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Convention is over.. i t was a lot of fun not much stress.. but i lost some nerves despite of that but that wasn't haaaat harmful X3

- started at 6 in the morning, drove to [ profile] gamesh, drove to [ profile] nneko and then changed the cars and then drove to [ profile] elfelina
- arrived in Kassel at 12:30 and searched a parking lot.. found one and waited for the man to give us the keys
- had a total surprise because our location was THAT cool. Really. I wanted to stay there. ;_;
- we did an easy start without stress and arrived a bit late at the convention but that was okay ^^~ the Yami Cosplays are always much preparation ...
- met [ profile] nyrnaetial and finally FINALLY made some pix (see below) *_* *sigh* YES i am happy.. about that.
- it was a bit messed up because inui waited and that was a bit.. @___@
- 22:30 made some noodles and got to bed at 1 or so
- got up early cause I had to be at the fireangels stand
- but as i expected.. we were't in time.. so i went ahead with linchen
- arrived there and still got "bad vibes" from chiron.. at least i tried *sigh*
- talked with Keri while sitting at the fireangels table *_* that was a very nice time
- i got some money there XDDD hoo.. but .. the interesting part was that people actually came and said they like what i'm doing ^^ That was worth more than money hoo
- didn't think that so many people were actually interested in the anthology.. and i have to say it looks really good ^^~
- talked with crow and that was interesting too cause I realized i am not allone hating some translations and stuff (wincing in sync when hearing "verliebter tyrann" was very funny XDD)
- i missed to talk to iruka.. damn.. she was so busy ;_; ... *sigh* nah.. maybe next time
- missed the bleach fotoshoot.. was a bt sad about that bu on the other hand not because i din't do ANY bleach.. which still makes me even sadder ;___;
- saw some unbelievable awesome cosplays *___* me was very happy
- on the other hand saw very much... BAD things.. I won't tell about here
- late again but I had to wait.. because I had to drive *sigh*
- some recognized our damekko cosplay XD~ made me even happier
- missed lili, banshee and Sorako and only saw touichi, sakura, dani, hoshitachi, miuu and sley for .. lets say 5 minutes? ;__;
- had some "enlightments"
- finally (!!!!!!!!) got to cosplay Kamisama *___* pix below ^^~~~ Virgil-sempai *_* Argh.. i've waited too long to do this.. .. i wanted to do emilio but I will wait till we are 3 *_*b >__> that damn coat..
- nearly as much work as sewing the coat was finding out what his name was XD
- got myself finally koisuru (japanese!) and the Matsumoto Temari artbook X3 AAAAND buchou bought me this: Harr harr harr~


Hey, [ profile] nyrnaetial i hope you don't mind me posting them here .__.v i though I'd make us some better background XDD


Yes I AM proud of it. Period

Peace Maker, Digimon, Bleach, Other and Damekko Doubutsu Pix will follow ._.

Date: 2006-09-20 08:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hilfe? Bei dir sind die Ohren ja... RIESIG! Ich mein... fiel das bei mir nicht auf, weil ich auch sonst plüschig war, oder wie seh ich das? ^^;;;

Date: 2006-09-21 07:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
alöso ich finds net so schlimm.. WIllste etwa was damit andeuten?? @_@

he. ne ehrlich

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