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;_; why are all interesting books so expensive? D: I need them for uni but I already bought so many. Argh. But I want.   
honestly all the REALLY good books on research or better Art history are so effing expensive about 150€ and up. And the uni doesn't have them ;_; 

(plus I really need to practice more japanese. I suck. *sighs* need more vocabulary ARGH)
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presentation number 4 over. Remains just 1!!

in case your interested in university stuff )
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Oh man, excursion was VERY much stress. I loved being with the others *v*

I forgot to write this:

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [ profile] soulkillerzero, [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] lolukomiya!!!
I know my brains suck ;_; sorry.

Rest is stupid fangirl-stuff, wich is the only thing my brain is capable of right now. *A* )

nyoo will write about CSD and excursion later, when i am able to think one comprehensive thought again. Right now is: soccer. (OMG yes i do watch it right now. >o<;)

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Gnar University this semester SUCKS SO HARDCORE! nneko and i are telling ourselfs the whole time: "JUST THIS SEMESTER" and then everything is over sooon . Soon. T___T everything before that was just peanuts this is twice as much (of shit that is). I think i'll slowly get all my energy drained before summer T_T and i wanted to finally finish some more drawings/manga. Gnar i want to draw so badly. But have to finish homework first.

And that after week 1, wich still has a whole day.

So expect even less activity from me. hey, my birthday is soon. >_<

Oh [ profile] dachbodenlukeT__T sorry i missed it. But happy happy belated birthday~~
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[ profile] nneko an I should have done a report to last weeks tuesday. But since nneko was ill and i was not really prepared AND all the text is in jpanese we did not do it. We asked our lecturer Mrs. Jahn if we could have another topic with more time to prepare since all the stuff is japanese and yes, we can translate but not such stuff in so less time. But she just said we will have to finish the report paper till next week (may, 23rd.). So guess what i am doin`? T__T I REALLY HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO! ><;

Anyways i tried some internet search for the artist - Itaya Hazan, Potter. I found some but then i always stumble over such stupid sites with paid acces ;__; i mean i just wanna read about his life i can get the information out of every book in our library but why should i pay for those 2 lines online? o_O; (really the information seems not so good) Hm~ well i guess i'll really have to translate that. =_=;

Shit and i wanted to finally start the manga .__. yeah. And do the calendar pics (although i think they already have the topics btu i wanted to draw them anyways =_=) and.. some other stuff ;_;

I do not have to mention i'm frustrated.. a bit.
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my parents were visiting me and my sis for the weekend. Of course i could not finish any of the stuff i wanted to T_T;

AND now my instructor told me i will have my intermediate examination on Friday T_T THIS friday ><, aah~ so fast.

Shit i wanted .. no i have to draw so much T_T; have to finish the 4 or 5 illustrations for MakikoIgamis story ;_; shit~

i am also so fucking nervous because of the flight.. i can't eat and sleep well T__T; and it's a bit more than 2 weeks ;__; I think i will die before even getting close to any airport T_T (and having this damn examination on friday won't make it any better *dies*)

gnar~ i am just.. not myself.. sorry for any trouble i was making T__T did not mean to~
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YES, Ichigo YES!!!

So, excuse me, i will now die out of bloodloss~ God i'm so ded now T_T


ah.. my report was horrible. I felt utterly shit >_< went home and went on translating. I WANT ichigo vacation!

to [ profile] nneko

Oct. 18th, 2006 08:45 pm
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I know i could do this more personal.. and i did X3~


Do Your best and Kick Hiroshige!!
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HEAVY spoilers ahead. HEAVY! ><;;;  )

end of my ranting will got to university now. New semester is starting..
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ARGH how the heck am i supposed to get my studies ready when they organised everything SO VERY well, huh?? I am sorry, but i have to write that down. So everyone is telling me to do my studies fast so i can stand on my own feet fast. Also all the departments and offices are telling me so, too. Because of the money, and the removal of the register of students etc. So .. yes, they are offering 1 (ONE) course on tuesday and every other courses are either uninteresting or i can't take them or they have 2 or more at the same hour. How i am supposed to be at 2 or 3 locations the same time? Hello? I HAVE to take these seminars... and .. i mean.... If you studiy east asian art history, there is a VERY high percentage that you either are studying Japanology or Sinology, too. (Because it is just possible to study it as a main subject when doing it with Japanese or chinese). So where is the problem in adjusting those two study paths at least a bit??

Soemtimes i just think, they (whoever "they" may be) are all so very stupid in just thinking a bit about timing. And i DO know that the instructors have other work, too BUT it would not be that hard to do it on some other day, than EVERYthing on Friday at 14.00 or Thursday at 14.oo ;___; *sighs* i hoped to get this all done soon. but it seems I'm not allowed ><;
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.__. i had an appointment on monday, 9oclock. I got an email that it has to be delayed ><; Nooo~

anyways... now i can watch the rest of Gankutsuou tomorrow. Man... i'm so addicted. this anime is fucking great, not to mention thrilling. The last anime i was this shaken was hagaren and i watched that in nearly one go, too. *__*b
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Fangen wir vorn an, ich fass mich kurz. Also ich will/muss Zwischenprüfung machen im Oktober, war deswegen bei der Beratung. Man muss 7 Sprachscheine machen, ich hatte gezählt und festgestellt, dass mir 2 fehlen und dann geschaut und dann festgestellt, dass es ausgerechnet zwei Kurse sind (dich ich gemacht hatte, aber nich abgeholt hab) bei Herrn Fukuzawa. Ich denke, er kann mich nciht leiden und ich mag auch nicht besonders viel mit ihm zu tun haben, das müste reichen , um die Situation kurz zu schildern. Gut, ich hab schon angst gehabt, ich müsste sone textte nochmal schreiben, weil de brauchten wir, um den schein zu bekommen, ich hab aber nicht immer hausaufgaben gemacht =.= (ich weiss, selber schuld) Bei der Beratung hb ich und Frau Kirschnereit was durcheinandergebracht und so dachte ich plötzlilch: Ach toll, ich muss nur noch den Prakitsches Japanisch abhohlen udn den für einen Sprachkurs, japanisch 4. Das lag daran, dass man auf dem einen Schein die Zahl ncit erkennen konnte und es aussah wie eine 1. Gut, japanisch 1 ist bei uns der Vorstudiensprachkurs, das hätte sie sehn müssen... Ich auch. Aber was solls. Dann war ich froher Hoffnung, ich müsste nur noch diese komischen Dinger für Praktisches Japanisch machen, die ich fast alle hatte, es also nicht das problem war.

heut eum 3 hatten wir Termin. Und dann stellte ich plötzlich fest, ich hab da nen Schein falsch anrechnen lassen udn brauch DOCH den für Ausdruck ><;; Sprich: 13 Texte. Die ich nich hatte. ;__; also wollt ich erstmal hin und ev. hoffen, dass es trotzdem irgendwie den schein gibt, er VIELLEICHT einen guten Tag hat. dann um 2 zum Bahnhof. Bahn kommt zu spät. Halb drei ist die Bahn da, ich will einsteigen, stell fest, YAY, super, du hast die Texte vergessen. yay =.=

gut, dacht ich mir, ich muss ja EH NOCHMAL hin, weil ich ja dann die texte gleich mitnehmen kann, also die anderen, die ich nich nicht hatte.


ja.. klar..

Danke, life, das hat sicher Spaß gemacht =.=

und ich wette... ich würde sogar all mein geld verwetten, dass er nächste woche, wenn ich hingehe, es sein Letzter Termin ist, ihm irgendwas nciht passt udn er das nicht annimmt. Garantiert.

well.. duh

Aug. 7th, 2006 02:31 pm
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Haven't read any comments on my last entry.. of course i wont stop writing.. i will write even if no one's reading.. cause... well it's for me. gnar =.=~ buttt .. yeah you know..

yeah guess i am not in a good mood. I'm stressed cause the damn poeople at university won't let me have a bit holiday cause all do have just ONE time to go into their visiting hour (or whats this called?) to get the problems solved.. yeah and that is.. YES at the end of August and starting September when I wanted to visit my family.. Yay life, you are sooooo funny =.=
See my enthusiasm ><; gnar.. it's just.. nothing'S working right now and I hate the feeling of no control ;_;

well otherwise my best friend is in town but the stay is more or less stress right now. But that's okay. i'm going to play a dump game because i need sth dumb now =.= and then I will wait for her to return and my pizza to get ready

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=.= I have a report/presentation today.. actually 2. One at 8:30 and one at 14:00. I am ready for it, I think I got all the important thing and..

I am so freaking nervous ;_; I was wide awake after dreaming of that stupid korean artist o.ô at 5:20 and got up. Now it is 6:40 and I have to go in about half an hour.. GNAR! There is absolutely no reason for being nervous but I can't help. My stupid body had already decided it wants to be nervous as hell. I'm feeling sick, cold and like I've been chewed on ;_______; dgakrehrua *grumbl* I hate it.. I hope it will get better after the first one o.ô;
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Mhm.. actually I am still alive... ><;; And still fully occupied with the Prince of Tennis Doujinshi and DIS:connected.

So. this is kinda ... lifesign...

Anyways I thought about a lot of things. Studying east asian art made me think about a lot of things. One thing is very interesting. My point of view on art is that I hate plagiarism, I hate copying and stealing. It annoys me to no end. ><; Really. BUT I also get ideas and maybe some tricks from others, don't I? I am searching for my own way of drawing while also studying other artists... I always get a bad conscience about it. ><;

But I am studying their art, not stealing, right? I think about what they did to make a picture look like that and what would it look like to use that technique and so on..

But preoccupation with chinese traditional art from Yuen and Song and Ming made me think about that alot... The famous artists of China did copy the old masters... It was a kind of ideal to do that. That really makes me think. I would have said it is plagiarism... but.. is it? I don't know. The idealistic way to paint the traditions is to copy the old masters and to draw in their style...

But does copying makes you a better artist? Even if you copy AND advance on this copying... will it be your own work and style? I don't know and it is a real hard question.

I still have to think about it ^^;

Or what do you think?
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Nyaaaaa.. I can't believe it! My university just started yesterday and well.. today I had a translation course and well.. we have some japanese in there, too. We~ll.. best thing, after some time nanchan poked me and mentioned a gyu who was sitting shyly at teh end of the big table. And I just "o.O" literally.. I just thought: KAWAIIIII~ Really. He is that kawai: Best thing was we DO have a girl named INUI.^^ But back to that gyu.. he really looks like the Inui tenimyu actor. Gomen, I don't remember names so well. His profile is really similar and even his hair and nanchan mentioned that the way he pushes his glasses up is the same ^^. very funny. And from the front his face looks like a mix between Takigawa Eiji (aka Tezuka) and inuis actor. We sat there the whole 90 minutes and just giggled and watched him. He's sooo kawaiii.. he looks younger but nonetheless like them. And he is soooo damn SHY! Kawai.. Yes, I'm a fangirl.. >< To say it in Rajipuri words: "Gyaaaaaaaaaa~"
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Okay, since my computer fucked up yesterday I will try to tell today. Not the same as yesterday but at least I create an entry... very well. Today was a very sunny day and the sun shone and it was snowing. That was cool. It looked like sparkling glasrain or glassnow or something like that. I liked it.. ><
Yesterday I should have held my report but my Sensei talked so much that he missed track of time and I didn't even get a chance to do anything. Okay, I don't really mind, cause it's already done and I can hold it next week. If anyone is interesting what it's about.. It was/is a report about "Crime, Mystery and Detectivestories in Japanese Literarture" and it'S a very interesting and exciting topic. I learned much about Edogawa Ranpô and Yumeno Kyûsaku, those two authors were my main interest. Edogawa gave Conan Edogawa from the anime "Detective Conan" his name.. and Edogawa himself named himself after Edgar Allan Poe, whom he admired very much. When you write Poes full name into japanese, you will get Edogawa Ranpô... Well.. he was an author, he sure had some fantasy ^^' Edogawa wrote much short stories, unfortunately nearly untranslated in the west, except some short stories. I read two and I have to say, I liked them. The stories were quiet interesting and thrilling ^^
On the other side I didn't get a hand on Kyûsakus work, I think I would have liked him even more. He was a very excentric person, very strange life and the reviews of two of his stories fascinated me. "Dogura Magura" partly sounded like bits from Yami no Matsuei. And he had some twisted mindgames in it, which I really like. He plays with the border and even mixing between reality and nonsense. The reader will not know wheather the main character is guilty or not. wah.. But it would take quite a long entry to explain. If somebody read it already and is able to tell me, I would be glad to know the whole storie to the end..^^

Sidenote: "Lovesong for a yampire" by Annie Lennox is one of my all time favs. It's such a beautiful song...

New drawing, yay... and yes, i love lyrics.. but this little pic has no name yet Y.Y help me find one ^^

"images that might be real"

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Hello Folks!

Well... I had my report and well I kind of survived it. My sensei seemed to be okay with it, although he is a person who will just count his own opinion in most cases. >< He won't believe me when I told him that a special person was the grandson of another very important person in japanese politics, but I read it and it seemed very logic. well *shrugs* he's very strange. ^^ I have a picture of him as a chibi drawn. Maybe I'll put it up sometimes. ^_^I also drew a lot new pics, but unfortunately my scanner sucks.. better.. it doesn't like my computer. Well.. so I have to wait till I can scan. u.u

Soo.. i'm still stressed.. at least a bit, have my cultural science report on wednesday and tuesday I'm going to Hamburg and Bremen to visit a museum with our seminar. ^^ nyaa... well I'm looking forward to it, really...

Oh, wait my quote of the day is actually from yesterday:
"improvisorical cow"

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