Nov. 13th, 2008 06:09 pm
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everything's still shit as hell but..

They showed Tenipuri in TV just now and.. OMG the rudolph episodes ;A; I was so much fangirling and somehow feeling so very "nostalgic" gya~ Yuuta *v*

And wtf right now it's gintama! and they're having a creepy onsen episode! Im fucking amused
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So after beeing back from [ profile] nneko and before getting started with some cleaning and still learning i wanted to write about THAT day.
Boah.. i have such an overload @___@ First, we watched the Death Note movie . Lets say when i heard about it i was kinda surprised and wanted to see it cause the trailer was not bad and yes. BUT it is sooo lame ><;; even Souta as Matsuda doesn't make it better. Fujiwara is too old, no he looks too old for Raito/Light... although i think he looks good in Raitos clothes ^^; But nonetheless all i did while watching the movie was reading nancys BL manga collection. XD

Then we watched the Prince of Tennis Movie >< ; I SO WISH I HADN'T! It was really bad. What happened to Hyouteis shirts?? And that Atobeguy is not Atobe! He has no style no hairstyle and stuff.. BLARGH. i dont even like Atobe. But lets start first: Sumire is too young. I understand why but that doesn't make it better. Then .. Tezuka. TEZUKA. ;_; I hate him. I think he's the ugliest guy ever. Okay he was the reason i never watched the other TeniMyus after Kikuchi. I want Takeeiji back, even if can't sing but.. wait. That was a movie, they didn't sing. SO WHY NOT Takieiji? Well.. the Ryouma was just cute. ^^; I think they cut too many scenes which are important and maybe interesting for the fight of ryouma and that stupid Gaijin.. hyoutei thingy. Whatever. And all the other fights were just too short. I mean yes, why did they even had other actors? the only ones really shown were Tezuka, Ryouma and that guy =.= OH Nearly forgot! What the fuck did the makers think making MoriEiji SANADa? HUH? And Tutti Kite? THAT was definitely the biggest laugh ever! XD~ I was amused. But hey.. some good point: Saw Mamo for.. 2 seconds? X3

uh.. watched some stupid seiyuu events, too. OMG that Haikyou event! Argh ItoKen with too short pants. Argh! Seiyuu can be so stupid. But we all know that already, ne? XD Dunno wich one we saw but was it live pastel 2006 with OMG Midorikawa in Ishida style @_@ I was utterly shocked. I can't say it looked good but it looked more human. But i still think the cast for koisuru is bad. It was so strange having them voice THAT on stage. ;____; Midorikawa-uke makes me SO sick >< ;;(btw i can't believe Koisuru was on number 3 (death note even was behind it!) of the german sellingcharts in september!! WHAT IS UP? help?)

Nearly read Yellow by makoto tateno. I mean i skipped trough it and it either was is the stupid german translation or it is.. really trashy. I thought it was shit. ^^;; lala~ Okay, the rest of the BL manag were all the same, too but that's how it is, sadly. But the non-BL manga are all the same, too. So it's nothing, new, ne? XD yes, this sentence was random. Some of my ideas were shattered when reading one of the manga argh.. didn't know i was taht lame ;_;

anyways.. THIS!!! WATCH IT!

OMG OMG 1993!!!! Ogata Megumi with long hair XDDD and a young Hiyama Nobuyuki

1994 OKIAYUU! Argh the.. thing called pullover x_x
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X___x I never knew.. this much crack existed and .. i think it's even more disturbing than the manga chapter @___@ OMG i now know why they are all gay ><;;
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I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year !

I hope you all have a nice time *hugs* ^^

the Vanira group has made some Christmas Seigaku Pix

here's the link: (it's at makikos Journal)

And the hp with all the cards is HERE
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Nyaaaaa.. I can't believe it! My university just started yesterday and well.. today I had a translation course and well.. we have some japanese in there, too. We~ll.. best thing, after some time nanchan poked me and mentioned a gyu who was sitting shyly at teh end of the big table. And I just "o.O" literally.. I just thought: KAWAIIIII~ Really. He is that kawai: Best thing was we DO have a girl named INUI.^^ But back to that gyu.. he really looks like the Inui tenimyu actor. Gomen, I don't remember names so well. His profile is really similar and even his hair and nanchan mentioned that the way he pushes his glasses up is the same ^^. very funny. And from the front his face looks like a mix between Takigawa Eiji (aka Tezuka) and inuis actor. We sat there the whole 90 minutes and just giggled and watched him. He's sooo kawaiii.. he looks younger but nonetheless like them. And he is soooo damn SHY! Kawai.. Yes, I'm a fangirl.. >< To say it in Rajipuri words: "Gyaaaaaaaaaa~"
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Okay, I just died several times after hearing (just some) of the rajipuri episodes. *squeaaal* they're sooo grat.. nyaaaaaaaaaaaa... nyaaaaaaaaaaaa *goes drooling* nya
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Woaaaaah.. I watched the Tenipuri Music thing, "Band of Princes"... and well.. boah. What can I say...I'm even more Tenipuri obsessed... it's ... look yourself, some nice person put some caps on. Nyahaha... *goes drooling*

from the [ profile] golden_pair
Golden_pair : Band of Princes Caps

bai bai minna ^^

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