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ZOMG!! 2 premiers this time! YES o.O


some mild BL and oh one one naked chest... rest just harmless )
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^__^V here... it.. actually is

shirtless Reno o_O  )

Status of the sketchmeme thingies:

Ichigo for [ profile] lolukomiya workinnn~
Tamaki, Haruhi & Twins for [ profile] shikachimaru (reedited 2 sketches and ... then trew them away.. arh.. i want to do a NEW and shiny one *_*v)
Krad for [ profile] phoenix_sama mhm ._.
shinji&hiyori for [ profile] sakuragreenleaf uh... still searching for an idea X3
KazukixKeita for [ profile] nneko here: this entry <3 <3 <3
random bishi for [ profile] makikoigami ...
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It amuses me to no end that 1) Y! gallery has a rule to not upload Furry/anthro stuff AND lets you search for it and even has a directory for it X3 and 2) that people are so stupid and actually upload it O.ô i mean.. yay for illiteracy!

We'll have an excursion tomorow. We'll visit dresden which is still one of my favorites cities. I promised myself to visit it in 2006 cause that was the year they wanted to finish the castle *_* I am looking forward to it, really. Unfortunately we are "Just" visiting the ceramics collection X3 would like to stay in the town longer ^^~

He but onto some pix.. I know I wanted to post the manga but I stil have to edit it into jpeg format ans stuff ^^; so here are some sketcheees

Bleach, Invader Zim, joinme, Damekko Doubutsu, Death Note )
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Yeah.. yeah.. ..

I swear the pixels weren't there when I .. ... well they werent there ò_ó

click and you know why..=.= )
well I have another layout... boha.. but I .. still have to change some font sizes and stuff. But I gotta go now ^^;;

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Just another pic from me *waves*


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