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Har harr I just cut my very first wig *_* eh.. not the first wig but the first cut I ever did in my life. I had this very ugly blue wig and I haven't got money to buy one for kijin for the ani and then I thought: why not try it? Mhm I think it looks not that bad. It's on the balcony for drying ^^; I colored it. BUT I had two bottles of blue haisprays.. one old and nearly empty and one both the same kind (factory, color number 24 for blue). AND that f** new one is ultramarine!!! The old one was PERFECT!! it was a greenish blue.. the most annoying thing is: the old one is from the same factory which means you only get the ultramarineone now.. =.= awwww shit. Nah.. I hope it looks okay.. I am too lazy and have no money to color my own hair again for that day. Not to mention that I hate that certain color ;_; and all the wigs I was searching didn't had the right color ;_; so .. mah lets see. I know myself I will fuss over that damn thing and in the end.. use my own hair again ^^;; I always think that looks better X3 but I wanted to cut it.. arrrr.. decisions..

btw just right on time Tokyopop published Challengers 4 (Har for german translation: "Küss mich, student" >.<;;;;;) *__________________* I AM SO HAPPY (didn't get ANY scanlation or original scans ;_;) .. but am not about koisuru ;_; nonono.. don't .. not in germany.. not not.. I dun wanna see stupid 12year old yaoi fangirl-cosplayer doing that ;__; feeeeear ><;;

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