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Now it's available.. i must.. have.. *drools around*

ARTBOOK read that: ART BOOOOOOK with much pages *v* )

*goes to molest [ profile] nneko to order it for me ;o;*
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* DO WANT MORE TERRA E Fanworks, PPL!!! Really this series screams for fanfiction and stuff ;__; I love soldier blue~ And the brat Tony too argh xD
* Anyways so there seems to be a Yonezou Image Collection *___* if that's really true and i can hold it in my OWN hands i think i'm gonna die *v* ♥♥♥♥
* otherwise read THIS BADPORN FIC for brainfuck, really it's worth readin xDD~ I laughed so hard.
* And look at this nice IchiIshi pic *_*~
* The one who commissioned me, did it again and since i send her 2 sketches for the idea, she liked both and yay, i'm gonna make 2 new commissions so life is finally getting better *v*
* Ayano Yamane at the Connichi? Mhm would be nice, ne? Although i think the finder series is boring >_>;; (Most of the time i feel like i am the only one on this planet)
* Did a new Art Card: [ Here ] with mah new blue copic liner *_* (they're finally available in some colors.♥)
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Weee~~~~~~~~~ New Yonezou Lovee *v*

mah my day is saved~

(besides.. i just realized animagic is in 2 weeks? OMG)
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So.. i'd like to mention that i would also love you to death for the newest DRAP (2007/06) cause well~

*__* )

*_* no need to say i like to see o_o~

And why is it all the thing are puplished NOW that i'm not in Japan anymore? GNAR they also have a new Yonezou clearfile ._.~


So we watched Koutetsu Sangokushi (yes, another sankokublabla) till Ep.4 and guess what? The character Makiko likes... actually dies in this episode o_O; it's always like that ^^; She likes them and they die the next episode. The story is still strange and confusing BUT the characters are interesting .. ah.. and the cast is great. *_*~ Yes, great XD~~~~

:P Recently i've drawn alot. But i did not upload any here besides the gifts. I only drew scibbles and stuff... but most of them are of mature content and yaoi. I just did them to practice some perspectives and some body parts and to do strange stuff with our characters :/ I'm unsure wether i should post this stuff, i usually just upload it to Y!gallery, cause well there is only stuff like that.. mhm.. but this is still my journal, ne? mhm... you interested?

Oh and i'm finally doing that manga i.. once wrote about.. ah.. dunno when. And it will have at least 64 pages @_@ I'm at inking number 6 =_= And i'm trying some new stuff at this. God i'm so slow!! ;_;
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I SO wanted to post this since i got vol. 3 of Kamisama XDD i never did the whole year but NOW i do:

ah.. i nearly forgot to mention

my sketchymeme list:
Ichigo for [ profile] lolukomiya: done!
Tamaki, Haruhi & Twins for [ profile] shikachimaru: still not satisfied with them ;_; Tamaki just looks like shit, when i try to draw him ;_;
Krad for [ profile] phoenix_sama: >> seaching for an idea T_T
shinji&hiyori for [ profile] sakuragreenleaf: You will hopefully get it BEFORE they show up in the anime.. means.. ah.. 2 weeks? ;_; shit.
KazukixKeita for [ profile] nneko: done
random bishi for makikoigami ... i did some other thngs.. does that count? *_*
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this definetely cheered me up ^^;

I'm so sure this was just an excuse for her to live her glasses-fetish *_______________* I LOVE her for that. Btw just look at the cast X3

kimi wa clear straight

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Okay, just fell over and died *is ded*
FRANZ! FRANZ!fajkldfsdhgfu iasghösanhfshfushtrern (insert bubbling noise here)


YES!! MY dream comes true, i so wished for a gankutsuoufanart from her *__* aaaah~~~

Dear Yonezousensei, please please please draw a bleach fanart.. jsut a scribble would be enought to let the sun in my world shine forevr *laughs* not really.. but... *goes off stalking*
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Found in BExBOY 2005/04

SO VERY CUUUTE *_________________* I think Morikawa is VERY recognizable X3 .. and ishikawa, too

Click for Pics )
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Yay, besides the whole translating stuff i'm doin.. THIS IS A WOUNDERFUL DAY (so far)

wanna know why?

Yonezousama makes lay go @___@ )

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