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Aug. 11th, 2006 09:10 pm
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Pew~ kats gone now.. and finally I am trying to relax a bit. But seems that I can't do this.. relaxing thing... maybe I'm too stupid X3
so.. i finally uploaded our AnimagiC Pictures to Animexx [ here ]

I will write a long Tokyo entry about the ベルリン - Tokyo Exibition here in Berlin later, cause it's definitely interesting. ^^; If I have some money left I want to visit it again .__.v

Spoiler: Also I watched Ouran 19 GYAAAA wtf Koyasu-Dad is really really cool and .. argh Lobelia should learn how to do make up XDDD I laughed so hard. Damn this series is eating mee >__<;;;;

Spoiler2: watched Bleach 92. Please please please let this stupid filler arc end sooon ;___; really I'm getting depressed this is all so stupid ><;; But hopefully the movie looks interesting. at least i hope so ^^;

I am also in need of fabric.. a certain fabric Y__Y It is hell to find it argh

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... kind of

after days of screentoning that anthology entry I am baaaaaaaaaaack *insert evil laughter of doom here* well.. I think it's not that bad. I will post it some time soon. hehe.. mhm what else

Ah.. I knwo.. i wanted to rant about the Princess Princess Drama WTFFFF???? really.. woah.. i love [ profile] seiyuu for that X3
honestly after watching the episodes I came to like the Anime.. really.. soo stupid. But the drama is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy stranger @.@ not to mention alot gayer... i think Shihoudani is not that well casted but Mikoto is PERFECT! XD i think they still have to do more of that kirakira stuff but the soundeffects are just fun X3 Hehe

AND Koisuru~~~~ a new chapter.. Woah.. beware I'm SO gonna cosplay that! Boha..

otherwise [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] northernbanshee were visiting us for the weekend and it was very funny *_* we had a lot of fun, ne? I think the whole potsdamer platz thing was.. scary but interesting.. somehow. Mhm we did some sighseeing which I always like and then visited the zoo and some other points. Then sunday we made some bleach pix.. *_* the makeshift Matsumoto was wayyyy to cool for me. Shika *_* hehe.. wouldn't have thougth that using a skirt and parts of byakuya would look that good X3~
We will upload the pix soon ^^; shika, I'm sorry for beeing not that talkative but I guess I am still abit shy .__.v AND THEN IT HAPPENED: I didn'twantobutthosetwomadeuswatchitarghireallydidn'twanttoaskallthepeoplewhowherethere-wewatchedouran ;______________________________; I didn't want to see it because ALL the world seems to watch and like it and I was sure i would like that too and I still have too much fandoms to fangirl over and too much cosplay ideas.. but but but .. yes I am.. am.. am.. addicted now ARGH SHIKAA~ ;_; then you have to cosplay Lobelia with me ò___ób *nods*

hehe *dances away in a swirl of cherry blossoms*


(yes doing nothing else than screentoning and staring on the screen is not good for your health. honestly. look at me @.@)

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