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As promised first part of the Connichi report. This little entry here willl only include the Tiger&Bunny pictures. Because they deserve an entry of their own!  Rest of pics will come later.

Saturday (the 17th!) we got a little group with[ profile] nnekoas Ivan, [ profile] makikoigami as Kotetsu, Elfelina as Mary and me as Barnaby. We expected some other T&B cosplayers that day since it was well the 17th but to end up with big group like that was pretty awesome. The last episode aired around 7 in the evening so we had a spontanous group-watch in the convention hall. That was so much fun, we could not understand a word because we forgot the speakers and the mobilephone was not loud enought but we did not care we just needed the video and especially one scene.

So anyways, on with the pictures. Don't expect any super professional photos here. Just fun stuff.  

"Hi! I'm Barnaby, the Member of Tiger&Bunny who went to a convention...."  )


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So the Connichi is already over. OHMAN it has been over a year since we've been to a Con here. I really missed it. <3

LOTS OF PICTURES mostly our group behind the cut )
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Woah.. we just came home. I'm totally tired and just surved around.
found this on [ profile] art_theft 

[profile] calaris 

page 4 is definitely of your interest D:

Oh man...

Yatta >D

Mar. 13th, 2008 06:04 pm
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Hehe.. i just finished my costume. It IS infact really relaxing when you only do one >_>~ now i have a bad consciousness. great.

i'll just wait for the paint and maybe I'll take a picture. if anyone is interested that is.

Otherwise i'm kinda still pissed at myself for various things. Mostly for not getting my ass to work. and the feeling of missing sth out. mostly chances for the future. gnar whatever

so if i don#t get a pic done, see you at the LBM~
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[ profile] makikoigami is still writing on her diploma and i am uploading stuff and playing games. I should get to bed but since it's fullmoon i know i can't anyways. >_>;

Have some aceo/kakao cards ^^; My OCs (and the beginning of a loong row of cards with only OCs)

just two characters on two small cards )
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So we did some eyeshield at the MMC, because we were too lazy to do other costumes xD~

a little preview under the cut )

There are not much pics, and i have to say they are not that good (I always look like some .. dork) ;o; but... it was a lot of fun and I think [ profile] makikoigami looks really original.
[ profile] nneko as Sena
[ profile] elfelina as Kurita (she planned kurita a while now but then she lost alot of weight *_* so thats why kurita is not as round as he usually looks)

rest is [ here ]

Thanks [ profile] espadas and [ profile] calaris for taking these ;o;~~ <3
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My report with seiyuu and stuff was here.

anyways if you're interested our cosplay pictures and some of the rest of the con are here ->[ @Animexx ]

cosplay was Es 21, Harukanaru toki, Gankutsuou, abit Death Note :D


Aug. 30th, 2007 08:04 pm
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Seems like i'm doing Sakuraba with Short hair now, since the wig-seller is too stupid >_> and the other one is .. short ._. NARGH

mhm .. yes i'm bored i'm too unmotivated to do art x__X or what i thought i was but obviously no one other things so >___>;; YES i could ramble months about it...cause im unsatisfied and unhappy and whatnot x___X

*goes throwing some waterballoons* .__.

oh did i mention: i lost my fucking bank card. YAY fun with life again =_=;
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In case you haven't seen it at [ profile] makikoigamis Journal XD~

I was.. kinda .. forced.. ;o; but i liked it..and it didn't turn out as bad as i thought. BUT i will do Sakuraba not Hiruma at upcoming Cons *w* *squee*

teaser if you like )

EYESHIELD! Cosplay ;o; (may contain some mild.. kissing? ö.Ö harmless, believe me)

Yes, the jackets are from the Digimon cosplay XDDD

MUST Stop hearing the Babys nonstop ><;;;;;;; cause it's lame if you don't have that much music from them ;o;
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Guhuhu.. Some voted for me to post more abuot cosplay.. actually.. i've lost nearly ALL interest in cosplay ^^; Really. And i jsut feel a little bit nostalgic but not really sad because i ahve more time and can concentrate on other things.. and besides the whole fandom is stupid.. i mean cosplay-dom? O_o *laughs*

Hm but i decided to make a litte review~ It was fun making it and.. god i now think so different.. XD but i am proud of most of the costumes and i had a really god time *3* thank you all for doing this with me, ne <3

haha~ yes, i do realise i did a lot of Bleach Ishida ^^;;; yes that happens, when you like a character...

This is also for me, too have an overview.. i know there are people who have done a lot more and much better but i had so much fun with most of it and some costumes mean ALOT to me~ *_*v i'v written some thoughts to them.. any questions, just ask.. or whatever you have in mind. XD~

Timeline with pix for the interested X3 )


Nov. 10th, 2006 08:28 pm
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what i wanted to say is:


=__= boah editing the images always takes so much time ;_; sorry.
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Convention is over.. i t was a lot of fun not much stress.. but i lost some nerves despite of that but that wasn't haaaat harmful X3

- started at 6 in the morning, drove to [ profile] gamesh, drove to [ profile] nneko and then changed the cars and then drove to [ profile] elfelina
- arrived in Kassel at 12:30 and searched a parking lot.. found one and waited for the man to give us the keys
- had a total surprise because our location was THAT cool. Really. I wanted to stay there. ;_;
- we did an easy start without stress and arrived a bit late at the convention but that was okay ^^~ the Yami Cosplays are always much preparation ...
- met [ profile] nyrnaetial and finally FINALLY made some pix (see below) *_* *sigh* YES i am happy.. about that.
- it was a bit messed up because inui waited and that was a bit.. @___@
- 22:30 made some noodles and got to bed at 1 or so
- got up early cause I had to be at the fireangels stand
- but as i expected.. we were't in time.. so i went ahead with linchen
- arrived there and still got "bad vibes" from chiron.. at least i tried *sigh*
- talked with Keri while sitting at the fireangels table *_* that was a very nice time
- i got some money there XDDD hoo.. but .. the interesting part was that people actually came and said they like what i'm doing ^^ That was worth more than money hoo
- didn't think that so many people were actually interested in the anthology.. and i have to say it looks really good ^^~
- talked with crow and that was interesting too cause I realized i am not allone hating some translations and stuff (wincing in sync when hearing "verliebter tyrann" was very funny XDD)
- i missed to talk to iruka.. damn.. she was so busy ;_; ... *sigh* nah.. maybe next time
- missed the bleach fotoshoot.. was a bt sad about that bu on the other hand not because i din't do ANY bleach.. which still makes me even sadder ;___;
- saw some unbelievable awesome cosplays *___* me was very happy
- on the other hand saw very much... BAD things.. I won't tell about here
- late again but I had to wait.. because I had to drive *sigh*
- some recognized our damekko cosplay XD~ made me even happier
- missed lili, banshee and Sorako and only saw touichi, sakura, dani, hoshitachi, miuu and sley for .. lets say 5 minutes? ;__;
- had some "enlightments"
- finally (!!!!!!!!) got to cosplay Kamisama *___* pix below ^^~~~ Virgil-sempai *_* Argh.. i've waited too long to do this.. .. i wanted to do emilio but I will wait till we are 3 *_*b >__> that damn coat..
- nearly as much work as sewing the coat was finding out what his name was XD
- got myself finally koisuru (japanese!) and the Matsumoto Temari artbook X3 AAAAND buchou bought me this: Pic ) Harr harr harr~

Yami Cosplay pics + Kamisama  )

Peace Maker, Digimon, Bleach, Other and Damekko Doubutsu Pix will follow ._.
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worst insult i ever got wearing a costume (as L and Kijin): "Tokyo Hotel/Bill"

second worst insult while cosplaying Ryuuken: "Muraki"

third worst (as Ryuuken, too): "Crawford"

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yah.. we're back from cologne/bonn.. but this entry will be in german.. BUT there are our Picturesss!!

Meine Ani-Gedanken ^^~ )

SO ONTO the picturesssss.. i will post some pix from cologne and bonn later .. (non-con pix)

actually we didn't make so much pictures from other cause.. well, we're sure there will be enough on the internet. So this is mostly ourselve and friends ^^~

Wich means (Aka credits X3): Sui as Akito, Taka was the gir with the hat, [ profile] seki_is_mine as Grimmjow, Ichigo (Arabia), Spitfire, Shinji; [ profile] nneko as Shin, Lupi and Kurikara; [ profile] makikoigami as Takami, EvilAizen, Renji (arabia), Tsuzuki; [ profile] hoshitachi as Tatsuki; Sakura as Hiyori mhm.. that are all I can remember having them onto the pix XD if I forgot one.. please tell me and if i made a mistake, too ^^;;; oh. i was sakuraba, ukelalala, ishida and kijin.. for those who didn't knew



Jul. 23rd, 2006 10:00 pm
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I can't login into yahoo O.ô;;;;;;;;;;;; really It's annoying. cant read any messanges. i have acutally 2 accounts on yahoo and both won't work. with one I get the mesage via trillian that I got new mails the other doesn't work at all O.O I can login to yahoo but when I click on my mails I get an error message after.. like what 10 minutes argh ;__;

Makiko uses the SAME computer same browser and is able to login and read mails O__o hello? whats that??

Gomen ne.. it's constress.. you know ^^;;

buut I am just reading.... kinda.. justread mode XD well... yes.. i read all your lj-entries (really I do) but then go doing something. I always think i can answer later *laughs nervous* Gomen na m(__)m

Nancy was here the weekend... we were doing the costumes and.. yeah.. playin' donkey konga.. which is Hell lot of fun >___<;;; i still have to draw a lot =.= weanna start the new project but rigth now the costumes are priority number 1.. But they're nearly done.. have to redo an arm.. and little stuff but that's okay. So let's hope for the wigs to arrive =.=

I'm going to scan my scribbles now XD

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1. THANK YOU, nneko *_______* that made a happy little lay.. hehe.. VERY happy..

but...Kouki stop singing and making ecchi things ><;;;;;;

that is sooo not sexy ;__;

Nfu~ but otherwise that was cool, really.. they obviously had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun watching *_* okay, having morikawa sing "love me tender" and that in your ear the whole day was freaky ><; but yeah... i love the rest XD

My dad will come and visit us for some minutes tomorrow, cause he will be going to the rolling stones concert X3

and lately I'm becoming tenipuri addicted AGAIN ;__; I soo didn't want that ><;;

I also got a cool new trillian skin in... white and ligth blue.. very stylish. harr *.*

And we finally decided what to cosplay on friday. yes that will be a suprise, cause all who will recognizie it will get a cookie~ yay! Otherwise I got my hair cut so I won't need the wig which is very good because it looked good on makiko but when I tried it I looked like.. well yes.. bluehaired shit. So no wig. It's even better cause it's too damn hot with wigs ><;


just for me to remember/status..

* get calendar pic ready
* collab w/kao; make collab for kaorie
* send present for mychan
* send present for kat
* start joinme - no name face (ò__ó!!!!)
* ichiuri doujin: cover+1 page
* scan all the sketches
* make hp update at taito.sinfree ><;;
* draw hp-mascots for linchen
* put banner for lolu online
* make ads in ljcommunities

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Ich surf grad aus langeweile (mal wieder) auf dem Mexx rum und.. lande wo? Im forum.. woah.. udn

FALTENROCK!!! verdammt nochma, is des denn so schwer? das Ding heisst "Hakama" und wenns im selben thread alle hakama nennen.. is das zu viel verlangt? (ja ich reg mich auf, weils mir jetzt in zig posts aufgefallen is ><;;)

Ah ja.. wir hatten das ja schon.. .__. irgendwie ist es ja immer wieder amüsant X3 war schon ewig nicht auf dem Animexx mal so im Forum rumschnüffeln und es ist doch erschreckend, wie viele Bleach cosplayer es gibt. Irgendwie.. ängstigt mich das. Werden wir zum zweiten Yugioh..? ;_; Na wenigstens isses stylisher. HA und bleach hat.. hat.. ja was eigentlich? Ich sach mal immer noch das Design X3 hey, an irgendwas muss ich mich hochziehen ^^;;
Dennoch gefällt mir die idee nicht, dass es so sonem Nervfandom mutiert..(und das ja mittlerweile auch extrem in Amiland) okay, ist es schon ;_; hätte das ncith irgendwie auf Tenipuri überspringen können oder andere Serien mit einem zentralen und wichtigen, welterschütternden Thema wie... Karten, Tennis, Golf, Brotbacken,Sushi, Baseball oder so?
Fragen fragen...

Oi, irgendwie ist der Faltenrockeintrag mutiert.. war so nicht geplant *hust*

sorry for the german post again but thats not really translatable .__.
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Har harr I just cut my very first wig *_* eh.. not the first wig but the first cut I ever did in my life. I had this very ugly blue wig and I haven't got money to buy one for kijin for the ani and then I thought: why not try it? Mhm I think it looks not that bad. It's on the balcony for drying ^^; I colored it. BUT I had two bottles of blue haisprays.. one old and nearly empty and one both the same kind (factory, color number 24 for blue). AND that f** new one is ultramarine!!! The old one was PERFECT!! it was a greenish blue.. the most annoying thing is: the old one is from the same factory which means you only get the ultramarineone now.. =.= awwww shit. Nah.. I hope it looks okay.. I am too lazy and have no money to color my own hair again for that day. Not to mention that I hate that certain color ;_; and all the wigs I was searching didn't had the right color ;_; so .. mah lets see. I know myself I will fuss over that damn thing and in the end.. use my own hair again ^^;; I always think that looks better X3 but I wanted to cut it.. arrrr.. decisions..

btw just right on time Tokyopop published Challengers 4 (Har for german translation: "Küss mich, student" >.<;;;;;) *__________________* I AM SO HAPPY (didn't get ANY scanlation or original scans ;_;) .. but am not about koisuru ;_; nonono.. don't .. not in germany.. not not.. I dun wanna see stupid 12year old yaoi fangirl-cosplayer doing that ;__; feeeeear ><;;
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... kind of

after days of screentoning that anthology entry I am baaaaaaaaaaack *insert evil laughter of doom here* well.. I think it's not that bad. I will post it some time soon. hehe.. mhm what else

Ah.. I knwo.. i wanted to rant about the Princess Princess Drama WTFFFF???? really.. woah.. i love [ profile] seiyuu for that X3
honestly after watching the episodes I came to like the Anime.. really.. soo stupid. But the drama is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy stranger @.@ not to mention alot gayer... i think Shihoudani is not that well casted but Mikoto is PERFECT! XD i think they still have to do more of that kirakira stuff but the soundeffects are just fun X3 Hehe

AND Koisuru~~~~ a new chapter.. Woah.. beware I'm SO gonna cosplay that! Boha..

otherwise [ profile] shikachimaru and [ profile] northernbanshee were visiting us for the weekend and it was very funny *_* we had a lot of fun, ne? I think the whole potsdamer platz thing was.. scary but interesting.. somehow. Mhm we did some sighseeing which I always like and then visited the zoo and some other points. Then sunday we made some bleach pix.. *_* the makeshift Matsumoto was wayyyy to cool for me. Shika *_* hehe.. wouldn't have thougth that using a skirt and parts of byakuya would look that good X3~
We will upload the pix soon ^^; shika, I'm sorry for beeing not that talkative but I guess I am still abit shy .__.v AND THEN IT HAPPENED: I didn'twantobutthosetwomadeuswatchitarghireallydidn'twanttoaskallthepeoplewhowherethere-wewatchedouran ;______________________________; I didn't want to see it because ALL the world seems to watch and like it and I was sure i would like that too and I still have too much fandoms to fangirl over and too much cosplay ideas.. but but but .. yes I am.. am.. am.. addicted now ARGH SHIKAA~ ;_; then you have to cosplay Lobelia with me ò___ób *nods*

hehe *dances away in a swirl of cherry blossoms*


(yes doing nothing else than screentoning and staring on the screen is not good for your health. honestly. look at me @.@)
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As I said the last time, we were bying fabrics for cosplay and stuff.. and it was ALOT (maybe around 40meters now), I still need 4 meters of white fabric and buchou needs a lot more black XD

We made a litte "installment" of our ... result of the day.. Lots of bluee~ @.@ and it looked like that:

pix ö.ö  )

mhm, we also went to the Grüne Woche o.ô Lots of food and .. lots of trying but the rest was very very expensive ;_; after that we went to McDonalds to get cheap food.. *laughs* The fair was fund but too many people, too many school trips and too many old people ><;;;;;;

I wanted to write a lot more but .. well I forgot over 80% of it already.

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