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Don't read for spoilers maybe?


OHGOOD the ending!!! SO incredibly and unbelievable GAY. (But this is basara, so no suprise)  

Actually too rushed in my opinion. Most of the time they had 11 episode preparing shit and how BAD and hard this is blabla and then 1 episode and FINISHED? D: D: 

BUT Koujuurou in Oni-Mode made up for everything!  *_* And I mean everything. hehe
Toyotomi and Ishida actually appeared and Ishida has NOT Torpedohead, yes. >D So I look forward to the next season (probably in April, as always). They even showed Muteki Naoe ♥ 

But the biggest news: A movie! Coming up next year, can't waitttttttt ;____________; 

Date: 2010-09-26 08:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I also thought it was kind of rushed ö___ö;; Well can't be helped. Totally enjoyed the scene with Kojuurou <3 Really made up for him sitting around almost the whole season *cough*
I was so happy to see Mitsunari though I would have wished that he had some more screen time and some more action....

So this was advertisement for a movie...couldn't read the Kanji that fast. Wow this is great news *_*

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