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 Okay, Fukuyama in a silk long dress is no suprise but Namikawa in a School Girl uniform is new *giggles* 
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I just wanted to create a Sugita-Dork-Face icon but ended up with some more D:

* Credit and comments loved but not necessary.
* Edit them all you like but tell me so i'd like to see it *3*
* Sources are mostly blog images from various seiyuu blogs. Plus magazin scans shared in [ profile] seiyuu or [ profile] seiyuu_scans

01-04: Sugita Tomokazu
05+06: Yasumoto Hiroki
07-09: Ono Daisuke
10-13: Saiga Mitsuki
14-16: Hirakawa Daisuke
17-18: Konishi Katsuyuki
19: Itou & Morita
20-21: Namikawa Daisuke


Clicky )
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OMFGG the new Kyon single is even better than the other one OGOD THIS IS SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *__*/) I LOVE SUGITA/Kyon *A*

Laughing so hard right now

/stupid fangirl mode *rotates* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(If I would get an anime, Sugita has to be in it XD)

Mar. 21st, 2009 12:35 am
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hehe, my day was quite good too *v*b


Och Nööö

Mar. 9th, 2009 10:56 pm
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Please tell me its a joke ;_______;

DO not approve of Miki as Roy Mustang. DO ABSOLUTELY NOT! ;_____; now.. i really do not like to see that anymore.

i will anyways but.... *sob*

Great they changed so many. I'm sad.

At least it still has Fujiwara as Hughes.


Aug. 12th, 2008 12:37 am
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Today was THE Gurren Lagann Matsuri ;___; I SO WANTED TO GO THERE. Now i read a certain blog entry... maaan the seiyuu even did cosplay ;___________;


... maybe next time.

hmm~ Or will get the DVD XD

//random fangirling again.

oh i did draw sth today o_O

(edit) OMG Sebastian is voiced by Ono Daisuke. ONO DAISUKE! OMG .. i still don't know if i think it is cool or not. *lol*
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Oh man, excursion was VERY much stress. I loved being with the others *v*

I forgot to write this:

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [ profile] soulkillerzero, [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] lolukomiya!!!
I know my brains suck ;_; sorry.

Rest is stupid fangirl-stuff, wich is the only thing my brain is capable of right now. *A* )

nyoo will write about CSD and excursion later, when i am able to think one comprehensive thought again. Right now is: soccer. (OMG yes i do watch it right now. >o<;)



May. 31st, 2008 05:34 pm
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gyaaa~had to do this (my flist may ignore this completely xD)

some vids i found and did not know yet )

Yes, i'm a fangirl and sucker to my koefecchi ;_; Can't help it.

Now Back to my report-paperstuff


Apr. 7th, 2008 04:35 pm
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The weekend was so relaxing. We didn't go to the zoo because the weather was so bad. So we stayed at home and played Soul Calibour II till the end. *laughs* I had blisters on my thumbs. Lili was there, too and we made japanese food and watched our vids from japan.

Otherwise did i tell that we have new colors in the kitchen? Makiko painted it nice and shiney, while i was working. FInally it doesn't look so shitty anymore.
Guh i finally got some office-shit done. ANd i still have LOTS to organize and stuff. (and

And i said it in my Mexxblog i think i'll just repeat it here: Sometimes i think i am the only person on mexx who hasn't done ANTHING not even thinking about drawing something for that stupid startpage contests or has done "wichteln" (secretsanta stuff whatever). Really i don't care at all about that. Anda ll that stuff puts me on a kinda Standby mode (can't plan anything and stuff >.<)

Some anime/seiyuu/fandom rant behind cut )

Oh my sis will visit me in an hour. Have to clean everything. Looks like shit here

* Commish for Dee: 40%
* Commish for Terra: sketches in progress (still in progress kitchen was inbetween)
* another Gaia commish: 60%
* paint the kitchen: 100%% YAY
* finish term papers 99%; 5%; 5%
* get infos and stuff for next year: 40% (YAY II!!!)
* selling Doujinshii (scans: 0%)
* KAKAO of all my OCs: 40% (whenever i have time)
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[ profile] nneko

You already know this?????? ToT LOVE i tell you! LOVE!

[ Seiyugura medleys ]

btw Miyanos is so awesomeeeeeeee!!! OMG the EVA themeeee~~ Ogod and him singing gravity is LOVE
(Here's the vid xD -ignore the images the songs are awesome >D)

OMG i should be doing homework T.T )

AH shit i'm dying this is so great xDD
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OMG i just stumbled across this on youtube.

People are angry at how much the new japanese cast for the Simpsons Movie suck (compared to the series cast)



bu~t )

ignore me that's just general fangirling *giggles*
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OGOAWD... Koutetsu Sankokushi was one of the worst series i've watched the last years BUT the seiyuu combination was GREAT. The Voice album also... and the songs ♥♥


3 Vids under the cut [Miyano, Saiga, Ito, Suwabe & Yusa and some other fangirly stuff] )

Yes i have a slight koefechi ><;

btw FINALLY there is a new part of Aru Hi Mori no naka ;o; LOVE
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Will reply later, when i'm done with my homework T__T BUT i had to write this down.. +


Were we just stupid or what?? I mean.. hello? ;___________________________; why didn't we hear this.... NARGHKJDoäsidhfoäui!!!!!! We knew there were Seiyuu voicing for a tokyo line but not wich. ;O;

Okay we got off at ariake BUT when we went back we took the train from DAIBA DAMN IT!!! T_______T

maybe we were just too tired. This will definitely the first thing i'll do when i visit japan again: Leaving Yurikamome at every damn station ò__ó


Oct. 17th, 2007 08:17 pm
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Morikawa ToshiyukixSugiyama Noriaki

OMG OMG it's Isshin/Uryuu *__*v AND his first BL.. *dies*

YESYES! Wa~nt ;_;

[edit] Haha.. found it.. AND OMFG OMGF OMGF ITS SO ... well.. cute.. and.. ah can't speak a proper word, fangirly side is bigger than brains right now. @_@ *dies slowly and painful*


Sep. 21st, 2007 09:37 pm
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mah i'm so lazy.. i'm reading all flist but i don't know what to comment or write.. somehow. Yes thats.. stupid ;o;

hm.. our kitchen closet is broken x__x but we really consider not buying a new one since we might have to move next year. mHm argh.. i want to move really badly but i don't know what will be when makiko's done with the diploma and stuff.

On to fangirling xD~ Bleach 141 was <3 and the yumi-mummy *w*~~

We started watching Ookiku furikabutte and what can i say? I've never ever seen a sportsseries that damn cute. Argh. Then Gurren Lagann. One word: gainax.. it's so very strange BUT the characters are nice. Must go on watching arrrr~ Koutetsu Sangokushi is pure crack and .. kinda stupid. REALLY i just watched the rest for the seiyuu. Then Terra-e: Waiting for the last episode to come! This is one GREAT show! Really. Made me go hating one character in one episode and then loving him the next and it frustrates the hell out of me. Zombie Loan: Did not want to see more cause i though (although the seiyuu are great) that's boring. But i will give it another chance xD~

As i said our things are broken. This weekend our DVDplayer broke ;_; or better the part where the cable gets in (too lazy to look up the words). I had to get a new cable and was finally able to watch [ profile] nnekos Seisogakuinsai DVD *v* wuahaha.. i usually don't watch that much events, only if there's more than one interesting seiyuu in it but this one was kinda nice. MAMOOOO *__* Yes i think they still have to work on their clothing style alltogether but nice. (ah and learn to sing xD) Plus i think Itos white glasses are stylish but they make him look too round. Fukuyama was cute as always and Mamo was just so very genki~ I'm so in love <3

BTW WHY ISN'T there any parts of that EYESHIELD 21 LIVE EVENT ONLINE SOMEWHERE?? *pleads* I would even consider byuing a DVD if there was one.. WHYYYY???~~~
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[ profile] nneko WATCH THISSS

the animate Sekitypiee~~ xDDD vs SUGITAAA *___*

I think Kyon totally pwns Sousuke XDD
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In case i haven't been fangilring over this enough:

i died.. alot xDDDDDDDDDDDD

God i love Ono Daisuke here.. and especially the Sugita & Ono Dorkyness *w* AND aw.. that.. assgrabbing from sugita xDDD~

MOAR ♥ )
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ALL pictures later, i will just post some of the pictures with the Seiyuu and Yamane Ayano here ^^~

read and see the pix XD )

After all i felt horrible BUT it was a great convention!!! <3


Sep. 1st, 2007 12:06 am
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Sorry to spam ;o;
but but

OH oH Oh.. HIYAMA And KAKIHARA *_* at the connichi! YES! FINALLY some interesting and good guests xDD~


life is nice again to me ^3^
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i am currently out fangirly HEAVY over this *____________*

hirakawa~~ ;o; aww... and... ... yamaguchi looks very good.. no they all look really nice in suits X3 ah.. Okawa~ Did i mention Hirakawa? and Hirakawa? And.. hirakawa, too? <3

*turns into jelly* >..< yes, stupid entry. XD

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