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OMG wtf? Winter's back? it's so f'ing cold in the rooms. Also yesterday while arriving by train i must have carried too much or strained a (huge) muscle in my back because everytime i do certain movements it's like i'm getting shot or.. sth.. It totally knocks the air out of my lungs, too. Strange thing. I woke from that while i was trying to turn around in sleep. still have problems breathing and moving x__X Yeah, cool i'm getting old.

So anyways~ Oh did i tell? My parents have the "Sci-Fi" channel *___* and we spent the monday watching it. and OMG they showed SEAQUEST DSV. I loved that so much VERRRY much but the episode we saw on monday was so lame. And they also showed some of the 80s animation series liek Bravestarr. Unfortunately stuff like Saber Rider, Galaxy Rangers and such is running on weekends ;_; mahh~ I wanted to watch them, too.

Ooh random, i wanted to share a picture. ^^;

Ignore the thumbnail, it's from Y!Gallery and i am too lazy to do another. >_>;

Title: Mondkuss
Series: Original (My stuff, i deleted working title of manga so it's again nameless)
Warnings: Nakedness. Not Worksafe, to say for sure
Comment: SO OMG het. Yes, it has boobies.
I love it very much.

Characters are not random, they are part of my story (OH surprise Q-Q)
I know, he looks a bit skinny but that was intented. And okay, some mistakes in anatomy are made in favour of aesthetics.

Mouse coloring btw (what is consider color here i mean)

Image under cut )
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ZOMG!! 2 premiers this time! YES o.O


some mild BL and oh one one naked chest... rest just harmless )
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[ profile] makikoigami is still writing on her diploma and i am uploading stuff and playing games. I should get to bed but since it's fullmoon i know i can't anyways. >_>;

Have some aceo/kakao cards ^^; My OCs (and the beginning of a loong row of cards with only OCs)

just two characters on two small cards )
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Year of the rat! It was my year last year but it didn't bring any luck. ._. hope this one will be better then.

And onto the pic:

I called it "crossover" of doom on galleries.. but in our strange conversation-world, they all share a flat xD~


Top: K-kun and Hi-chan (due to rethinking about them their names will be like that for a while)
Middle: Kazuya and Jun (<3 sth similar to our babies *v* no real punks, just pseudo.. like all the cool kids do it. optically)
Front: Kaoru and Makoto (PLUS the little yellow think, evolved from former mascot, Pimp >D)

harmless 6 little characters :D )

Random personal stuff )
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Aww.. so i didn't win one "ticket" whatever for Takanaga Hinako T_T nah.. i'm not there anyway ;_; but i thought i could send someone XD~ well ._.

Clicky.. all original XD and one is BL with a bit skin ^^~ oh and one crossdressing )

Wips.. aka the stuff i try to finish ;_; )
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Feathers... )

I don't feel like writing more ;__;
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I wish you all im my flist a merry christmas ^^; I couldn't write everyone a special mail and stuff.. I will see some of you on new year so... and some of you already got mail from me but in case, it didn't arrive~

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Todays famous words: "... The men with their pink cadillacs and purple silk suits from the alternative Organisation" (Prof. Blechinger meaning the Yakuza)

I'm back with some art.. finally. I was pretty busy but yeah.. I drew again..

And currently I am suffering from a drug called bleach. You know... MUST have new chapters.. must have! Mhm... you know... Ryuuken. Nyam Nyam. Why does Kubotite have to draw such characters. Nyahar. ignore my rants ^^; But that bad cliffhanger at the end of 186 ... I hate cliffhangers... I don't want to wait till next week. TT.TT

Welll what else to tell.. mhm, I am busy doin' cosplays XD I am sooo looking forward to the AnimagiC and the Connichi (hakamas are real cool o.o). Also my sister will be living in Berlin as well starting in august. I am really happy ^_^. I think it will be a good chance for her. I got a letter from the repair of my mobile phone and it will cost 300€... Threehundred -.-; so bai bai mobile phone~
Also yesterday was the U2 concert I wanted to go to. We went to Makikos mum, cause makiko got her wisdom teeth out and I wanted to help her mam. Fortunately she lives near the Olympiastadion so I got to hear a little bit of rehearsal.. ^^ Lucky.. kind of. I aso feel bad for not beeing able to help makiko while she's in pain ><; bad teeth...well.

Anyways I wanted to show you art! Well I had to restart that damn programm to scan that images ><;; I hate computers, did I mention that? They are EVIL!!

Onto the Art: Pot: Yukimura Sketch; Pot: Fuji Sketch; joinme: Darkness; joinme: Light and Bleach: the evil Button of Doom )

I will update soon and put them online there, too. But you can also comment on Deviantart

So have a good night

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