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Hm.. i was trying to do some.. ART but i failed so i tried to sketch something but i had no idea. so I then remembered that i still had those 20 kisses themes lying around and being not finished ;o;

So here are #02: Fingers and #07: Neck

BL cause it's IchiUri <3 but nothing big, just kisses )

hey guise, [ profile] makikoigami actually wrote meh some hetpr0n *_* for Pr0ntober. I wish i could write T__T and I WISH i would not be such a coward and actually request from other writers ;O; MAJOR lack of confidence ;_________________; Well excuse me, i'm going to hit myself for that now. HARD.
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2 Harmless pics today. .__.

I will finish the meme art soon. Here is one step to it:
Shinji & Hiyori for Sakura )

And the ByakuyaRenji/RenjiByakuya "Hairplay" it's harmless, just some hair touching o_O

Hairplay )
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meh again.. ugh.. yesterday was Byakuyas Birthday my okiayu day. Not byakuyas bd was the day before yesterday.. so.. anyways..
It just happened.. i guess after watching that emu vids.. ^^; I should not have done that.

ore wa okiayu ryoutarou~ *sings* )
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WTF? My Renjixbyakuya collab with banshee has more 1,700 views.. TODAY! all my other pics (except 1) only have allover views around 600 O__O and i have an overall pageview number of 6537? O__O woah

Peace Maker: Okita... halfnaked not so worksafe ^^; )

RenjixByakuya... nice braid *_*~ worksafe )
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I know it's the 6th already but i dun have so mcuh time.. i scribble them in between ;_; so this is for

[ profile] kerimaya:
Wuii~ part I )

usually would go without telling for whom this is X3 but i will because i use Lj-cut =_=; Yes, I'm stupid
for [ profile] miuu_chan

wuii~ part II )

I will go on writing my report now ;_;
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Still 4 to go but ^^;

after the wonderful entry about all the gay stuff i'm posting... i just though i'd have to draw a nother bishi. Mhm i hope it is not thaaa~t geh *sighs*

For Lolukomiya *_*b - Ichigo )

I hope you like it ^^

in case you wonder, outfit is meant to be that: lovely piece i own *_*
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Spoiler: YES! Ishidaaa *_* .. okay, he's sitting on a rock.. at uraharas.. But who cares? Ishida!! *__*

#15: Epiphany & xtra: Target; no real warnings.. crack and a bit bl.. slightly )

[ #1 - pink ]

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It amuses me to no end that 1) Y! gallery has a rule to not upload Furry/anthro stuff AND lets you search for it and even has a directory for it X3 and 2) that people are so stupid and actually upload it O.ô i mean.. yay for illiteracy!

We'll have an excursion tomorow. We'll visit dresden which is still one of my favorites cities. I promised myself to visit it in 2006 cause that was the year they wanted to finish the castle *_* I am looking forward to it, really. Unfortunately we are "Just" visiting the ceramics collection X3 would like to stay in the town longer ^^~

He but onto some pix.. I know I wanted to post the manga but I stil have to edit it into jpeg format ans stuff ^^; so here are some sketcheees

Bleach, Invader Zim, joinme, Damekko Doubutsu, Death Note )
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I repeat:


is ALWAYS something like this happening: I want to cosplay sth.. and the very day I decide I will do it.. I find out that there will be lots of others doing it.. or.. I am totally and utter determined to draw.. then I draw and I am totally satisfied with my work and then I want to share it or show it to someone and THEN someone who is wayyy better hay wayyy more fans (I don't think I even have some) uploads sth.. ARGH.. today..this fanart.. and.. what do I see??? One of my personal goddesses, means an artist I TOTALLY adore and love has become a bleach fan and.. is now drawing IchiIshi and .. well I love it. I could drool to whole day over her work but why the heck does she have to post it this very same day ;___; why why why .. I feel so hated.. I feel so unloved. and.. blargh.. dont ask. anyway I though I might share ;_;
I was really satisfied and a bit proud of it but.. now I .. just feel like shit. Thank you world, you are being very lovely to me right now. thank you very much)

Text is by [ profile] makikoigami

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well.... happy easter, ne?

Gomen, I tried to draw more different easter pix, but I didn't have the time ;_; gomen ne ^^; So this is at least my easter wish to all of you ^^~

I know it's lame but._. let the bunny bite you. o.ô

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Yo, [ profile] miuu_chan and [ profile] hoshitachi here are THE pix ;__________; please everyone, be gentle.. It was a commision ....I swear and I know they are not good.... *goes feeding her Renbya fangirl* ;_____; and Gin belongs to Matsumoto or... Kira ... or.... Aizen ;_;
10 Imagessss )

Gomen nee~ narf

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My Journal is over 2 years old now o.O Sorry for a) ranting in german and b) not ranting at all ^^; I'm tired all the time and not in the mood to post anything..



L in a yukata

Cosplay: Tsuyogari *.*

Have fun, ne~~
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Nothing interesting in my life...

But this is for all of you who like her and.. yes..

Rukia Sketch

And I like Orihime, she's cute ^^

Orihime Sketch
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The day before yesterday we went to Inuis to have a nice evening and celebrate [ profile] nnekos birthday..

And we played a bit (oka,y not a bit.. ALOT) Bleach: erabareta tamashi.. (eh.. think that was it's name) and.. my inner fangirl was VERY satisfied with the combo attacks *.*
Love this game~~ just have to get to inui again to play.. before the next part is out.
FUn thing is Inui took Ichigo and Ishida as partners and when you start theres a friendship symbol there (theirs are two fighting plushies) wich gets different after finishing a mission. When the characters are good together the symbol changes and becomes a heart with petals and stuff and if you are very good there will be little chibi-kids plushies and they are a family ^^; so.. after inui played that far and even got the combo attack... he realized that is WAS a heart and KIDS *.* and that the Combo attack was infact Ecchi becaus ichigo was standing behind Ishida and stuff.. and THEN he realized that HE did all those stuff and he even thought all those yaoi thoughts and even hates yaoi. I love Inui, did I mention that?


After eating we watched Densha Otoko and I wish we didn't ;______; No.. this is just. GREAT! Totally awesome fantastic... stuff... Or you can call it a "social study" like makiko said ^^;

my thoughs on densha otoko *.* )

199 is also evil *.* who would have thought.. :3 and yay for all those yuri-stuff...


YES! I am Ded and give me the white outfit *.* Please! BURIKYUA~~

really, I am close to cosplay burikya~ someone help me plz


Aug. 23rd, 2005 04:54 pm
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FINALLY! someone posted the new Yami no Matsuei chapter from the Hana to Yume.. and I'm the happiest little YnM fangirl ever.. Matsushita did a very good job I think. And I always KNEW Ukyou is such a cutie.. I just knew >D Nyahar~

I love her new style...Can't stop drooling over it.. it is very artistic and mature and her backgrounds and details are very correct. It's Like she's studied japanese art history or sth like that (Oriya has a Kanno-School partition in the background <3) I really love it... but I think I said that already, ne? *sigh* Gomen ne. I will stop fangirling now ^^

I drew a new Bleach-Fanart:

Because Yumichika and Ikkaku need more Love: Animexx Deviantart

and plz shoot me. An OVA? Hello? Weren't those 170 and up episodes enough? And not to mention boring enough at the end? -.-

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