Nov. 13th, 2008 06:09 pm
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everything's still shit as hell but..

They showed Tenipuri in TV just now and.. OMG the rudolph episodes ;A; I was so much fangirling and somehow feeling so very "nostalgic" gya~ Yuuta *v*

And wtf right now it's gintama! and they're having a creepy onsen episode! Im fucking amused
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a big fat THANK YOU! for all the wishes! <3

And again, Happy Birthday, [ profile] calaris~

I had a nice friday and a nice saturday (although a bit hot in the cosplay) and a nice sunday with a picknick. *_* got pretty stuff xD

i even got (half of) a fanfiction (not from makiko) and a pic *3*~

TOTAL shit under the cut xDD like.. stupid pic of 3 nerds. Censored to not hurt your eyes  )
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OMG wtf? Winter's back? it's so f'ing cold in the rooms. Also yesterday while arriving by train i must have carried too much or strained a (huge) muscle in my back because everytime i do certain movements it's like i'm getting shot or.. sth.. It totally knocks the air out of my lungs, too. Strange thing. I woke from that while i was trying to turn around in sleep. still have problems breathing and moving x__X Yeah, cool i'm getting old.

So anyways~ Oh did i tell? My parents have the "Sci-Fi" channel *___* and we spent the monday watching it. and OMG they showed SEAQUEST DSV. I loved that so much VERRRY much but the episode we saw on monday was so lame. And they also showed some of the 80s animation series liek Bravestarr. Unfortunately stuff like Saber Rider, Galaxy Rangers and such is running on weekends ;_; mahh~ I wanted to watch them, too.

Ooh random, i wanted to share a picture. ^^;

Ignore the thumbnail, it's from Y!Gallery and i am too lazy to do another. >_>;

Title: Mondkuss
Series: Original (My stuff, i deleted working title of manga so it's again nameless)
Warnings: Nakedness. Not Worksafe, to say for sure
Comment: SO OMG het. Yes, it has boobies.
I love it very much.

Characters are not random, they are part of my story (OH surprise Q-Q)
I know, he looks a bit skinny but that was intented. And okay, some mistakes in anatomy are made in favour of aesthetics.

Mouse coloring btw (what is consider color here i mean)

Image under cut )
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So the TV is.. somehow.. working .. btu sometimes it just goes off. or has strange stuff on it but i think i know whats wrong. nah so i just have my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Today i had a wonderful evening with my sis and we talked about old series.. *.* I had to search for the old german openings.. :D so here's a little bit of my childhood.

Ogowad looking back now.. those series are so much junk. Really. JUST junk. xD but i loved them all.

Oh starting with the old cartoon stuff. But no particular Order. but all stuff i watched and loved (i KNOW there are more but i did not like them xD)

AH and those songs. *___________________* AWWWWWWWW

alot vids mostly cartoons from the 80s/90s XD ALOT )

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