Jul. 23rd, 2006


Jul. 23rd, 2006 10:00 pm
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I can't login into yahoo O.ô;;;;;;;;;;;; really It's annoying. cant read any messanges. i have acutally 2 accounts on yahoo and both won't work. with one I get the mesage via trillian that I got new mails the other doesn't work at all O.O I can login to yahoo but when I click on my mails I get an error message after.. like what 10 minutes argh ;__;

Makiko uses the SAME computer same browser and is able to login and read mails O__o hello? whats that??

Gomen ne.. it's constress.. you know ^^;;

buut I am just reading.... kinda.. justread mode XD well... yes.. i read all your lj-entries (really I do) but then go doing something. I always think i can answer later *laughs nervous* Gomen na m(__)m

Nancy was here the weekend... we were doing the costumes and.. yeah.. playin' donkey konga.. which is Hell lot of fun >___<;;; i still have to draw a lot =.= weanna start the new project but rigth now the costumes are priority number 1.. But they're nearly done.. have to redo an arm.. and little stuff but that's okay. So let's hope for the wigs to arrive =.=

I'm going to scan my scribbles now XD

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Since i wanted to scan this stuff.. here's a part of it.. yes...

1) anyone can guess wich videocasette i found XD

AND if you know what Number 2 is supposed to be.. can get a ... ah.. well i just can draw you something X3

sketches..somewhat nostalgic? *_* And.. yeah I love him XD )

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