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So the Connichi is already over. OHMAN it has been over a year since we've been to a Con here. I really missed it. <3

LOTS OF PICTURES mostly our group behind the cut )
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ONOEEES it was the last episode. ;_; (spoilerish?)

I mean it was most of the tiem crappily drawn and the tension was not half as much as in the manga but I DON'T want it to end. And especially when the manga is going to end, too. THAT makes me really really sad.

BUT OMG was that cute? ;_; I mean i did not like the NFL part cause well HUH? totally out off .. everything BUT i fangirled so hard. ♥ FINALLY they adapted the new haircuts. Just for ONE little scene but it was worth it! And this episode was suprisingly thrilling nonetheless. I wasreally moved! The Shin/sena duel was cool but i think what moved me most was Takami and Hiruma. Honestly i nearly cried with him >O< I mean it was in the manga buut~ so it was cool.
and.. smiling shin is creepy (somehow cute but... creepy)


So another anime ended ~.~ hmm.. i hope they'll do an OVA with the Dinosaurs match BUT ONLY with good animation, plz. PLZ!
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OMG i just stumbled across this on youtube.

People are angry at how much the new japanese cast for the Simpsons Movie suck (compared to the series cast)



bu~t )

ignore me that's just general fangirling *giggles*
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Argh Murata/Inagaki WHAT DID YOU DOOOO?? NOOOO NOO NO.. can't accept. NOT acceptable.NOT AT ALL! As if my day was not enough THAT tops everything. ;_; i'm very very sad. I mean.: JUMP main characters DON'T die!! You can compare THAT with dying cause Es21 has no features like healing completely and stuff.

That.. is not nice! NOT! I think i will sob quietly under the blanket. FUCK you jump, why can't you just come out every day? T_T I WANT next chapter NAO!


*sighs* otherwise i've been playing Suikoden III which [ profile] touichi gave me and i think it's really really lovely. I love the characters *_* I don'tt have a thing for old men but Geddoe really got me <3 and his crew is totally love. What i disliked was that you have paths on the map wich you have to go along. I already hated that in other games. And since it was the first Suikoden game for me with 3D optics it was ... a bit strange. I love the pixely stuff more. And also part I and II have more little games and lovely sidestuff wich is totally lacking here. and the "headquarter" grows but not as much as i would have liked. BUT as i said lovely characters and the way of telling the story through the 3 to 5 characters point of views was interesting. I liked that.
And the first time i got all 108 characters! Yay!
So i'm done with the endfight and i now have to finish the last POVgamepart.

BUT i was so eager to play Suikoden V i already started it. OMG prince T________T god he's such a girl and i am such a sucker for him >o<; And and i must admit i am not very far but so far i lovemost of the characters there. Very nice. Harhar~ can't wait to see what's up next. But i would have liked the JAPANESE audio. I mean the english cast is nice but it's so strange hearing them in english. Just strange.


I finally for in some weeks or what it was SLEPT nice and deep till 12 the whole night i mean. I never sleep so long. But it was refreshing. I could not sleep good for the last weeks.
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So we did some eyeshield at the MMC, because we were too lazy to do other costumes xD~

a little preview under the cut )

There are not much pics, and i have to say they are not that good (I always look like some .. dork) ;o; but... it was a lot of fun and I think [ profile] makikoigami looks really original.
[ profile] nneko as Sena
[ profile] elfelina as Kurita (she planned kurita a while now but then she lost alot of weight *_* so thats why kurita is not as round as he usually looks)

rest is [ here ]

Thanks [ profile] espadas and [ profile] calaris for taking these ;o;~~ <3


Sep. 13th, 2007 07:35 pm
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go all and admire

Sias absolutely stylish Eyeshield Fanart *v* or on Y!
Its not even close to BL, believe meh

hehee >D

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ah.. spoiler kinda.. dunno

*_______* OMG CHIBI Hiruma!!!

I died.


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ah new music.. at least i have something new to hear while sewing. the new Lifehouse cd is definitely better than the last *_* but you dun wanna hear my music rant: I'll shut up. *sigh* i have so many ideas but right now too much to do with the con. And it's all my fault. >_>; could shoot myself because of that.. but at least i hope it'll be fun. And right afterwards doing the university stuff.. *sobs* AND more important: Visit my parents. I NEED a timeout. Most likely right after the con (the whole august?) otherwise i think i'd go insane @_@

Anyways i managed to NOT put a needle into my hands or my feet wich is very rare XD~

I want new eyeshield episodes FASTER ò__ó can't wait to see the match agains Oujou ;o; and.. i don't like Agon. I hate him, i don't know he's jsut going on my nerves X/


Shika wanted to visit us tomorrow but she didn't contact me O_O i'm beginning to worry
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In case you haven't seen it at [ profile] makikoigamis Journal XD~

I was.. kinda .. forced.. ;o; but i liked it..and it didn't turn out as bad as i thought. BUT i will do Sakuraba not Hiruma at upcoming Cons *w* *squee*

teaser if you like )

EYESHIELD! Cosplay ;o; (may contain some mild.. kissing? ö.Ö harmless, believe me)

Yes, the jackets are from the Digimon cosplay XDDD

MUST Stop hearing the Babys nonstop ><;;;;;;; cause it's lame if you don't have that much music from them ;o;


May. 27th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Wee~~~ WHY the heck did noone tell me that she made Eyeshield Doujinshi? I knew she did Naruto and even Hagaren but eyeshield? *__* Must buy in japan XD

like this THIS and THIS aaaaaand

GYA~ THIS <3 <3 <3 so much love *_*

I took these images from her site so please VISIT HER & NAOMI WATARI's site [ ]

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