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So the TV is.. somehow.. working .. btu sometimes it just goes off. or has strange stuff on it but i think i know whats wrong. nah so i just have my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Today i had a wonderful evening with my sis and we talked about old series.. *.* I had to search for the old german openings.. :D so here's a little bit of my childhood.

Ogowad looking back now.. those series are so much junk. Really. JUST junk. xD but i loved them all.

Oh starting with the old cartoon stuff. But no particular Order. but all stuff i watched and loved (i KNOW there are more but i did not like them xD)

AH and those songs. *___________________* AWWWWWWWW

alot vids mostly cartoons from the 80s/90s XD ALOT )

Time out.

Oct. 29th, 2007 07:56 pm
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I don't feel better at all.. overall. On top of that i have to do a museum project for thursday the 8th (means a whole list of stuff to organise, a Poster a flyer, invitation etc). And a report thingy to nov 16th. FUN. DId i mention there's a con in between and i have to read a book with such tiny letters that i keep reading the same line for 5 minutes. ;_; i could shoot myself.
Then my parents are finally getting married in december and then theres christmas. >o<;;;;;;;

Anyways so because of that i did not answer any comments etc. I'm really sorry. And don't expect me to be there and active till after Christmas at least.

Ah or meet me at the MMC, i will be there. .__.


=_= shit I'm beginning to think that JAPAN HAS ONLY PEDOS; GODDAMIT!!! Not at all acceptable! Stop drawing that fucking dwarf (sorry, nneko bu~~~~t)


At least the CG.calendar artists know whats right. Ohgoawd

[edit 2] DO WANT this HIGHRES! and this poster. *..* (@[ profile] gurren_lagann)
NOW i am really really gone. hmpf


Aug. 30th, 2007 08:04 pm
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Seems like i'm doing Sakuraba with Short hair now, since the wig-seller is too stupid >_> and the other one is .. short ._. NARGH

mhm .. yes i'm bored i'm too unmotivated to do art x__X or what i thought i was but obviously no one other things so >___>;; YES i could ramble months about it...cause im unsatisfied and unhappy and whatnot x___X

*goes throwing some waterballoons* .__.

oh did i mention: i lost my fucking bank card. YAY fun with life again =_=;


Aug. 19th, 2007 10:25 pm
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ha i'm back.. kinda feeling slightly better... slightly

._.v hello back flist :D


Mar. 15th, 2007 07:40 pm
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Oh i forgot to mention: I got a new haircut ^^;; I said not too short but well~ now it looks like Luppi XD strange somehow ._.

otherwise i'm being lazy and try to surpress my nervousness.. but that works. abit.
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my parents were visiting me and my sis for the weekend. Of course i could not finish any of the stuff i wanted to T_T;

AND now my instructor told me i will have my intermediate examination on Friday T_T THIS friday ><, aah~ so fast.

Shit i wanted .. no i have to draw so much T_T; have to finish the 4 or 5 illustrations for MakikoIgamis story ;_; shit~

i am also so fucking nervous because of the flight.. i can't eat and sleep well T__T; and it's a bit more than 2 weeks ;__; I think i will die before even getting close to any airport T_T (and having this damn examination on friday won't make it any better *dies*)

gnar~ i am just.. not myself.. sorry for any trouble i was making T__T did not mean to~
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Mhm, so i went to Fukuzawa and... he was late. Fine I thought.. that wasn't a good start. After all it began raining while we were on the train =.= and then... there were other students as well and i had to wait. Funny thing: Inui came and wanted to have his "schein" as well... so... i could talk with him a bit. Yes, i was nervous o.o i didn't realize it till afterwards.

After waiting 40 minutes to be in turn.. it was over after 2 minutes. he signed, i showed him my texts and left @-@;;;;;;

and rigth after that the sun was breaking through the cloudy sky o_ô that was corny. Somewhat.x_x

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well my day was kinda long ^^; after a long talk with makiko yesterday I didn't get much sleep and had a real hard time getting up and even going =.= well we are helping makikos mum with her kitchen and .. it's a hard thig ><; but a plus is getting good breakfast every day ^^;

We finished early today and I got home, makiko had to work. So I waited for my sis to come around cause she wanted to come over and give me some things from my mum ^^; and of course.. my car! And then i got a call from omi. I know her for quite some time, we talked a lot on the phone .. but that's a looong time ago i think. that's so strange we weren't really in touch but she came over cause her course had a trip here in berlin and she got problems with some people there. ^^; so we talked and talked and well it wa nice. Really I cand descripe it but it was nice. I'm not a spontanous person but its nice when such spontanous things turn out interesting an nice ^^~ so my day got even longer but that was okay. i still have tomorrow to get some freetime.

but i thought it was a rather nice day and while bringing her to Ostkreuz i saw the most beautiful sunset *__* it's been a long time since it had that deep red.

after that personal stuff i will tell you this:

It's the anthology I made the little entry for. Also I would like to ask you if you know yaoi and Yuri fans who have their own stories etc to come and have a look at the community, [ profile] fire_angels, ne? I'm sure you have more friends on your list than me XD

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... kind of

after days of screentoning that anthology entry I am baaaaaaaaaaack *insert evil laughter of doom here* well.. I think it's not that bad. I will post it some time soon. hehe.. mhm what else

Ah.. I knwo.. i wanted to rant about the Princess Princess Drama WTFFFF???? really.. woah.. i love [ profile] seiyuu for that X3
honestly after watching the episodes I came to like the Anime.. really.. soo stupid. But the drama is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy stranger @.@ not to mention alot gayer... i think Shihoudani is not that well casted but Mikoto is PERFECT! XD i think they still have to do more of that kirakira stuff but the soundeffects are just fun X3 Hehe

AND Koisuru~~~~ a new chapter.. Woah.. beware I'm SO gonna cosplay that! Boha..

otherwise [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] northernbanshee were visiting us for the weekend and it was very funny *_* we had a lot of fun, ne? I think the whole potsdamer platz thing was.. scary but interesting.. somehow. Mhm we did some sighseeing which I always like and then visited the zoo and some other points. Then sunday we made some bleach pix.. *_* the makeshift Matsumoto was wayyyy to cool for me. Shika *_* hehe.. wouldn't have thougth that using a skirt and parts of byakuya would look that good X3~
We will upload the pix soon ^^; shika, I'm sorry for beeing not that talkative but I guess I am still abit shy .__.v AND THEN IT HAPPENED: I didn'twantobutthosetwomadeuswatchitarghireallydidn'twanttoaskallthepeoplewhowherethere-wewatchedouran ;______________________________; I didn't want to see it because ALL the world seems to watch and like it and I was sure i would like that too and I still have too much fandoms to fangirl over and too much cosplay ideas.. but but but .. yes I am.. am.. am.. addicted now ARGH SHIKAA~ ;_; then you have to cosplay Lobelia with me ò___ób *nods*

hehe *dances away in a swirl of cherry blossoms*


(yes doing nothing else than screentoning and staring on the screen is not good for your health. honestly. look at me @.@)
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hm... I am still very busy rigth now, working on the little manga for the anthology.. some things just won't work like I want them to ><;

Well.. linchen isn't goin to the animagic so we thougth about cancelling wearing yami again.. also the weather isn't very nice when wearing that costumes but on the other hand.. I am too lazy to do something different. And.. honestly I don't have any idea what to do ;_; so.. looks like we're going to do that. otherwise I am still very unmotivated considering cosplay ^^;; I got some "feeling" back but's not the same hehe. We'll see, ne?

otherwise I'm lookin forward to the next weekend.. REALLY REALLY looking forward to it *__* wich means: udagawa, seeing some very special people and.. oh did I mention Udagawa? ^^~ mhm.. no you know what I mean, ne? but that also means: tidying up the flat @.@ argh.

yesterday we went to watch "Laputa" and I think I like it even better than mononoke.. howl's still my fav but I liked this one.. reminded me of nadia and other Atlantis stuff XD

I think the world cup has it's positive sites: we have a lot more traffic connections right now XD I can travel through the whole city via the new S21 *-* within 10-15 minutes that's so cool and it has air conditioning XP only negative fact: I have to use the subway for the last few stops wich doesn't have aircon ><;;;; arh but the trains are from Munich ^^;; So I travel Munich Sbahn here in Berlin...

Otherwise I finally got myself a yaoi gallery account. I like the system of browsing and stuff. its very fast.. I hope the people are nice .__.v

[ meh@yaoigallery ]
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WHY WHY WHYWHYwhywhywhy.. .... my fav song.. WHY? Ronan Keating.. WHY cover it??? I think I'll nevernevernever turn the radio on again. EVER! I think I died a thousand times hearing my fav song as a cover version I HATE THAT! I absolutely hate it when bands use the ideas of others to get money with it.. I know.. there are people who do it out of other reasons.. BUT That was Ear-rape.. I think it is the same with ALOT of other songs.. isn't there anybody who can write their own ideas? O.ô and why the fuck do suddenly all people like that song which was never a hit before ;___; world is just a unfair place...

[edit] OF COURSE it's ronan keating covering the song not other way round.. =.= Do I look like liking ronan keating? ;___;


May. 30th, 2006 05:23 pm
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I feel like shit, my teeth hurt because the dentist was redoing my fillings ><;;; and .. yes, everything is right =.= Am I expecting too much from people? Too much from me? .. blargh I jsut feel .. strange. and I'm perfectly sure nobody really wanted to know.. yeah.. maybe I should go to a doc and let him give me nice little pills so I will not get paranoid or sth like that.. haha..
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but I'm so tired of it. gnar..

My parents+my grandma+my granpa+my aunt+my cousin+my brother+mysis and her BF are coming for a visit this weekend, wich means I should to a bit more but I don't have the energy rigth now.. I feel utterly exhausted about a few things... ^^,; Really. I'm tired of fandoms (not tired to watch alot anime but the fandoms and being into a fandom I mean), tired of cons I'm even tired of cosplay.. just don't want to anymore ^^;; (yeah I know.. who will be sewing a costume 1 weelk before the next con? Me ._.)

But who cares *shrugs* I mean..

I wanted to review.. or do sth similar to a review ^^;

Paradise Kiss  )D
King of Bandit Jing TV )
fate stay night )

I think I will go for more Jump series then X3 they are better ^-^~

I'm tired,

I need more coffee. Period.


Jan. 9th, 2006 06:27 pm
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First of all.. I know .. some are not reading this but

[ profile] makikoigami,[ profile] soulkillerzero, [ profile] nneko, [ profile] northernbanshee, [ profile] gamesh, Inui, Taka, [ profile] hoshitachi, [ profile] seki_is_mine, [ profile] touichi and sui~

for the best present EVER... I am so IN LOVEEE ~ *.* I am so very very happy.. I want to glomp you all. ;_; You know I am reading it EVERY DAY *heart* Ignore my fangilring over it, please ^^;;

thank you [ profile] miuu for the doorthingies.. I love them ^.^~~ thanks [ profile] iwai_takuto for the cute mugs, because I love them, too and I love those little snowmen on it and the colors XD... and.. Cappuchino is ALWAYS GOOD! Thank you, [ profile] elfelina for the cute card ^..^

(hope I didn't mess anything up here.. oh forgot the Asuka.. thank youuu~)

Again thank you for the chrismasmails who wrote me.. thank you for the sms and stuff ^^~

So that were my thank yous and I hope I didn't forget any one ;_; I am sorry if I did ^^;
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I'm back at home... means in Berlin and what can I tell? Nothing... Oh wait. I visited my parents which was really relaxing, met my best friend after a little eternity and being on a vacation.. kind of.

We went to Hamburg and I visited my grandmothers and well.. it was cool. Being back in berlin means i have stuff to do ;__; i will start drawing and then saturday my dad will come and help my sis with her flat, cause she finally found one and I have to help, too.

Otherwise I am a bit disappointed? Mhm, not satisfied is the better word I think. I would like to stop studying and doing something else but I always tell myself to go on and just DO it. But it is so hard to actually do. And I am... well lazy in certain points and I hate myself for that *bangs head on desk*

And I am considering stopping cosplay and visiting cons.. but I KNOW I won't do it. I just know I can't ... ack *bangs head on desk again*

Some Convention updates and Cosplay:

Etoo..mhm.. connichi fotos are here: and Japanfestival is here:

I finally got to wear that Upgrade-Version of Ishida! *bonce* I think the Quincys are gay but stylish :3 it was a lot of fun but afterwards I got ill ;__; But Ryuuken was fun and I still don't like the Byakuya cos but I looove Yumi~ *.*

And... Did I mention I want a Ichigo? I want some BuriCure! Well~

Some information:



And , I said I made some icons... here they are! )
... and tokyo hotel is a dump kids band ;_; What the hell is wrong with germany?? Wasn't sarah Connor enough?
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Sorry for the german rant but most of you are able to read german, ne? ^^;

So.. I'm goin on a vacation from tomorrow to next monday. And I don't want to really. I'm tired and I just want to be on my own ><;

but well.. it can't be helped.

I will tell you some news then. My sister will be living with us from today on. She has school in berlin and is searching for a flat and as long as she hasn't found one, she will live here ^^ I'm curious if we will manage to live together ^-^;;

Otherwise I read that Yoko Matsushita has FINALLY drawn another chapter of Yami no Matsuei, wich was puplished in this months hana to yume! *bounces around* it is supposed to be murakis background and the story with Ukyou... I'm looking forward to see some scans *.* I hope someone will upload them.
And well despite what all other say... I like matsushitas "New" style and I like her tatsumi in the new version XD~~ nyam~~

So I won't be online till tuesday. I wish you all a nice week and have fun, ne?

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well I did a lot of sewing lately (actually 4 days non stop ^^;;). We're going to cosplay bleach at the AnimagiC at the end of july.. Nfu~ I'm looking forward to it.. cause shinigami outfits are really comfortable ^.^ okay.. and hot ><;; *caughs*

Otherwise I'm a bit down for feeling like a real loser lately. As I said, my kitchen was flooded, my mobile phone broke (and will cost 300Euro for repair, which I don't have but it was a present.. ><;)... I have toothache... and an artblock. And if I'm very close to drawing I get down, cause I see so much good artists and just think I suck ><; I really do... Usually I take that as encouragement for being better than I am but.. lately there is no progress. No REAL progress. But nonetheless I want to THANK you all, who are watching me and supporting me. Love ya~~~~~ I'll do my best...

By the way.. german television sucks...

Oh. and did I mention that Suwabe is utterly and completely mentally ILL?? I mean... BUNNY EARS? And Takahashi Naozumi is hot? I think I.. need to put him in my closet where the other bishis are *drools* Really...
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I forgot, but I arrived ust some days ago ^^...

Thank you

Mina, kaidoh, Inui and Nagi for the Death Note Artbook.. er.. I mean.. the Takeshi Obata Artbook.. :3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*hugs you all*

I'm still a bit stressed but I hope I can draw again sooon~ Narf!
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New Orange picture: [Part IV: Aki ]

[WP Part IV: Aki ]

And Personal stuff:

Well I'm off to my family for some days but I will be back sunday.. but I will still post some things..maybe sketches ^^;; because they have a scanner :3

anyways... have fun *hugs you all*
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Well.. what can I say..

At first: This is for all of you who seem to have hard times and it seems there are a lot of you ^^;

I am very busy myself and today the university started again and I have a lot to do. Means, I am very frustrated about seeing no end in work.

I was walking on the street with tired feet and an aching head and well... I was hungry, too. Then I saw this old lady. She often takes a walk in our street but I've just seen her every now and then. As I passed her she gave me a warm smile. I mean a real smile, like she's known me or like we know each other.

That really made my day... really. I was smiling widely just because this old woman smiled at me for no reason. It was so nice.

What I want to say: Cheer up a bit, sometimes there are things, which are easily overloked... but believe me, they're worth a smile ^__^

So, this is for all of you~

Currently I am concentrating on my work for university so I will not be able to be online that much and cannot reply or post to everything ^^ So gomen ne~

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