Aug. 20th, 2009 10:05 am
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Today I'm pimpin' Shigure

A friend and fellow student and I think it's perfectly summer-y :D

If you like light japanese music *_*v

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OMG i just stumbled across this on youtube.

People are angry at how much the new japanese cast for the Simpsons Movie suck (compared to the series cast)



bu~t )

ignore me that's just general fangirling *giggles*
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So the TV is.. somehow.. working .. btu sometimes it just goes off. or has strange stuff on it but i think i know whats wrong. nah so i just have my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Today i had a wonderful evening with my sis and we talked about old series.. *.* I had to search for the old german openings.. :D so here's a little bit of my childhood.

Ogowad looking back now.. those series are so much junk. Really. JUST junk. xD but i loved them all.

Oh starting with the old cartoon stuff. But no particular Order. but all stuff i watched and loved (i KNOW there are more but i did not like them xD)

AH and those songs. *___________________* AWWWWWWWW

alot vids mostly cartoons from the 80s/90s XD ALOT )
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* DO WANT MORE TERRA E Fanworks, PPL!!! Really this series screams for fanfiction and stuff ;__; I love soldier blue~ And the brat Tony too argh xD
* Anyways so there seems to be a Yonezou Image Collection *___* if that's really true and i can hold it in my OWN hands i think i'm gonna die *v* ♥♥♥♥
* otherwise read THIS BADPORN FIC for brainfuck, really it's worth readin xDD~ I laughed so hard.
* And look at this nice IchiIshi pic *_*~
* The one who commissioned me, did it again and since i send her 2 sketches for the idea, she liked both and yay, i'm gonna make 2 new commissions so life is finally getting better *v*
* Ayano Yamane at the Connichi? Mhm would be nice, ne? Although i think the finder series is boring >_>;; (Most of the time i feel like i am the only one on this planet)
* Did a new Art Card: [ Here ] with mah new blue copic liner *_* (they're finally available in some colors.♥)


Jul. 12th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Akihabara fun XDD on the street in front of the animate i guess XD~

*_* haruhi is so stupid XDD ~~ and this song is more fun with only sugita.. <3


Jul. 6th, 2007 07:29 pm
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Ran around all day evening (WITHOUT HAVING COFFEE) to buy sth X_X and almost did not find it ;_____;

Well.. oh.. well Koisuru Boukun volume3 is available in german, people.. ALTHOUGH tokyopop always said: "2 Volumes, complete." Oh.. a wonder happened. I'm asking myself if they got that she is currently doing the chapters for volume 4? XDD

And btw.. does anybody really buy the translated BL-Novels?? Since they puplished some.. would you buy or are you buying them?

/random manga rant

HEY I may announce that since Y!Gallery seriously LACKED a IchigoXIshida club, i made one. ->> IchiIshi@Y!Gallery *throws confetti*

and.. i'm feeling a bit rushed but better ^^~

[edit] just saw the Bleach 2nd movie add.. and thought: "OH NOES!! *whine crywhine* NOT hitsugaya.. AGAIN" but. actually.. it was NO SUPRISE, who am i telling this? >_>; Yo animators, i know he's getting you much more money than like.. the 11th division for exaple but this series has.. around WHATEVER CHARACTERS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111ELF Yes, i AM cursing =_= GNAR. It is SO getting on my nerves. ;O;

Not to mention.. that there WAS a time when i liked him... >_>


May. 27th, 2007 11:26 pm
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So after beeing back from [livejournal.com profile] nneko and before getting started with some cleaning and still learning i wanted to write about THAT day.
Boah.. i have such an overload @___@ First, we watched the Death Note movie . Lets say when i heard about it i was kinda surprised and wanted to see it cause the trailer was not bad and yes. BUT it is sooo lame ><;; even Souta as Matsuda doesn't make it better. Fujiwara is too old, no he looks too old for Raito/Light... although i think he looks good in Raitos clothes ^^; But nonetheless all i did while watching the movie was reading nancys BL manga collection. XD

Then we watched the Prince of Tennis Movie >< ; I SO WISH I HADN'T! It was really bad. What happened to Hyouteis shirts?? And that Atobeguy is not Atobe! He has no style no hairstyle and stuff.. BLARGH. i dont even like Atobe. But lets start first: Sumire is too young. I understand why but that doesn't make it better. Then .. Tezuka. TEZUKA. ;_; I hate him. I think he's the ugliest guy ever. Okay he was the reason i never watched the other TeniMyus after Kikuchi. I want Takeeiji back, even if can't sing but.. wait. That was a movie, they didn't sing. SO WHY NOT Takieiji? Well.. the Ryouma was just cute. ^^; I think they cut too many scenes which are important and maybe interesting for the fight of ryouma and that stupid Gaijin.. hyoutei thingy. Whatever. And all the other fights were just too short. I mean yes, why did they even had other actors? the only ones really shown were Tezuka, Ryouma and that guy =.= OH Nearly forgot! What the fuck did the makers think making MoriEiji SANADa? HUH? And Tutti Kite? THAT was definitely the biggest laugh ever! XD~ I was amused. But hey.. some good point: Saw Mamo for.. 2 seconds? X3

uh.. watched some stupid seiyuu events, too. OMG that Haikyou event! Argh ItoKen with too short pants. Argh! Seiyuu can be so stupid. But we all know that already, ne? XD Dunno wich one we saw but was it live pastel 2006 with OMG Midorikawa in Ishida style @_@ I was utterly shocked. I can't say it looked good but it looked more human. But i still think the cast for koisuru is bad. It was so strange having them voice THAT on stage. ;____; Midorikawa-uke makes me SO sick >< ;;(btw i can't believe Koisuru was on number 3 (death note even was behind it!) of the german sellingcharts in september!! WHAT IS UP? help?)

Nearly read Yellow by makoto tateno. I mean i skipped trough it and it either was is the stupid german translation or it is.. really trashy. I thought it was shit. ^^;; lala~ Okay, the rest of the BL manag were all the same, too but that's how it is, sadly. But the non-BL manga are all the same, too. So it's nothing, new, ne? XD yes, this sentence was random. Some of my ideas were shattered when reading one of the manga argh.. didn't know i was taht lame ;_;

anyways.. THIS!!! WATCH IT!

OMG OMG 1993!!!! Ogata Megumi with long hair XDDD and a young Hiyama Nobuyuki

1994 OKIAYUU! Argh the.. thing called pullover x_x


Aug. 14th, 2006 01:28 am
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Since i just found this entry... btu I wanted to tell you all about this community... cause yay it's fun

[ NO Laser Beams, Please!! ]

[livejournal.com profile] japanophile

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well my day was kinda long ^^; after a long talk with makiko yesterday I didn't get much sleep and had a real hard time getting up and even going =.= well we are helping makikos mum with her kitchen and .. it's a hard thig ><; but a plus is getting good breakfast every day ^^;

We finished early today and I got home, makiko had to work. So I waited for my sis to come around cause she wanted to come over and give me some things from my mum ^^; and of course.. my car! And then i got a call from omi. I know her for quite some time, we talked a lot on the phone .. but that's a looong time ago i think. that's so strange we weren't really in touch but she came over cause her course had a trip here in berlin and she got problems with some people there. ^^; so we talked and talked and well it wa nice. Really I cand descripe it but it was nice. I'm not a spontanous person but its nice when such spontanous things turn out interesting an nice ^^~ so my day got even longer but that was okay. i still have tomorrow to get some freetime.

but i thought it was a rather nice day and while bringing her to Ostkreuz i saw the most beautiful sunset *__* it's been a long time since it had that deep red.

after that personal stuff i will tell you this:

It's the anthology I made the little entry for. Also I would like to ask you if you know yaoi and Yuri fans who have their own stories etc to come and have a look at the community, [livejournal.com profile] fire_angels, ne? I'm sure you have more friends on your list than me XD

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hm... I am still very busy rigth now, working on the little manga for the anthology.. some things just won't work like I want them to ><;

Well.. linchen isn't goin to the animagic so we thougth about cancelling wearing yami again.. also the weather isn't very nice when wearing that costumes but on the other hand.. I am too lazy to do something different. And.. honestly I don't have any idea what to do ;_; so.. looks like we're going to do that. otherwise I am still very unmotivated considering cosplay ^^;; I got some "feeling" back but's not the same hehe. We'll see, ne?

otherwise I'm lookin forward to the next weekend.. REALLY REALLY looking forward to it *__* wich means: udagawa, seeing some very special people and.. oh did I mention Udagawa? ^^~ mhm.. no you know what I mean, ne? but that also means: tidying up the flat @.@ argh.

yesterday we went to watch "Laputa" and I think I like it even better than mononoke.. howl's still my fav but I liked this one.. reminded me of nadia and other Atlantis stuff XD

I think the world cup has it's positive sites: we have a lot more traffic connections right now XD I can travel through the whole city via the new S21 *-* within 10-15 minutes that's so cool and it has air conditioning XP only negative fact: I have to use the subway for the last few stops wich doesn't have aircon ><;;;; arh but the trains are from Munich ^^;; So I travel Munich Sbahn here in Berlin...

Otherwise I finally got myself a yaoi gallery account. I like the system of browsing and stuff. its very fast.. I hope the people are nice .__.v

[ meh@yaoigallery ]
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Today's favourite work: "Hüüüüger" (Means Hyuga from Tsubasa in German ><;;; Yeah sure)
Link of the Day: Japanese Warriors - A 19th Century Photographic Tribute

Autumn.. for Kaorie: Animexx | Deviantart

noodles. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/25606068/

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Well. hey.. folks. I'm opening this little thing now. Thanks to makiko for the code. I will still have my little blog but this is also cool ^.^ well I'm tired.. I'm going to bed..

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