Jul. 20th, 2006

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1. THANK YOU, nneko *_______* that made a happy little lay.. hehe.. VERY happy..

but...Kouki stop singing and making ecchi things ><;;;;;;

that is sooo not sexy ;__;

Nfu~ but otherwise that was cool, really.. they obviously had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun watching *_* okay, having morikawa sing "love me tender" and that in your ear the whole day was freaky ><; but yeah... i love the rest XD

My dad will come and visit us for some minutes tomorrow, cause he will be going to the rolling stones concert X3

and lately I'm becoming tenipuri addicted AGAIN ;__; I soo didn't want that ><;;

I also got a cool new trillian skin in... white and ligth blue.. very stylish. harr *.*

And we finally decided what to cosplay on friday. yes that will be a suprise, cause all who will recognizie it will get a cookie~ yay! Otherwise I got my hair cut so I won't need the wig which is very good because it looked good on makiko but when I tried it I looked like.. well yes.. bluehaired shit. So no wig. It's even better cause it's too damn hot with wigs ><;


just for me to remember/status..

* get calendar pic ready
* collab w/kao; make collab for kaorie
* send present for mychan
* send present for kat
* start joinme - no name face (ò__ó!!!!)
* ichiuri doujin: cover+1 page
* scan all the sketches
* make hp update at taito.sinfree ><;;
* draw hp-mascots for linchen
* put banner for lolu online
* make ads in ljcommunities

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