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My life is not really entry-worthy so I just spam you with my comic :) 
Uploaded page 11 and try to update every Wednesday (hopefully more than one page) ♥

Karuma@smackjeeves // Karuma@Animexx

Thank you! 

A munny?

Oct. 11th, 2009 05:24 pm
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So I am doing quite some stuff for the MMC!


(actually I'd like one for myself ;_;)

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~_~ waaaah i have a test working hour on tuesday °_°; because the boss sais she wants to see if i can do the task. Have to work with Corel Draw o_O

Aw but i wanted to show you my new work. ^^; shiney .. or so...

"Somewhere in Between"

Fantasy and later on BL but not now.. XD The idea is from 2000 and never started to draw it.. but now i finally did. Have fun. Cover is still blargh but i like patterns and the softness somehow. And i always wanted to do sth without a deadline XP (but because of that reason i will be very slow with updating ._.)

[ Deutsch@animexx ]

Last Page added on june, 10th )
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Aww.. so i didn't win one "ticket" whatever for Takanaga Hinako T_T nah.. i'm not there anyway ;_; but i thought i could send someone XD~ well ._.

Clicky.. all original XD and one is BL with a bit skin ^^~ oh and one crossdressing )

Wips.. aka the stuff i try to finish ;_; )
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Nyo, i wanted to share some pages with you ^^~

ANd YAY ;_; homepage update! Yes, it's been a while.

Well and here are 3 sample pages, kindof.. from the little manga ^^. It will be in an anthology, so watch out for it! It's not that I won't spam you with it, so just keep reading here ^^;

kaze no tabibito - some pages )

Still, I would like to have some opinions, as always, cause comments and critics mean a lot to me, really. *sigh* and I still have a lot to learn. ;__; AND.. names! I NEED names XD or.. not?

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