Apr. 18th, 2010 10:37 pm
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the new Bleach Ending.

but I approve.


Totally approve the manly gayness and the crossdressing wwwwwwww <3 
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at 0:17

xD otherwise this filler is still stupid.... in most parts.
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Random again.

Usually I'm not into those Trading cards but I found some of them very cute this time and... jsut randomly wanted to post it.

Makiko got the special Gin card with Yusa Koujis sign on it! O: envy~

Just because I can't decide wether I like them or thin WTF? but that mostly happens when I see japanese merchandise o__O (VERY OFTEN!)

I love this one xDD
lala oh so random )
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a big fat THANK YOU! for all the wishes! <3

And again, Happy Birthday, [ profile] calaris~

I had a nice friday and a nice saturday (although a bit hot in the cosplay) and a nice sunday with a picknick. *_* got pretty stuff xD

i even got (half of) a fanfiction (not from makiko) and a pic *3*~

TOTAL shit under the cut xDD like.. stupid pic of 3 nerds. Censored to not hurt your eyes  )
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Random stuff from today:

Today, my mum send me lots of pills. Because i once said my concentration is so bad. ô.ô

A good school friend of mine gave birth to a girl last tuesday. Thats so weird, all my former classmates are having families and good jobs and i.. i am still stuck. *sighs* somehow that feels so looserish.

And OMG i'm drawing Galaxy rangers. And i got a Seiyuu on Animexx :3~

And fear me i has BIO Lychee drink o.o wait... okay, can't open bottle. Back to orange juice then.

[edit] oh btw.. uhm... LOL? )

And i'm gonna use my LJ for my own daily what to do thing so that i don't forget

* Commish for Dee: 40%
* Commish for Terra: sketches in progress
* another Gaia commish: idea done
* paint the kitchen: 0%
* finish term papers 99%; 5%; 5%
* get infos and stuff for next year: 0%
* KAKAO of all my OCs: 40%

Time out.

Oct. 29th, 2007 07:56 pm
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I don't feel better at all.. overall. On top of that i have to do a museum project for thursday the 8th (means a whole list of stuff to organise, a Poster a flyer, invitation etc). And a report thingy to nov 16th. FUN. DId i mention there's a con in between and i have to read a book with such tiny letters that i keep reading the same line for 5 minutes. ;_; i could shoot myself.
Then my parents are finally getting married in december and then theres christmas. >o<;;;;;;;

Anyways so because of that i did not answer any comments etc. I'm really sorry. And don't expect me to be there and active till after Christmas at least.

Ah or meet me at the MMC, i will be there. .__.


=_= shit I'm beginning to think that JAPAN HAS ONLY PEDOS; GODDAMIT!!! Not at all acceptable! Stop drawing that fucking dwarf (sorry, nneko bu~~~~t)


At least the CG.calendar artists know whats right. Ohgoawd

[edit 2] DO WANT this HIGHRES! and this poster. *..* (@[ profile] gurren_lagann)
NOW i am really really gone. hmpf

Bleach 145

Oct. 25th, 2007 11:43 am
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I died.. ALOT

first the bitching of Ichigo and Ishida <3 so much love but then the Arrancar Teaparty completely killed meh.

Seiyuu hello~~

sadly you can only hear Pesshe for one sentence ;_;
But I'm still thinking wheather i like Toriumi as Apollo or not xDD hm AAAAAAAAAAAND MEGUMI OGATA *_* Thats definitely a good choice i think. I had no idea what voice she would get but that's cool.

Buchou recognized Kouyama Rikya on the spot. That was her Musashi-Fangirl XDD! And.. i was suprised cause.. well Canna? mhm~ kinda interesting.hmm~

But as if my fangirling over the seiyuu wasn't enough.. the Gin at the end Was too much. Now i'm bouncing around and squeeing xDD yes, i'm that stupid! <3
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We~ll I'm not feeling better but I'm kiling my last brain cells with games and since i can't seem to finish the stuff for university.. i though i might share the rest of the gamestuff with you. xD

ARGH.. GIN! he's moaning so .... lets say... nice whenever you hit him. OMG i'm so liking it to play against or with him ;_________; ALL the other characters are NOT THAT HARD moaning xD As I said the seiyuu are extremely purring in that game o__O especially Aizen.

Unfortunately the game crashed after every ending, wich means we can't get all stages and Aizen in Battle mode, you can only get him if you beat him and after that the game is over AND does not finish reloading T____T;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

But best things are the items. Ishida and Byakuya have now little wings. Very Cute. [you can see someone already gave Ichigo those wings in this video.. just imagine the other charas with it xDDD] Kira wears Ibas stylish sunglasses now and AND AND AND a Nurse Hat *_______* I wish you could really dress him up as a nurse... and more importantly: Play him like that Nfufufufu~
Well ah.. i forgot.. for the first time in my life i found something with Rukia cute. You can get bunny ears and paws and now Rukia wears them and OMG it's really sooo cute ;__; I wish i could take screenshots. (cout do photographs.. but.. no fun)

And also Rukia wants to get sth special in the storymode for her beloves Niisama and you have to help her get those stonethingy (forgot the name) wich can do sth. special and wich should be so special that Byakuya-niisama will be very very happy about it for his Birthday. well after all the fighting about that stone and Yumi and Ikkaku as burglars with masks to help her find it, you learn taht Byakuya already has that thing cause HE wanted to give it to HER for the same special reason.. bla bla .. but.. awwwww~ i thought it was cute.

Random stuff

- Shunsuis last words are: "Nanao-cha~~~an"
- Ichigos: "Sumanai, Zangetsu no Ossan" (he apologizes)
- And Ishida does the same to his Sensei
- Yumi is cool cause he can recharge and Himes power up is a fast recharge *_* she's always the last to die xDD
- Mayuri is just ugly
- Uketake always stands and coughs around after his special attack ._. and he lays eggs >_>
- If you do clout (you know the headthingy) with Ishida, he always adjusts his glasses (it was more stylish when he did that in other games while fighting xD)
- Grimml has always his hands in his hakama Only for the release thingy not
- Ukelala is cool for figthing. he only uses his hands
- Ishida is able to do 150+++ combos O_O
- Hiyori is so hardcore, when she power ups the enemy looses at least 1/3 of their life so.. o.o
- Hirako has nice clothes, Chad, too but Hirako sounds so very gay xD

btw *lol*

XDD meme  )
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AWWWWWWW!!! My fangily heart just died a bit. *lol* In the Storymode of the Blade Battlers 2nd, there is this one scene with Ishida, Ichigo and Hiyori and RUkia. All of a sudden Hiyori tells Ichigo, she wants Ishidas glasses cause glasses would make a woman look intelligent. So then she forced Ichigo to ask Ishida to give him the glasses. Wich Ishida OF COURSE refused and said.. it's his most precious thing and.. after that you fight with Ichigo & Hiyori agains Ishida and Rukia (cause rukia thanked him in that part for the dress he made her. ) wtf?

.,.. afterwards Ichigo apologizes like a little puppy (at least he sounds like that. Morita what was up?) and Ishida and Rukia go sewing a dress for Hiyori.. OMG again. xDDD AND Hiyori in a dress is.. actually scary and somehow nice o__ô

(it doesn help that the seiyuu said ALL sentences like they're acting a BL O_O )

SO many lovely scenes in this game. Yumi is jealous cause he wasn in this pretty "Hazukashii Picture book" and wants his own. Chads clothes look extremely cool and the rest of the game is pure crack. Not to mention the various combinations with the items you can put them on. Ikkaku with Ururus headgear was very pretteh.
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btw i forgot to mention: DADDIES *_________*V FINALLY ;^;

and.. omg flashback-Tesla? Awww i.. cute :D and.. Szayelwhateverrr... your hair? What happened. Bad hair day? XDD~ I had fun- But it could have been longer.. AGAIN T__T;

Bleach 142

Sep. 27th, 2007 12:33 pm
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sorry but..

Ishidaa~ ;o; <3


Sep. 19th, 2007 10:29 am
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Happy birthday, Yumichika >o<

Why didn't I notice this sooner ;o;~

yumi~~~~ ;_;


Jul. 11th, 2007 04:39 pm
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AH SHIT! I WISH IT'S STILL A RUMOR T_______________________T

what a great way to start the day.. god .. i should have stayed in bed. I feel so horrible.. My head and .. everything else hurts.. usually i am not that whiney about being sick but this time it hit me hard ;o;

and that "news" is just.. doubling the fun X_X
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Mah i don#t care if i'm spamming your flist.. but

BLEACH in german television? PLEASE some one tell my that that is actually a rumor >_>; please


Jul. 6th, 2007 07:29 pm
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Ran around all day evening (WITHOUT HAVING COFFEE) to buy sth X_X and almost did not find it ;_____;

Well.. oh.. well Koisuru Boukun volume3 is available in german, people.. ALTHOUGH tokyopop always said: "2 Volumes, complete." Oh.. a wonder happened. I'm asking myself if they got that she is currently doing the chapters for volume 4? XDD

And btw.. does anybody really buy the translated BL-Novels?? Since they puplished some.. would you buy or are you buying them?

/random manga rant

HEY I may announce that since Y!Gallery seriously LACKED a IchigoXIshida club, i made one. ->> IchiIshi@Y!Gallery *throws confetti*

and.. i'm feeling a bit rushed but better ^^~

[edit] just saw the Bleach 2nd movie add.. and thought: "OH NOES!! *whine crywhine* NOT hitsugaya.. AGAIN" but. actually.. it was NO SUPRISE, who am i telling this? >_>; Yo animators, i know he's getting you much more money than like.. the 11th division for exaple but this series has.. around WHATEVER CHARACTERS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111ELF Yes, i AM cursing =_= GNAR. It is SO getting on my nerves. ;O;

Not to mention.. that there WAS a time when i liked him... >_>


Jun. 30th, 2007 12:16 pm
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can't stop squealing.. is THIS CUTE? I mean Grimml and those cute fluffy ears *v* ah... i think that was absolutely not Kubos idea behind it but it is just fucking cute XDDDD~ (and the rest not to mention gay XD)

bleach 276

May. 26th, 2007 01:07 pm
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eh.. yes..

"Quincy Zeichen"? XD Lol~

and WHERE does Zael have his damn hole? o__O No, wait.. i think i DON'T want to know XDD

oh i forgot to say: PLEASE pairing(s) GO AWAY! I don't want you and i don't like you >_>;
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ah.. no.. now it becomes... absurd, me thinks. Yes.

although i am .. slightly interested in what crack this will actually be >_>;

woah.. i love Suwabes voice and i love to hear him sing.. buuut~

you.. know.. there are certain borders XD

Ah okay, why am i talking.. the whole beat collection stuff was crack from the beginning XD.. ah. nevermind XD

Hey, and why is there no ALL-Arancar-cast? I want some. Plus Gin, Tousen and Aizensama *_*

bleach 121

Apr. 11th, 2007 02:02 pm
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Nneko accidentally found Eyeshield on tv today *___* AND after that: BLEACH!! OMG THE OPENING *__* *squee*~ nice. X3

More than nice.. the images. *nodsnods*

GNAR AND yui is being played here EVERYWHERE.. it's also getting on my nerves =__=;

Bleach *3*

Apr. 9th, 2007 01:51 pm
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Weeeee~ OMG THE colorpix.. *__* and the cover of this WJ *___* *squee*

Ah and we accidentally came across the Shueisha building wich had a Shueisha Museum <3 there was the original drawing from one of the Colorpictures of Bleach (the vampirethingy with renji, Hitsu, Urahara and Ichigo)

<3 Love~

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