Dec. 11th, 2004 06:04 pm
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Can't believe we managed to get the Return of the King Collectors DVD!!! YAY! *bounces around* I can't believe it.. the gyu at the store told us they only got five of them o.O

I AM SOOOOO HAPPY! The extra scenes are cool.. but i have to watch it again. ><;; AND the bonus material is even more interesting. THe best thing is:

My sketch book is on the DVD! *giggles* They show the Berlin Premier and Liv and there's my book ^___^ (me and Makiko think it is...) Fufuu~

The rest really made me want to cry... why the hell did viggo tell so damn sad things TT_TT But they are all right. The journey is over and I as a fan feel that too. *sniff* there'S some kind of end with this DVD...I wanted it to last longer. But hey...

I have to go now.. Cinema is waiting ^^
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yahoooo and merry christmas to all of you!

I'm back and today my family will go on holiday, that means, we're travelling to Sweden and having a good time there. But before that I want to post my Return of the King Photos. We~ll what to say... I made some, makiko did the rest when I was holding my little chibidrawings. And *takes a sharp breath* makiko made a pic of Viggo which is absolutely adorable. *drools* just look. This are all thumbnails, which'll open in a new window ^^ Gomen, the thumbs aren#t wokring from time to time, but the links DO!

better one

oh and I drew a little Legochan for all my readers, okay, well I think I haven't even a hand full. Okay, so this one is special:

ww.. I'm sorry, I wanted to write a proper post bout the premiere and my return of the king adventure ^^.. but this have to wait till next week.. gomen ne.. and merry christmas.. nyahaa..
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Again, a cheary hello to all of you. Well.. whoever is reading this.. I thinks the number is quite small.

Yesterday, at something around 23:30 Return of the king finally started after 2/3 of a triple feature lord of the rings. I was sooo excited. I nearly jumped in my seat. No but I did quite a lot of squeezing on makikos arm ^^ hehe.. And what can I tell you?

GO AND SEE YOURSELF! This movie is woaa.. *searches for words*

soooo slashy.. *copies gollum* soooo nice.. ^^
much slashy moments between the hobbits and especially between aragorn/Legolas.. nyaha.. I was drooling all the time. Really. I surely sat with my mouth hanging open most of the movie.
I can't believe it.. and I want to seee it agaion plus have the extended version. NOW! *giggle* woah.. I'm on a endorphine rush and surely lacking sleep.. so well.. watch teh movie and ignore my babbling. or no.. better watch it and talk with me after you've seen it!

nyaha... fantastic.. i'm going to sleep.. and surely drool in my dreams..
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First of all:

YAYYYYYYYY! I can't believe it, I was there.. I survived.. nyaha.. I just wanted to warn ya.. that I will post my report in a few days..
when I get my photos
baaaaai bai

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