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... kind of

after days of screentoning that anthology entry I am baaaaaaaaaaack *insert evil laughter of doom here* well.. I think it's not that bad. I will post it some time soon. hehe.. mhm what else

Ah.. I knwo.. i wanted to rant about the Princess Princess Drama WTFFFF???? really.. woah.. i love [ profile] seiyuu for that X3
honestly after watching the episodes I came to like the Anime.. really.. soo stupid. But the drama is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy stranger @.@ not to mention alot gayer... i think Shihoudani is not that well casted but Mikoto is PERFECT! XD i think they still have to do more of that kirakira stuff but the soundeffects are just fun X3 Hehe

AND Koisuru~~~~ a new chapter.. Woah.. beware I'm SO gonna cosplay that! Boha..

otherwise [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] northernbanshee were visiting us for the weekend and it was very funny *_* we had a lot of fun, ne? I think the whole potsdamer platz thing was.. scary but interesting.. somehow. Mhm we did some sighseeing which I always like and then visited the zoo and some other points. Then sunday we made some bleach pix.. *_* the makeshift Matsumoto was wayyyy to cool for me. Shika *_* hehe.. wouldn't have thougth that using a skirt and parts of byakuya would look that good X3~
We will upload the pix soon ^^; shika, I'm sorry for beeing not that talkative but I guess I am still abit shy .__.v AND THEN IT HAPPENED: I didn'twantobutthosetwomadeuswatchitarghireallydidn'twanttoaskallthepeoplewhowherethere-wewatchedouran ;______________________________; I didn't want to see it because ALL the world seems to watch and like it and I was sure i would like that too and I still have too much fandoms to fangirl over and too much cosplay ideas.. but but but .. yes I am.. am.. am.. addicted now ARGH SHIKAA~ ;_; then you have to cosplay Lobelia with me ò___ób *nods*

hehe *dances away in a swirl of cherry blossoms*


(yes doing nothing else than screentoning and staring on the screen is not good for your health. honestly. look at me @.@)

Date: 2006-06-30 04:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
naaani? ;_; aber du hast doch mit mir geredet ^^ und wenn du ein bischen schüchtern bist ist das nich schlimm x3 ich hab mich jedenfalls nicht ignoriert gefühlt xD

aaahhh nooeeee~s xDDD LOBELIAAAAAAAAA~ *sing*
oh my gosh x''D

ich sterb grad hier beim deutschlandspiel *heul* ;_;

aber...aahhw es war so toll bei euch Y_Y wollt gar nimmer weg

Date: 2006-06-30 04:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Omg PuriDrama...ich brauchte 12 Anläufe um es endlich durchzuschauen ohne "ARRRRRRGH" mässig durch mein Zimmer zu rennen und den Kopf an die Wand zu knallen XD
Mikoto war der einzige der mir gefiel (als Hime zumindest) Shihoudani war ja mal sowas von.....*peeep*

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