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Oh.. i.. lied yesterday saying i didn't have a valentines pic >_> i made it after posting ^^;;; so.. yes, a Kyoudai ai pic cause I neglected fuji. ;__;

<3  )
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meh again.. ugh.. yesterday was Byakuyas Birthday my okiayu day. Not byakuyas bd was the day before yesterday.. so.. anyways..
It just happened.. i guess after watching that emu vids.. ^^; I should not have done that.

ore wa okiayu ryoutarou~ *sings* )
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Todays famous words: "... The men with their pink cadillacs and purple silk suits from the alternative Organisation" (Prof. Blechinger meaning the Yakuza)

I'm back with some art.. finally. I was pretty busy but yeah.. I drew again..

And currently I am suffering from a drug called bleach. You know... MUST have new chapters.. must have! Mhm... you know... Ryuuken. Nyam Nyam. Why does Kubotite have to draw such characters. Nyahar. ignore my rants ^^; But that bad cliffhanger at the end of 186 ... I hate cliffhangers... I don't want to wait till next week. TT.TT

Welll what else to tell.. mhm, I am busy doin' cosplays XD I am sooo looking forward to the AnimagiC and the Connichi (hakamas are real cool o.o). Also my sister will be living in Berlin as well starting in august. I am really happy ^_^. I think it will be a good chance for her. I got a letter from the repair of my mobile phone and it will cost 300€... Threehundred -.-; so bai bai mobile phone~
Also yesterday was the U2 concert I wanted to go to. We went to Makikos mum, cause makiko got her wisdom teeth out and I wanted to help her mam. Fortunately she lives near the Olympiastadion so I got to hear a little bit of rehearsal.. ^^ Lucky.. kind of. I aso feel bad for not beeing able to help makiko while she's in pain ><; bad teeth...well.

Anyways I wanted to show you art! Well I had to restart that damn programm to scan that images ><;; I hate computers, did I mention that? They are EVIL!!

Onto the Art: Pot: Yukimura Sketch; Pot: Fuji Sketch; joinme: Darkness; joinme: Light and Bleach: the evil Button of Doom )

I will update soon and put them online there, too. But you can also comment on Deviantart

So have a good night
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I'm Back and still living...

I don't have much time... so I just want to spam you all with my Artwork ^^

My Doujinshi is done! ^.^ Yay!

For Info and the first sites go to

It's still only available in german but you'll manage to work through I think ^^;

Here's the link ^^;

sankyuuuu .. *hugs you all*

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