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yah.. we're back from cologne/bonn.. but this entry will be in german.. BUT there are our Picturesss!!

Meine Ani-Gedanken ^^~ )

SO ONTO the picturesssss.. i will post some pix from cologne and bonn later .. (non-con pix)

actually we didn't make so much pictures from other cause.. well, we're sure there will be enough on the internet. So this is mostly ourselve and friends ^^~

Wich means (Aka credits X3): Sui as Akito, Taka was the gir with the hat, [ profile] seki_is_mine as Grimmjow, Ichigo (Arabia), Spitfire, Shinji; [ profile] nneko as Shin, Lupi and Kurikara; [ profile] makikoigami as Takami, EvilAizen, Renji (arabia), Tsuzuki; [ profile] hoshitachi as Tatsuki; Sakura as Hiyori mhm.. that are all I can remember having them onto the pix XD if I forgot one.. please tell me and if i made a mistake, too ^^;;; oh. i was sakuraba, ukelalala, ishida and kijin.. for those who didn't knew

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See my happy little fangirl mode ö.ö

there will be another Yami Special soon ö.ö and.. 60 pageees.. Nyaho~

Yes... you see, I am happy. Kay, i'm not perfectly happy cause the "real" storyline won't continue but.. ..

AND I absolutely HATE those comments from people like this: "When I look at the new style as being totally different (and it is really different...)" HELLO, people, it is not NEW it has developed into this.. it is not NEW .. if you had read all parts you should have known that. Okay, I agree the change is very BIG but ... it is not as if she had a completely new style all of a sudden. I just doN't like that kind of view on a mangaka's style and I am very frustrated about that. REALLY... Gnar.. I would sooo hate it if people would take about that over mee.. ;_________; I must admit I still like the way she drew around volume 11 but well.. I am a fan of it an I have to live with the development.. although.. I like it XD

SOme stupid came up with a comment like "what huge necks" well.. they were huge for some time now o.ô and.. Hey, it's just... a bit more realistic for a man have a huge neck, ne? (ask Kaidoh she will write you an essay about it XD)

Some other thoughs. I think I'm going to write a text about viewing japanese manga and western view.. cause it pisses me really off.. but that has nothing (maybe just a bit) to do with YnM ... so.. we'll see. I promised to post some pix from what I'm working on.. (cosplay & doujin/manga)


Aug. 23rd, 2005 04:54 pm
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FINALLY! someone posted the new Yami no Matsuei chapter from the Hana to Yume.. and I'm the happiest little YnM fangirl ever.. Matsushita did a very good job I think. And I always KNEW Ukyou is such a cutie.. I just knew >D Nyahar~

I love her new style...Can't stop drooling over it.. it is very artistic and mature and her backgrounds and details are very correct. It's Like she's studied japanese art history or sth like that (Oriya has a Kanno-School partition in the background <3) I really love it... but I think I said that already, ne? *sigh* Gomen ne. I will stop fangirling now ^^

I drew a new Bleach-Fanart:

Because Yumichika and Ikkaku need more Love: Animexx Deviantart

and plz shoot me. An OVA? Hello? Weren't those 170 and up episodes enough? And not to mention boring enough at the end? -.-
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Sorry for the german rant but most of you are able to read german, ne? ^^;

So.. I'm goin on a vacation from tomorrow to next monday. And I don't want to really. I'm tired and I just want to be on my own ><;

but well.. it can't be helped.

I will tell you some news then. My sister will be living with us from today on. She has school in berlin and is searching for a flat and as long as she hasn't found one, she will live here ^^ I'm curious if we will manage to live together ^-^;;

Otherwise I read that Yoko Matsushita has FINALLY drawn another chapter of Yami no Matsuei, wich was puplished in this months hana to yume! *bounces around* it is supposed to be murakis background and the story with Ukyou... I'm looking forward to see some scans *.* I hope someone will upload them.
And well despite what all other say... I like matsushitas "New" style and I like her tatsumi in the new version XD~~ nyam~~

So I won't be online till tuesday. I wish you all a nice week and have fun, ne?


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