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Merry Christmas!
Sorry, nothing really special but I wish you all a merry christmas! ;'D

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As promised first part of the Connichi report. This little entry here willl only include the Tiger&Bunny pictures. Because they deserve an entry of their own!  Rest of pics will come later.

Saturday (the 17th!) we got a little group with[ profile] nnekoas Ivan, [ profile] makikoigami as Kotetsu, Elfelina as Mary and me as Barnaby. We expected some other T&B cosplayers that day since it was well the 17th but to end up with big group like that was pretty awesome. The last episode aired around 7 in the evening so we had a spontanous group-watch in the convention hall. That was so much fun, we could not understand a word because we forgot the speakers and the mobilephone was not loud enought but we did not care we just needed the video and especially one scene.

So anyways, on with the pictures. Don't expect any super professional photos here. Just fun stuff.  

"Hi! I'm Barnaby, the Member of Tiger&Bunny who went to a convention...."  )


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My life is not really entry-worthy so I just spam you with my comic :) 
Uploaded page 11 and try to update every Wednesday (hopefully more than one page) ♥

Karuma@smackjeeves // Karuma@Animexx

Thank you! 


Apr. 7th, 2011 11:51 pm
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vacation! Makiko :D

look forward to it so much, I so need some time in some place NOT here. D:

P.S. Ansonsten, liebes Deutschland, mal lesen!

So true....

Feb. 8th, 2011 10:13 pm
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I'm late...
merry christmas~ belated. T_T
and not so christmas-like pic <3
clicky~ )
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 "You like me so I'm holding you now"

ARGHHH I could scream. I have seen this MILLION times already!!! I know the direct translation is "holding" but wtf!!!! It's a PORN/yaoi manga anyways! You can already say "F*ck you" that would be a better translation, regarding the content. 

(even worse if the chara saying "I want to hold you" is a kick-ass chara who says things right away ... sure.)

Don't misunderstand I love most of the scanlation teams works. Its thousand times better than official translations most of the time but SOME things are just too weird and too straight-out translated without a second thought to the content. 

/rant end

(yes, no connection with other post) 
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Don't read for spoilers maybe?


for the interested but this is pure fangirl ranting )

But the biggest news: A movie! Coming up next year, can't waitttttttt ;____________; 

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 I think I did not say it enough, I love Japan for those "marketing" Stuff. 

>> Get your Hikari-Drink from Tokugawa or Nabe from Kobayakawa? ♥

OFFICIAL SITE (OMG those 6-sword Takoyaki and the Choco-Icecream HONDA *w* SO effin cute)
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 Okay, Fukuyama in a silk long dress is no suprise but Namikawa in a School Girl uniform is new *giggles* 
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 So well after playing some hours... some personal impressions. (You propably might have read it anyways from other ppl in some comms)

+ worlds are bigger, more complex, the whole play-mode is cool I think, you have more to do and you need more time to finish overall 
+ Character development - like adult Tokugawa ♥ and I think Masamune looks older 
+ MIMICs! They have actually facial expressions. Nice
+ New characters even stranger (also a Minus) But the Sugiyama character Ôtomo Sôrin is so strange he's awesome. 
+ Still love the music
+ More comedy, more WTF moments. (thats why I love it so much)
+ Still MUCH fun to play, alone or 2Player mode.
+ more combinatory possibilities (you get "Nakama" /Companions like in Musou)
+ Kôjûrô is still most fucking awesome bastard ever ♥


- weapon combination stuff is different but still dunno if it's bad
- some make-overs look pretty strange. Chosokabe looks very off. sometimes his eye is just HUGE and totally unproportional.
- only ONE alternative outfit! ONE!!!! D: and its  so far not even sth interesting (but at least for masamune it is .. okay. ) 
- EMO Chosokabe is just too WTF for Basara
- Ishida IS A CONEHEAD! ;A; His moves are so awesome but he is a conehead. (thougth that this might not be that bad in the actual game but IT IS. I always have to think "What the fuck were the designers thinking?"
- Saika Magoichi looks like a avarage 0815 Final Fantasy Girly. Her head is too small for her MASS of Hair and her shoulders and i think she's ugly but she would have been effing cool. So I would prefer Nicolas Cage-style Magoichi as in Musô. Somehow she does not really fit. D: 

Looks like more minus than plus. But the Fun is worth ten times more. I love it.  ☆
Have to play all I did again cause I did not listen xD I was too excited *w*  

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AWESOME! It finally arrived.

I could pee myself! 

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I just wanted to create a Sugita-Dork-Face icon but ended up with some more D:

* Credit and comments loved but not necessary.
* Edit them all you like but tell me so i'd like to see it *3*
* Sources are mostly blog images from various seiyuu blogs. Plus magazin scans shared in [ profile] seiyuu or [ profile] seiyuu_scans

01-04: Sugita Tomokazu
05+06: Yasumoto Hiroki
07-09: Ono Daisuke
10-13: Saiga Mitsuki
14-16: Hirakawa Daisuke
17-18: Konishi Katsuyuki
19: Itou & Morita
20-21: Namikawa Daisuke


Clicky )
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Ohhhh so fucking awesome!!

*_* want! Yes I'm a nerd. 

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[ profile] makikoigami  <3 Lookie ;A;

*SQUEE*  (for the interested, the real version is here -> @youtube)
* This is one of my fav songs ever. I still don't know if I like the live version BUT I DON'T CARE! I'm using too much caps, sorry ;_; 

Finally find some more live vids. *_* Negative part: the site is closed and they are no longer existant btu he made a new Band and his Solo show (above) sounds pretty nice, too. And there are new songs *___* that made me happy. Seems he is allowed to play the old Babys songs wich makes me even more happy-~  

I'm a sucker for that kind of japanese music. *coughs*


(I'm just sad there's only two songs by them to sing at Karaoke X'D)


// Anther note: Haven't posted anything useful and drawn anything in AGES. T___T well. But I'm totally occupied with my 2000 photos ;_; But Saturday: Artist Meeting, Berlin
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Have to clean up cause Mum is visiting us for my birthday and Mothers Day ^^. So i sorted the cosplay-wigs. and OHMAN too many. x'D

* anyone want a brandnew dark-blond/greyish straight wig with fringe and highlights, good quality? X'D around 70cms long?  I really have to sell some unused ones. 

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