seisogakuinsai DVD *v* wuahaha.. i usually don't watch that much events, only if there's more than one interesting seiyuu in it but this one was kinda nice. MAMOOOO *__* Yes i think they still have to work on their clothing style alltogether but nice. (ah and learn to sing xD) Plus i think Itos white glasses are stylish but they make him look too round. Fukuyama was cute as always and Mamo was just so very genki~ I'm so in love <3

BTW WHY ISN'T there any parts of that EYESHIELD 21 LIVE EVENT ONLINE SOMEWHERE?? *pleads* I would even consider byuing a DVD if there was one.. WHYYYY???~~~
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- can't wait for the new tyrant chapter to be scanned ;^;
- can't wait for the package wif my yonezou love to arrive *o*
- still have to work on the university stuff
- want to change the subject, but i can't ...too far now x__X
- working on an update on both sites x___X;;;;;;;;;;;;;; TOO MUCH WORK! *dies*
- have to clean xoX NOES! don't want that
- my chair is broken ;o; Still broken.


- i drew a Pron artcard *lols* >_> can't upload it on the artcard site xDD
- started about 10 other cards ;o; but i am a lazyass x__X
- Otona keikenchi from Yonezou is THE LOVE *__*v really lovely~~
- OMG the sleeping Hiruma from the last episode *o* Usually the anime is NOT that interesting BUT (READ THAT BIG FAT BUT!!!)
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* DO WANT MORE TERRA E Fanworks, PPL!!! Really this series screams for fanfiction and stuff ;__; I love soldier blue~ And the brat Tony too argh xD
* Anyways so there seems to be a Yonezou Image Collection *___* if that's really true and i can hold it in my OWN hands i think i'm gonna die *v* ♥♥♥♥
* otherwise read THIS BADPORN FIC for brainfuck, really it's worth readin xDD~ I laughed so hard.
* And look at this nice IchiIshi pic *_*~
* The one who commissioned me, did it again and since i send her 2 sketches for the idea, she liked both and yay, i'm gonna make 2 new commissions so life is finally getting better *v*
* Ayano Yamane at the Connichi? Mhm would be nice, ne? Although i think the finder series is boring >_>;; (Most of the time i feel like i am the only one on this planet)
* Did a new Art Card: [ Here ] with mah new blue copic liner *_* (they're finally available in some colors.♥)


Aug. 1st, 2007 03:45 pm
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I think the world just collapsed XDD

German TV RTL2 shows Naruto with a JAPANESE opening?? hello? Whats going on and even with karaoke.. i dunno if i should be shocked or amused XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

AnimagiC report coming soon @_@

*goes drawing*

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