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Guhuhu.. Some voted for me to post more abuot cosplay.. actually.. i've lost nearly ALL interest in cosplay ^^; Really. And i jsut feel a little bit nostalgic but not really sad because i ahve more time and can concentrate on other things.. and besides the whole fandom is stupid.. i mean cosplay-dom? O_o *laughs*

Hm but i decided to make a litte review~ It was fun making it and.. god i now think so different.. XD but i am proud of most of the costumes and i had a really god time *3* thank you all for doing this with me, ne <3

haha~ yes, i do realise i did a lot of Bleach Ishida ^^;;; yes that happens, when you like a character...

This is also for me, too have an overview.. i know there are people who have done a lot more and much better but i had so much fun with most of it and some costumes mean ALOT to me~ *_*v i'v written some thoughts to them.. any questions, just ask.. or whatever you have in mind. XD~

* Nadia (Nadia - Secret of blue water) - god, that is OLD XD i'm so glad no pix exist. you would all laugh very good. Not to mention i am absolutely not right for this cos =__= but it was a first, ne?
* Michael (angel Sanctuary) - made some pix with my sis. she was belial and looked gorgeous
My sis:

* Did only Star Wars costume for D-Con (did so too for D-Con 99, 00 and later 2002 )

* Kurosaki Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei) - when i visited Kao in Berlin. God, i had a fever and .. forgot to take off my glasses ;_;

* Ishida Yamato (Digimon Adventure)
God, my hair looks horrible XDD Yes, please laugh!
* Kurosaki Hisoka - Yes, again but it was definitely TOO hot for this costume at the ani, dun have pix
* Ed (Cowboy Bebop)
I still like to do that again ^^~
MMC '03
* Ishida Yamato (Digimon Movie - Diaboromon strikes back) - Hm.. yes, simple but i liked it.. X3
* Kurosaki Hisoka hm again.. still doesn't look THAT good. ;_; Ah~ still see.. there are no pix on animexx XDD just 5 ugly ones

* Kurosaki Hisoka again
I think this looks better than my MMC version but still not best
* Fuji Syuusuke (Prince of Tennis)
(1st try) That was when we discovered our new addiction: Tenipuri *_* ah.. what times~
* Hiwatari Satoshi (D.N.Angel)
- OMG i so hate this costume (now).. i think it looked shit ;_; I forgot the haircolor, had to improvise and yeah T_T just.. gnar.. Linchen looked cool as Wizz
* Fuji (Tenipuri again) AHhaha.. we .. actually won a prize. ><; just because the people at the Animaco are strange *caughs* but hey.. a price .. finally.
Random Photoshoots We did a lot of Tenipuri shots this year~ And did
* Tenipuri Christmas Pix
I really like those christmas pix, they look so.. nice~
* Yukimura in Yukata (Prince of Tennis again)
did that while taking snow pics at cis <3
* Jirou (Tenipuri)
ah.. just normal wear X3 but i did him haha
* Kurosaki Hisoka (YnM)
This time it looks good i think ^^; But i realised all the pix look strange T_T AAARGH

* Fuji (Tenipuri)
Ah.. FINALLY our Bi~~g meeting *__* that was SO cool T____T I miss those times
* Yukimura Seiichi - (Tenipuri)
Hoho ah.. I like him almost as much as Fuji *_* but we don have any good pix T_T
* Fuji Obaachan (Tenipuri)
- That's where i got my nickname from.. yes. I love this costume.. it has a lot of mistakes but i love it *_*
* Yukimura again
I think it looked a bit better.. maybe it was the light XD
* L (Death Note)
God, this is really nearly 2 years old? O__O OMG - conneko was hot but fun.. somehow =_=
Puricon (our own little con *3* Just FUN! That was cool)
* Fuji again
* Fuji in Flashback-Version
(God, how much i love these pix, really)
* Niou Masaharu (Tenipuri)
I only did him because we wanted to have Rikkai complete.. aw~ that was so much fun *__*
* Hiyoshi Wakashi
, same reason as above
* Jirou
(because i was the lightest to carry around for Kabaji XD)
* Obaachan again
Just because i like this XDD
* Kimeru (Tenimyu)
We made a very cool and relaxing shoot on the roof of a shoping mall. That was fun, although we don't look like them we look cool *__* *kira~*
Animagic (BLEACH TIME! YAY!)
* Ayasegawa Yumichika (Bleach)
- This one is still one of my all time fav costumes *___*b
* Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach)
- Done for makiko .. i didn't think it would look good but it turned out to be one of my favorites.
* Ishida Uryuu (bleach)
not to mention.. my fav. cause.. no hair thingstuffwhatever *__* Just simple.. and i can wear my glasses
* Wolfram - Nightgown (Kyou Kara Maou)
- This was lovely and very cooling.. because.. not much fabric. Mhm otherwise i had no money for a wig T_T Gnar.. would like to wear that again .__.
* Tanaka Masatoshi (waterboys)
- Just DON'T ASK! XD it was all anbus fault but we had a goooo~d time
* Red-L-shaped Tetris stone
- err--- well yes, we won another price XD
* Ishida Ryuuken (Bleach)
Yes, I didn't know how to color his hair since the colors that were given were.. @_@ ah.. so we .. did just a bit of blond wich looked .. green XDD (btw I LOOVE makikos ISSHIN *3*) Yes, i don't like this costume very much, unfortunately.. because i like manga.ryuuken ;_; Oh but the suit was made by me and yes, i am proud of that (and of the fact, that it had the right colors XD for anime ryuuken ^^;)
*L (Death Note)
Biigg time Death Note cos this time with Mello and Nia. I think i liked my connichi l-Version best
* Tachibana Asuka (S.CRY.ed)
For makiko
* Ishida (Ep 44/45)
Ah.. also nice costume i think its easy to wear but one arm gets cold easily
* Ishida Ryuuken (Bleach) again (God, how shizo am i?)
* Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach) again
* Ayasegawa Yumichika (Bleach) again
* Ishida Uryuu - Schooluniform (Bleach)
that was lovely i think the whole little "con" was fun *3*
* Ishida (Ep 44/45) again X3
*L (Death Note) Again
* Ishida Uryuu (bleach) YES, rreally, again XD
* Ishida cure white
YaYuCo oh.. fun again *__* that was nice, okay the other people were strange =_=
* Ishida Uryuu - Chapt. 155/ white/red (Bleach)
Oh.. that looked so stylish.. i still love those pix to death. And NO! Brust-kun IS LOVE!! ò__ó
* Onosaka-Sensei (Tsuyogari)
Also one of my favs but there's only one pic online haha.. have to change that. And.. i know this is not near as selfmade but wearing it and the rest of the cosplay was fun. Okay.. nnekos pullover, makikos cap and my pullunder were selfmade ^^;;
* Ayasegawa Yumichika - school uniform (bleach)
While baking cookies XD with all his shiny pretty stuff on the uniform

* Okita Souji (Peace Maker Kurogane)
I wanted to do this for some time and we finally made it. Con was boring (oh this shot is actually from connichi ^^;;)
* Ishida Uryuu - Chapt. 155/ white/red (Bleach) again
* Kijin (Yami no Matsuei)
I think my first Cosplay-wish EVER but i didn't have any skills at the time i thought about it so i had to wait this whatever-years (5?6?) T_T FINALLY! I loove kijin to death, really i do. I know the hai is not perfect but i didn't find the right wig AND my money went away making the costume ;_; but i think the dark (real-hair) version looks not that bad.. although people said to me "Tokyo Hotel" =_=
* Ishida Uryuu - China (Bleach)
Much work, i think it looks pretty good. But i am too stupid to edit the pics because the light is bad ;_; but the rest is lovely The girls looked so good. *_*
* Sakuraba Haruto (eyeshield 21)
Yes, another Jump series. Shut up... (we will do that again with a hiruma X3) Ah.. and he's so emo, i HAD to
* Ulquiorra (bleach)
TOO HOT; TOO WHITE. But looked nice at least i think~ (this pic doesn't T_T)
* Ishida Uryuu - Arabia style (bleach)
This was a nice change to the Arancar costume cause i could finally touch something and scratch me or whatever.. I think the piccie is one of the best *__*b
* Kijin (Yami no Matsuei) again
Buricon 1,5 We~ banshe and shika visited us and it was so much fun *__* She was a lovely makeshift-matsumoto
* Ishida in Shinigamioutfit XD

* Kijin (Yami no Matsuei) again (yes, this costumes was way~ too expensive and too much work to NOT wear it alot)
* Ishida Yamato - school uniform (Digimon 02)
That made me feel VERY nostalgic ;__;
* Okita Souji (Peace Maker Kurogane) again
I love the Okita costume he's easy to wear and i like hakama. Hm otherwise i think it looks really good besides the strange mix of colors and i like our Saizo *3*
* Virgil/Basil-sempai (Kamisama no ude no naka)
One of my favs, too because that DAMN coat was so hardcore =__= besides it's easy to wear hehe. + glasses
* Yunihiko (Damekko Doubutsu)
My first Morikawa, yay! That was damn much work.. all those fluff T_T but the wig is pretty i think. It has so many blue tones. *__*
* Ishida with his skirt from chapt. 239 . guh forgot most of the stuff.. hair too short. T_T
*L (Death Note) again, was again getting strange comments about my hair being to short blabla..
* Yunihiko (Damekko Doubutsu) again XD this time with Chiico *__* <3
* Tatsumi Souichi (Koisuru Boukun)
ah That was planned for quite some time.. ;_; i looked like barbie, yes, you can laugh now. And yes, it's Misa XDWe laughed very hard XDD

* Think we'll do Kamisama
mabye some other BL or Tsuyogari again
When we find the time we'll be there. but i don't know what to do
* eyeshield ... i think

Date: 2007-01-28 09:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ich finde du bist ein toller cosplayer ^^
und ich finds schade, dass du fast alles interesse daran verloren hast... aber ich kanns verstehen ._.

*hofft dich nochmal im cosplay zu sehen und vor allem hoff dass du wieder spaß und interesse daran bekommst*

Date: 2007-01-29 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Naja.. ich sagte, ich hab kein interesse, aber ich hab ja auch geschrieben, was ich so 2007 vorhab ^^;; also.. ich kanns ja auch nich so schnell nicht mehr machen ^^~ ganz verschwinden werd ich nich, aber die letzten cons habens mir irgendwie klar gemacht, so richtig lust hab ich gar nicht mehr ^^;

ich finds ja selber schade iregndwo.. aber kanns derzeit auch nciht ändern, leider.. naja XD cos machen werd ich sicher noch nur, nich mehr so viel aufwändiges und neues

Date: 2007-01-31 11:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
klar... ich denke mal dass bei einigen dieser richtige spass daran nachgelassen hat. unter anderem auch ein grund warum ich endlich wieder beim tns mitmachen wollte ^^;

ich hoffe nur dass die lust vielleicht irgendwann wieder zurueckkehren wird ^^

Date: 2007-01-28 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Du warst auf doch auf der letzten Connichi? ;____; (und auch noch im Kijin-Cosplay?)

Ach, verd***, wir haben aber auch ein Pech :/

Die Cosplay-Sammlung ist ne Wucht =___=
Sehr Fuji- und Ishida-lastig XD

Die Riesengruppe Tenipuri-Leute ... das "Fandom" hat sich zwar etwas erholt, aber ist scheinbar längst nicht mehr so groß wir früher :/

and besides the whole fandom is stupid.. i mean cosplay-dom? O_o *laughs*

Hm? Warum denkst du das? :3

AUF JEDEN FALL bin ich jetzt sehr sicher, dass ich dich auch erkenne, wenn ich dir tatsächlich mal über den Weg laufe :D

Date: 2007-01-29 07:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ja ^^; aber.. dass ich da war, hatt ich glaub ich sogar mal erwähnt.. oder so.. aber ich hab eh ein schlechtes gedächtnis *lach*

"Ishida" im wahrsten Sinne des wortes, mich hats ehrlich im nachhinein gewundert, das Hiwatari nciht in wirklichkeit vielleicht auch noch Ishida heisst XD oder Kijins Nachname Ishida is XD~

Weiss nicht, ist bei mir mit allen Fandoms so, bei Tenipuri wars eventuell sogar mit am schlimmsten.. am Anfang hat es niemanden interessiert, keiner kannte es so wirklich und die paar fans (obwohl wir da ja schon nciht wenig waren) waren so mehr oder weniger unter sich und schon ein halbes Jahr später ist das SO explodiert T_T das war dann schon echt nich mehr schön.. vorallem sind auch immer viel merkwürdige Leute, die einen dann komisch von der seite anlabern etc ^^; udn wegen dem cosplay-dom.. ach ich weiss nicht, die leute sind viel zu zickig, gut das war schon immer so, aber ich hab keinen wirklichen Bock mehr drauf XD (könnt ich laaang ausführen.. ich hab schön öfter ma drüebr geschrieben, glaub ich)

Zudem irgednwie.. weiss nicht genau, ich hab derzeit keine Energie für den Kram ^^; (kann aber doch nicht aufhören, ich kenn mich doch)

Date: 2007-01-29 04:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh verdammt! Ich hab dich ganz oft auf der Connichi gesehen! O,O

Date: 2007-01-29 07:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ganz oft? O_O

X3 bestimmt... ich bin hier und da und überall. Ehm, ne.. aber.. ja. XD

Date: 2007-01-29 07:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Also auf der letzten Connichi meine ich. ^^

Date: 2007-01-29 07:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
X3 achso. Ja, cih merk auch leider imer erst viel zu spät, dass ich leute eigentlich kenne und neben denen saß oder ähnliches T_T:::

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